July 2022

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Mars In Gemini Effects On Sagittarius

Mars will ingress into Gemini on August 20, 2022 and remain in the sign for seven months.  Gemini opposes Sagittarius. Today, I was working with a gal with a Sagittarius moon. We were running through her upcoming Lunar Returns.  Mars opposed her moon in most of them. There are many ways this can play out. […]

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Neptune Conjunct Midheaven: Preventing Mistaken Identity Is Impossible – Disillusion Guaranteed

With Neptune on the midheaven and various other indicators, I am extreme example of a common phenomena where people mistake others for a figment of their imagination. Anyone with Venus mashed up with Neptune (Venus in Pisces or the 12th house, Neptune in the 7th or Venus in aspect to Neptune) is going to find

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Why Does Scorpio Freeze You Out, Or Amputate A Relationship?

Selkie writes, regarding the stereotypes of the various signs… “…lots of Scorpios are harsh people who actually greatly enjoy judging others (even people they’ve never even met or talked to); insist on playing seemingly inexplicable games with people for years on end; take pleasure in seeing “certain” (or “certain sorts of”) people punished, and in freezing

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How To Deal With Mars Conjunct Uranus

Mars is nearing it’s conjunction with Uranus and the node. I have not seen anything drastic occur but I do have some observations which might help you navigate. First, it’s a good time to detach and give people some space. Uranus is aspecting Mercury and Saturn.  Time (Saturn) and space (Uranus) to think (Mercury). People

Scorpio Benefits From Astrology The Most

When it comes to understanding your life, I think Scorpio has the most to gain from learning astrology.  This occurred to me, reading comments on this site. People often talk about things they discovered about themselves or others via this medium. I began to wonder what kind of things are hard to know without astrology.  Scorpio /

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