June 2022

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Mars Square Pluto: Coiled Up Serpent Power

Mars in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn at 27 degrees, tomorrow! Can you feel it? This is a potentially explosive, dangerous combination but energy is neutral until directed. You can easily channel this powerful energy in a positive way. Mars aims, directs, leads, acts. Pluto is focused, deep and potent. Mars in Aries wants […]


Astrology Trends (For Good Or Ill)

I’ve been involved with astrology since I was child. I’ve seen various things come and go.  The popularity of various house systems has changed over the years. Black Moon Lilith is very popular now. The Galactic Center used to be.  Another five or ten years, this will change again. I became interested in astrology because

My Lover Won’t Commit

There is no denying relationships are more complicated than they’ve been in the past. It’s become common people have conflicting desires or ideas around how relationship should form or be maintained… or not maintained. I see a lot people who seem to “travel” through relationships. They’re sort of constantly… moving… on.

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Weighing Aspects in Synastry

Hi, Elsa! If Person A’s Mercury is squaring Person B’s Mercury (considered a challenging aspect) but Person A’s Mercury is conjunct Person B’s Moon which is harmonious. Which do you give greater weight to and how do you make that determination? Curious in the United States Hi Curious.  This is a great question that a

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