Uranus in Taurus


Out Of Bounds Stress Wreaking Havoc

With Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, the Mercurial signs, Gemini and Virgo can become quite stressed. Saturn in Pisces distorts reality and dissolves a person’s sense of control. The Cardinal signs are challenged. Uranus in Taurus is messing with the Fixed signs. Pluto in Aquarius in on it’s way, sure to exasperate the situation. All […]

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Where Are All The Men?

JR left a comment on Top Cheat Code For 2024 & Beyond.  She sounds like a stable, competent, responsible young woman, who’s at a standstill when it comes to partnering. I asked permission to address some of her concerns, because I feel they’re common to her generation and good advice is hard to come by.  This

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Uranus Retrograde: August 28, 2023 – Missed Connection & Heads Up Aquarius!

Uranus will turn retrograde on August 28th at 23 degrees Taurus.  Jupiter is in the neighborhood, at 15 degrees Taurus. These planets would meet in the middle if not for the fact, Jupiter will turn retrograde in early September.  It’s like a missed connection. These planets will connect though.  The exact conjunction won’t occur until

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