October 2020

What Energy Does Elsa Represent?

I got into an interesting dialogue with a newcomer, Mary on Undermining, Nasty Neptune post. She said she has been reading awhile and has seen me as Saturnian, and not at all Plutonian, which was curious. I told her I felt I could represent all the planets in a way that is pronounced. “…Yes, I

cliff edge

What Depletes Your Energy?

We’re in a difficult period right now. You may feel yourself, fading. I learned from Scorpio, there are times you have to pull your horns in.  But that’s not the only sign the loses energy. Mercurial types can see their brains get fried. Libra gets out of whack. Cancer has no choice but to retreat.

criticism say nothing

How Well Do You Handle Criticism?

I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with criticism, over the years.  I’ve learned to never criticize anyone or anything unless my opinion is solicited. I’ve also learned how important it is to accept criticism. In fact, it’s a great fortune when someone with a fine mind shares their thoughts with you, even if they’re not


Don’t Fear the Reaper

Now that all the planets in Capricorn have turned direct, I am hearing a lot of fear. People are afraid of consequences, afraid of loss, afraid of the sword of Damocles falling onto their heads. They’re afraid of being pulled back into the darkness.

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