Progressed Moon Through the Signs Marks Your Evolution

Batman watch vintage aries moonYour progressed moon changes signs every 2.5 years.  There is distinct shift when this happens.

For example, when my progressed moon was in Aries, I had a boy haircut and I wore men’s watches with Batman on them and stuff!  That’s my watch, pictured!

When my progressed moon changed to Taurus, I became interested in art. I also started dressing as if I were part of the landscape of a painting!

When my progressed moon was in Scorpio, it was conjunct Mars.  I felt pushy and confrontational! I obsessed.

My progressed moon is currently in Sagittarius, but only for another month!  I’ve had a lot of fun, expanding the range of people I interact with. I’ve read so much content created by zoomers, while I don’t speak “emoji”, I’ve learned to read it. I have treated myself to their perspective, basically.

Here is a short treatment of the Progressed Moon through each of the signs. You can see how there’s a thread that ties them together…

Progressed Moon in Aries

The focus at this phase of life is on outward-oriented energy and action. We look for direct confrontations, challenges, and stimulation during this period of our lives. We have newfound courage. We focus on new beginnings, fresh starts, and new projects, because we now feel motivated in these directions.

Progressed Moon in Taurus

While in Aries, we welcomed change and action. When the Progressed Moon changes signs to Taurus, we slow down and seek out some security in our lives. This marks a less impatient and competitive period of our lives. We don’t look for new experiences as much as we manage our lives in a more solid, secure manner. We value predictability during this period.

Progressed Moon in Gemini

While in Taurus, we don’t feel much need for learning new things. When the Progressed Moon shifts signs to Gemini, however, curiosity is ignited. We need to communicate with others, we need doors to open for us, we explore our little worlds and reach out to others. New friendships are often made during this markedly more sociable and busy period in our lives.

Progressed Moon in Cancer

This marks a time when we need the comforts of a home base. While the Progressed Moon moves through Cancer, we turn inward and focus on building or solidifying our home base and our families. We have a greater need for security and the feeling of being safe and comfortable during this period. This is a time for building your sense of security.

Progressed Moon in Leo

From the security and safety of the Progressed Moon in Cancer phase comes a desire for self-expression. Energies are directed outwards as we feel more confident moving about in the world, and we have a greater need to be heard, seen, and noticed. An increased desire to create, and to display our talents is often experienced during this phase.

Progressed Moon in Virgo

After a somewhat naive and playful period while the Progressed Moon moved through Leo, this phase indicates a need and/or desire to perfect our craft. This is a time of dedication to work, health, and routine. This is a more introverted period in your life when you might have your “nose to the grindstone”, so to speak.

Progressed Moon in Libra

The focus turns outward again as the Progressed Moon moves from the introverted Virgo to sociable Libra. An increased need to be with people, to socialize, and to compromise are featured during this period of life. More attention to physical appearance and attractiveness, as well as graciousness, is often prominent.

Progressed Moon in Scorpio

There can be a hunger now for deeper experiences and more powerful bonds. Emotional commitments come into focus. While the Progressed Moon was in Libra, harmony was most important to you. At this time, however, harmony might take a back seat as you feel the need for something more powerful and significant in your life.

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius

Freedom on all levels is the focus while the Progressed Moon is in Sagittarius — not only physical freedom of movement and expression, but mental and spiritual freedom as well. The emotional need during this period of your life is for expansion and growth. You do not want to be limited by boundaries or barriers. This is a more gregarious position of the Progressed Moon. Independence, new experiences, and intellectual growth are the focus.

Progressed Moon in Capricorn

The Progressed Moon in Capricorn shifts the attention to approval and recognition. The focus is on establishing some sort of order and control in your life. A stronger need for recognition and for concrete success is typical of this Progressed Moon phase.

Progressed Moon in Aquarius

This is a more sociable and gregarious position of the Progressed Moon. Stronger social awareness and a desire to belong to a group is present at this period in your life, although sometimes it’s more about expressing your own individuality and breaking the rules. Networking is the keyword for this period.

Progressed Moon in Pisces

Heightened sensitivity and an emotional need to connect with your inner world is dominant during this period. This is often a more introverted period in your life when the focus is on your dreams and longings, personal creativity, and sensitivity.

These mini- interpretations come from the progressed chart report. For a full interpretation of your progressed Moon as well as the rest of your progressed chart, check it out. You will not be disappointed!

Where is your Progressed Moon?

64 thoughts on “Progressed Moon Through the Signs Marks Your Evolution”

  1. I’ve got progressed moon in Scorpio and I definitely resonate with the above description. Not only that, but I’ve become more readily able to amputate people and be successful at it. My feelings feel like they run deeper than they normally do. When someone upsets me I hold onto it. I’ve even developed a more intense look in my eyes that has others asking me if I’m a Scorpio. I’m also a bit better at being all “mysterious” now with my communication. I feel like I can also see, feel and intuit others, my bullshit detector is working which helps with successfully amputating.

