February 2021


When Is A Transit Most Powerful?

Ralphie writes on How To Interpret Transits: “I’ve been searching everywhere but can’t seem to find an explanation anywhere about the difference between when an aspect is at its “most powerful” and when it is “exact.” What is the difference? and how can they be determined?” I feel transits are most powerful when they are […]

gemini twins

All About Mars In Gemini!

Mars will ingress into Gemini next week. With Mars in Gemini, it’s a war of words. Mars in Gemini seduces with the mouth, the mind and the hands. Mars in Gemini gets what it wants by being clever. It is perfectly capable of tricking the pants right off you! Here’s a discussion about Men With

Jupiter bust Louvre

The Downside Of Sun In Aspect To Jupiter

If your sun is aspected by Jupiter, you tend to be confident.  You’re often larger than life in some way.  Sun Jupiter types have a healthy ego and are generally entertaining. A person has to have a healthy ego to be able to put themselves out there.  It’s easier to be a big deal when

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