December 2023

Saturn Planet

January 2024 Schema: Optimism -> Reality Check -> Innovation

A client hired me to look at January astrology. We got on the phone and proceeded to talk about other things, but I had looked into this and here’s what I found… While we start out with Jupiter and Sagittarius, emphasized. Saturn will ultimately dominate the month. Realizing this in advance should provide an advantage. […]

Herman Lay

Cooking (Nurturing), Then & Now

Many know, I worked for Frito Lay when I was younger.  The company was founded by a man named, Herman Lay.  When I moved to the South, I met one of Herman Lay’s nephews who told me a wild tale. This boy grew up on a farm. His Uncle Herman, got rich.  This is what he

Bird in mirror

Widespread Lack Of Imagination

imagination (noun) 1: the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality 2 a: creative ability b: ability to confront and deal with a problem : RESOURCEFULNESS use your imagination and get us out of here c: the thinking or active mind

Petri dish

Mercury Direct: January 1, 2024 – Looking Good!

Mercury will turn direct in Sagittarius in the evening on January first.  The planet will be conjunct Mars and square Neptune, but there’ll be a stabilizing Grand Trine in Earth at this time. It seems a positive start to the new year. This is on a Monday.  Mars will clear out a few days later,

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