November 2019

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What Does It Mean If I Have Planets at 0 Degrees?

Another critical degree in astrology as 0 degrees. Where 29 degrees signals an extinction burst as the energy of the planet finishes its lessons, 0 degrees is a breath of fresh air. When a planet is at 0 degrees, everything is light, sparkling, and new. It’s bright eyes, rosy cheeks, and full of wonder. It’s […]

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Your Mother And Your Moon in Your Chart

A friend’s mother stopped in at her job. After she left, a young co-worker asked, “Is that your Mom?” She had a lilt in her voice. “Yes,” my friend answered. ‘That’s my Mom.” “She seems sweet”, the girl chirped. “Well she’s not. Be careful. I love her. She’s my mom but she’s definitely not sweet…”


Mars In Scorpio Opposite Uranus In Taurus – Effects

Mars in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus. Among other things, this describe fights on the internet. Personally, I’ve been battling technology. I want this site to be fast and I’ve been pushing for that. It’s been pretty mild for me, but I don’t have planets in the early degrees of the Fixed signs.

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