November 2019

How To Handle Saturn Square Mars

I wrote this for a client… “…you don’t want to kill someone (literally or figuratively)  without cause. If you do, you’ll be brought to your knees. This is why you want to verify your target before you shoot! If you’re oppressed and you do not push back and defend yourself, you can expect to continue to […]

29 degrees

What Does It Mean If I Have Planets At 29 Degrees?

29 degrees is astrology is considered a “critical degree,” and is usually given an extra layer of interpretation on top of the normal sign, house, aspect, dignity, etc. The general interpretation is that there is a sense of urgency in the planet’s expression, and I think this is apt. In some cases, though, I don’t

1st grade

When Does Your Destiny Show Itself?

I was visiting four women; all of them professionals. I said something provocative about my son and they all reacted. “What?” I said. “So he’s acting in a certain way. I bet if you thought about it every single one of you could come up with evidence… things you were doing when you were a

heart love

What About True Love & Soulmates?

My husband and I met as teenagers. We had a significant relationship but failed to marry! We went our separate ways but got back together, more than 20 years later.  This conversation was recorded in the truck when he was moving cross-country to join our lives, forever. “It’s hard to believe we’re here,” I said.

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