  2. Is the shift about to occur? I want to hold onto my aqua moon longer dammit. I’m introverted and I introspective enough. Will Pisces make me a ghost?

  3. Progressed into Gemini all abt reaching out and exploring new possibilities and places. Presently visiting SE France Bordeaux region…good friends,good food, and good times. Love the new site.

  4. p. Moon is now in Taurus (has been for a couple of months); it moves in to my 4th House the first week of November. I am a Taurus Sun, so I feel more grounded, definitely. I identify strongly with my Taurus nature and this is definitely a homecoming of sorts.

    The last time p.Moon moved into Taurus, I was 9. I still have my diary from then…I should pull it out.

  5. My Progressed Moon has been in Taurus for 14 months now. I definitely felt the change from Aries, even if this occured with Jupiter entering Gemini and my Jupiter Return. The last months of Progressed Moon in Aries were truly intense, I was seriously in the brink of having a burn out. Immediate effect of Progressed Taurus Moon going to vacations in Paris and Bretagne and gaining almost 8 pounds in 10 days. 😀 And yes, coming back, I was able to relax at work too, my Husband had made it clear he was ready to become a father. I actually got better results at work, and got pregnant too.

    Also, I started at my current when Moon Progressed to Aries, the one before with Moon Progressing to Pisces, and am planning to go back to work around the time Moon will enter Gemini. I somehow doubt it will be the same job I left, at least long term.

  6. Progressed moon in Libra, square natal Sun. I notice my ego (Sun) gets checked (square) to consider the other person (Libra). That’s something a heavily cardinal person needs. I improved my health, diet and exercise routine, while my progressed moon was in Virgo.

  7. Progressed Moon in Taurus (my natal Moon) in House 10 Quntiling my Vesta in Cancer House 12.

    I feel very calm and secure now. Focused on home, family, cooking, reorganizing the house.

    ”We don’t look for new experiences as much as we manage our lives in a more solid, secure manner. We value predictability during this period.”

    Exactly how I feel!!

  8. What about when the progressed moon “locks” in opposition to transiting Saturn?

    It’s been my case for the past ten years and it is supposed to last a long time yet.

  9. I looked it up and my progressed moon is in leo with progressed sun in capricorn. My astrology knowledge is not that advanced to understand what does this progression means.
    It does seem that I am more focused on my responsibilities and making plans for my future.

    1. Progressed moon in leo as well with progressed sun in scorpio. I am not really all that out there and dread having to do so. I am not as socially acceptable as when p sun was in libra. But I am more accepting of myself now and happy as a piggy in poop in my own little world. Natal moon sextiles natal virgo sun by 3 degrees so that that virgo thing is still always churnin in me.

      Progressed asc is capricorn now so I am putting some effort into looking responsible. 😀 Had alot of experience from being overly responsible for most of my life. So I think I can play this.

  10. My progressed moon is in Aqua which is also my natal moon, which might explain why I can’t see a big difference…lol 🙂

  11. My Solar Return Moon is/was in Aries. I already had my birthday in November. Lost my mother two weeks before, and since I was very attached and influenced by her subconsciously, you could say I gained my independence. It was in my 5th house though and I spent my birthday with an Aries AND a Libra both cardinal signs. No new projects except taking care of my dad now.

  12. My progressed moon just moved into Cancer. I was just thinking about making my home studio more welcoming, comfortable, inviting to myself. Also, pondering some of the people in my life who I cannot always be myself with (comfortable) or who are not always there. Too many. So yes, I did feel this shift.

  13. Mine is at 27° Pisces about to hit the Aries point. So I’m redoing my website and getting ready for action. You can click on the link to my site now, which I’m providing, just to see how badly it sux. It should be retooled by the New Year, or around the time the Sun hits Capricorn.

  14. This is a tough one. I liked my Moon in Taurus (natal & progressed) now I’m accepting the Gemini transition. It’s hard for Earth/Water signs to deal with Air. I’ve noted all my girlfriends have been Taurus or Scorpios. I like folks with depth.

    Bright side: Learning to speak up. Write. Share my ”real” thoughts. I’m just learning about progressions. Fascinating.

    I hope your progression is a happy one Elsa.

  15. Now in Capricorn. I’m enjoying it. Getting the security I deeply need as well as working hard and smart. I love the added practicality and discipline emotionally. I feel like I’m trucking alone with little support at times, but im so thankful for it. Being able to really “feel” a solid maturity and grow up is what I’ve wanted.

