November 2022

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Virgo With Saturn In Pisces

I worked with a Virgo client today, who has natal Saturn in Pisces.  She’s headed for her Saturn return. I got an early idea how Saturn in Pisces will work for Virgo; what’s the job here? I think this gal’s situation is highly relatable and it has some key pieces. The client is currently in

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Free Astro Forecast With Heart & Quirk

I continue to shift focus to my free newsletter which is going strong. This is some of what’s coming up: Truth Floating In A Sea Of Lies Neptune Direct & The Infinity Pool Whatever I think of next.. My letter is sent about five times a week.  The letters are designed to inform, entertain and

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Neptune Direct: December 3, 2022 – Money Disappears

People rarely notice Neptune changing direction.  I doubt it’s any different this time but you may want to let it register this time around because the effects are likely to be experienced. A planet’s energy is amplified when the body slows down to change direction, so there is that. Neptune is conjunct Jupiter at this

What Is A Twenty-Something Woman Looking For In A Partner?

What is a zoomer age woman looking for in regards to a serious partnership. This post is counterpart to the prior post asking what a young man is looking for in a partner. So what do you think?  What does a man need to attract a mate for a serious, long term relationship? Can astrology

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What Is A Twenty-Something Man Looking For In A Partner?

What’s a zoomer age man looking for in regards to a serious partnership.  Someone asked my husband this question… we also addressed it on this blog a number of years ago but what about now, in the right-now-today world? If a young woman would like to marry and have children, how do you think she

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Pluto Transit Conjunct Descendant With Saturn Transiting 8th House

I’ve had a streak of of clients with late degree Cancer risings. This put transiting Pluto conjunct their descendent with transiting Saturn heading into their 8th house. This is just a heads up. I have talked to half dozen people in this circumstance over this last week.  I don’t think people are putting these transits together

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