Mercury In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn: Manipulative Speech

libra enid collins old purseMercury will square Pluto today at 20 degrees Capricorn. This is stressing Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo. These signs are already tweaked by Neptune in Pisces.  That aside, it’s interesting to observe the mental processes and various communications that are occurring at this time.

Mercury in Libra enjoys polite discourse. The mind weighs things. It often struggles to make a decision, due to all the going back and forth. In contrast, Pluto is extreme.

Yesterday, I was working with a Libra client. She has Pluto transiting her IC. She also has a Scorpio moon. She explained how she had been pushing herself to get out of the house (IC), instead of “sitting at home in my shit-filled diaper”.  How’s that for expressive?  Well said, lady!

I fear my friend (and major Virgo), Mary, will die at this time. I’m also surrounded by people waiting for results of their various tests and scans…

Here are some things watch for:

  • Power struggles with siblings or your partner
  • Communication meant to control or manipulate
  • Messages from people who you thought were dead to you (in some form)
  • Projecting your shadow

I imagine a beautiful doily…then something spills and degrades the fabric.
But there is an upside! Conversations can be deep, powerful, supportive and healing at this time. Depends on who you talk to, huh?

What do you see happening out there?

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      1. I’m so sorry Elsa. I know you think the world of Mary and she has been a real joy in your life. From how you describe her she sounds like she was just an all around great gal that was taking it on the chin, not feeling sorry for herself and accepting. How graceful. We could all learn from Mary. Again, I am so sorry. It’s rare to find people no matter what their age that you really like so much and click with…that make you laugh and bring you real joy. Peace to Mary…I hope she is able to go with no pain. And, sending love to you too because I went back and read all about her and I know….you really do think highly of her. xo

      2. What a gift to have had Mary in your life! She sounds like a very wise and accepting person. May we all go with such love, humor and grace. May the two of you meet again.

  1. Transit Mercury is conjunct my natal Neptune, so both squaring Pluto at the last degree of my 4th house. I am waiting to hear if my application has been accepted for the house I want/need to rent for my daughter and I, as my divorce finalizes. I am still living in the house with my soon-to-be ex-husband. He’s a Libra sun/Libra moon, I have 4 planets in Libra.

    Politeness can be a horror story.

  2. Interesting… i Have a 20 degree Taurus Mars semi-sextile 20 degree Jupiter Gemini… it probably easy this 20 degree Merc/Pluto square.

  3. You are right about “ghosts from the past” communicating with you again. My estranged daughter reached out to me yesterday and today.

  4. “Conversations can be deep, powerful, supportive and healing at this time.” That totally speaks to me today. I finally sent a letter to my brother about my experience growing up in our family where one parent has Aspergers (not diagnosed but very likely although they don’t know about it). I left my home country in my early twenties (30 years ago) and have just realized that it was mainly due to not being able to cope with this parent on a regular basis, whereas my brother stayed and is having much difficulty with depression due to his strained relationship with a parent who is unwilling to discuss feelings and anything of importance and instead chooses to get angry. I believe my brother and I can help each other understand and work through this now even though we are faraway apart physically.

  5. I am more afraid of polite manipulation than direct attack..this aspect you described pushed the tense situation at my work to the limits. Pluto transits my 12th – all these small squares to faster transiting planets are really difficult. Let s wait for Mars square Pluto and see consequences of recent Venus and Mercury squares.

  6. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Definitely manipulative speech came my way yesterday – didn’t buy it though. There’s a lot of shady characters trying to contaminate my space lately. I need to shore myself up and rise above; f*ck the dumb sh*t.

  7. I’m just home from visiting, Mary. She was waiting on transport to hospice… they had not shown up so she was alone and very sick.

    They still had not shown up when I left, however she was greatly cheered. I left because she wanted to go to sleep. Told her to call me if she wanted me back there.

    Tentatively planning to visit her tomorrow in the nursing home. We’ll see.

    She is bedridden now; with a catheter, but her pajamas were super cute… like she is. There is nothing that can be done about that.

    I asked her if my estimate, that she won 95% of all arguments, was correct.

    She said it was. 🙂

  8. Elsa, You are once again spot-on in your analysis. I have a stellium in 12th house Virgo with my Asc. at 22 Virgo, MC at 22 Gemini, and am impacted by the current transits precisely as you have outlined. Last year I was having a lively email exchange over a period of a few weeks with a long-lost cousin who had made contact out of the blue. We had not seen or heard from one another since we were kids – 50 years ago. My cousin has a passion for genealogy and had shared some truly astonishing revelations about my immediate family which I had never suspected. Then suddenly, he stopped answering my emails. I never understood why. Now today he has re-started our conversation as if nothing happened, opening with the news that he has identified my biological maternal grandfather. My mother had always known the man who was supposed to be her father wasn’t, and now my cousin has discovered who her real father was. He has sent me photos and other information about ‘family’ I never knew existed. Sadly, my mother died three years ago so she never knew her real father’s identity.

    Also in accordance with what you wrote, I find myself trying to peer into the future as regards a social group I belong to which I think is about to be negatively impacted by the machinations of someone who’s become power-mad, manipulative and abusive. I don’t intend to get involved – I’m standing well back from this one! I checked her chart and her North Node is at 20 Capricorn. Pluto and soon the rest of the forthcoming Jan. 2020 super conjunction will soon be passing right over her Node. I hope after reading your article my concern over this woman is not in some way a projection of my shadow, but all of the other points you mentioned above are in play in my life right now – power struggles, manipulative communication (from this woman), plus the communication from my cousin after nearly a year’s silence…

    I am very sorry to hear about your friend Mary. It sounds as if you were both very lucky to have found each other. Friendships like yours live on forever, not even death can stop the flow of such love.

  9. Mary is settled in the nursing home. She sounds good… says it’s nice and the food is good… she didn’t eat for four days.

    We’re going to stop and see her tomorrow. 🙂

      1. My husband and I visited, Mary, tonight. She looked a lot better than yesterday. The place is clean, the people are nice and you can see they’re taking good care of everyone. She was glad to see us and and vice versa. 🙂

  10. This Libra moon is almost on my natal North Node squaring the travelling North Node in Cancer. Feeling the need for some big changes and minor health concerns are nebulous thanks to Neptune on my Asc in Pisces. Doctors give conflicting diagnoses, so I’m left with no action plan. Tired and frustrated the past 2 weeks. Learned of 4 deaths of acquaintances too.

  11. Help! I am my normal Sagittarian self balancing my Scorpionic emotions with my Libra attitude on the AC…but a person dear to me, Sun and Mercury/Mars conjunction in Libra is seriously slipping down the conspiracy slope, to the point of no return?!!
    Neptune features big in the chart, on the MC. Now you are telling us that the square from Pluto to his Mars/Mercury conjunction will drag on until the end of 2021. Can someone relate? I feel helpless because communication is impossible, reason doesn’t reach there and I am mightily triggered by this. A grown up person with life experience believing in doomsday fairy tales…it’s mind boggling…

      1. Thank you for the roadmap, Elsa. Makes it easier to keep my wits and calm. This too will pass says my 1st house Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in the 4th. I understand.

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