    1. I’m 29 years old now so my progressed Moon has already made a full cycle. Honestly I have felt the best when my progressed Moon was in Aries and when it was in the 1st house.

  16. So it takes around 27.5 years for your p. Moon to go back to the location it was at birth is that right? Mine will be changing back to its exact location on the 13th or 14th of this month. It’s funny you posted this again because it was just researching this last night and talking to a friend about it trying to teach him what progressions are. I also wondered if the 27.5 or 27.3 year progression where it comes back to the exact point your natal moon is at has any correlation with emotional shifts surrounding the beginning of feeling the first Saturn return.

    1. Sorry I actually got the date wrong its the 30th of this month. It would be nice if could update their software for timing

  17. My progressed moon is in Gemini and at the beginning of the 8th house – bit of a shock. Not good news from what I read on the internet. It’s squaring Saturn and squaring Pluto conjunct Uranus. Lots of scary red lines on my chart ?

  18. Avatar
    James mccasland

    You have to take the good transits with the adverse.
    I love Jupiter tribe Venus,
    Progressed Jupiter MC.
    But two months ago I had ten days of mercury opposed saturn-direct,retrograde direct. But in a couple months, I will have Pluto trine Jupiter and Uranus transporting conjunction Venus. I am traveling to South America. Try to look at progression with an even keel. You have to look at your Natal chart too.

  19. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Progressed Moon and Sun in Pisces… LOTS of introspection. Am hoping when it moves into Aries the rubber will meet the road. 😉

  20. My progressed moon is in Capricorn, 10th house. Double whammy of Cap energy! Unfortunately it also travels with transitting Pluto. I have a strained relationship with security, as the 10th house is opposite 4th house.

    A large gang murder outside my apartment in November, a high paying job in a large company, high salary and well – the only thing I need is a man, but for some reason I can’t find the energy to date or commit. Curiously my Saturn-Pluto conjunction has been moved into my 6th house (or, is hovering between the 6th and the 7th) while my progressed DC is changing signs these months.

  21. I didn’t know so I looked and lo and behold my progressed moon is in Virgo. Funny because Virgo has been popping up for me in various ways for like 6 months so it seems there was a reason for that. Those kinds of synchronicities just make me smile. This is good for me with the Capricorn thing going on right now. At least I’m in the mood to be all productive and serious. 🙂 I am very “go with the flow” and I can definitely feel this energy shift – maybe because it feels so foreign to me I can identify it easily. Never in my life have I felt so responsible and grown up, never in my life have I wanted to feel that way. So interesting how people change and don’t change all at the same time!

  22. Progressed moon is in Libra currently. Yes I need to socialize more, and am seeking a partner. I am more gracious lately?.

  23. Progressed Moon in Libra currently with Gemini Moon natal. My Moon in Virgo time was critical AF because it was on my Saturn but with it in Libra, I’m definitely back to being more fun loving. But I didn’t enjoy it being caught up with cardinal grand cross energy over the past couple of years. It’s finally done squaring Pluto, conjuncting my Pluto and conjuncting Jupiter but it’s going to spend this next year and half opposing transit Uranus, even after it ingresses Scorpio in October. So much more mother drama to look forward to, I guess. ?

  24. I’m looking into progressed moons lately, trying to learn. If anyone reads this, can you tell me if the house the moon goes through has as much of an effect as the sign? For example, my ASC is 29 Aries, and my pr. moon is in Scorpio. When it switches to Sag, it will be in the 8th house the entire time. Does that afford a double dose of that Pluto energy back to back? Or is the sign more important, house secondary? Or am I looking at this all wrong. TIA!!

        1. Sorry I wasn’t clear. Scorpio Moon in the 8th house is at home. You have to consider what that means,

          These things are not exactly definable. For example, Pluto conjunct a Scorpio moon is in the same as a Scorpio moon in the 8th. Never mind, some people divorce themselves from their own energy.

  25. Hi Dolce,
    Tertiary uses 12-14 days forward for each
    Year of life, instead of one in secondary. Other predictive tools are solar and lunar returns, where you do a chart each.yea e for when it returns to its birthday position.I th ink you can post y our chart on site and.others can comment.


  26. It’s in Aquarius. It’s been trailing/conjunctin transiting Saturn for many years and now it’s conjunct natal Saturn lol

  27. Got to say that although I follow my progressed Moon (and the aspects it makes to my chart) closely, I have only thought more about how its sign/element mixes with my natal moon sign/element.

    Currently it’s in Aquarius which is my 4th house (venus and mercury are there well aspected with many aspects) and IC sign so it’s all about 4th house stuff…right.

    I’d ignored all the aquarius undertones…I am actually trying to create a couple of groups in my area (now via Zoom) and I’m networking a lot. I’m introverted so I go in and out of networking events (which my social/air planets support me mingling in social situations) and I don’t like it too busy…

    I read your comments, Elsa, about Moon in Aquarius. That’s exactly all that I’m doing. I won’t underestimate the progressed Moon sign’s vibes and themes again.


  28. Thanks for posting this Elsa! I was brainstorming about progressed chart in last month or two (it is sort of new thing to me).

    My progressed moon is at 28 degree in Pisces (which is also my natal moon) and is about to enter Aries in 6th house!

    “We focus on new beginnings, fresh starts, and new projects..”

    Absolutely what i’m doing now. Looking forward for a new job (long planned) that will improve my financial standing that i desperately need. Not only that but more importantly the personal growth. I feel strong determination and will to push in this particular direction without looking back.

    With departure and detachment of long time relationship of couple of people at this point of time i feel very emotionally confused and not interested in making any connections but to focus on myself 100% without any exceptions.

    Hope you doing well Elsa! Wishing you a very nice day and to rest of you as well!

  29. Love reading about progressed moons because it’s so easy to differentiate between them. With progressed moon in virgo I studied very hard, with moon in libra I was outgoing, fell in love and was very interested in buying tons of earrings, moon in scorpio was a difficult time emotionally but looking back it was a good change, moon in sagg was a splotch of good time among the depressing times there were, but kept my hopes up. Now progressed moon is back to its natal place, capricorn which feels like nothing. So back to the basic default. ?

    1. I’m 2 weeks away from progressed moon in aquarius! Yaaay. Even if still in 12th, this is a welcomed change. ^^

  30. These interpretations are spot on. I can trace back through the chapters of my life and see a direct correlation with the progressed moon.

    My progressed moon just moved into Pisces, right before my birthday. Mars is also at zero degrees Pisces in my solar return chart (8th house), so that’s kind of interesting, especially with Neptune squaring Mercury and Venus right now – which is right on the angles of my chart….

    I’m already amidst the process of going deep to tap my natal 12th house Mars in Gemini. I was just talking to my husband last night about two types of people: those who let life happen to them, vs those who happen to life (reactive vs proactive). I want to be more proactive, but it just feels impossible in so many ways.

    It’s nice to know that the next couple of years will be building up to the themes of progressed moon in Aries. For me that’s something to look forward to.

  31. When my Pr Moon was exactly conjunct my 3H Taurus cusp, I made the financially-based (Venus) decision (Taurus) to downsize from my larger (Aries) home and move locally (3H) to a smaller, younger family (Gemini) community. My neighborhood even has an elementary school in it.

  32. My progressed Moon is in Cancer House 2 conjunct prog Uranus. I speak with my mother every day – long distance. Also, nice financial gains.

  33. My progressed moon has been dancing with all the sat jup Pluto stuff in Capricorn in my 6th it will be flipping over and around Saturn for a bit. But we’ve had son and his family move in while their house is built. Daughter just joined the party for a month since she will be moving and starting new job afteryears of school and preparation. In all of this I have been of service to everyone and man I’m tired LOL

  34. Avatar
    Sag with Cap Rising

    Thanks for reposting this, Elsa! It made me check my progressed moon; it’s in Scorpio and has been since the fall of 2018. This corresponds well with my intense, but hidden, emotional reaction to a family betrayal that summer, which completely blindsided me. It’s made me examine my life, family, and family patterns in a way like never before. Also got me into asteroids in synastry, which explained A LOT.
    Anyway, happy to see my progressed moon will move into Sag by my birthday. This makes me very happy!

  35. I noticed just this week that my moon has progressed to Scorpio, it’s at 4° now. Sex has been on my mind this week. Not my usual Mars in Aries (intense, quick, often) kind either. I suppose this is also Mars in Taurus influence perhaps. It’s seems as though I’m looking for more.

  36. My moon officially just progressed into scorpio on May 10th.
    Usually tho hurt I’d let go, make excuses for or try to reason with people (natal moon in gem). Now if you come for me I do feel like annihilating. Starting yesterday people and situations are really testing me/this. I’m also hit directly by the waxing t-square which also has a leg in scorpio (natal pluto at 3deg). oh boy. I might burn a lot of bridges now if someone pushes me just a tiny wee bit more I might just explode :/
    A huge taurus/sco exploding? get out of the way. book your flight now… :/

  37. My progressed moon is at 25 degrees virgo. I hated it last time and I hate it even more now that I am older. I even annoy myself with how picky I am right now lol. So glad I’m almost out of it.

  38. Progressed moon in pisces🐠, 1st house. My sleep pattern is so irregular with this moon change, goddamn. 😵‍💫 I want aries moon progression, even if my rising will go to pisces for many years. Wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair!

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