Weekly Forecast: November 6-10, 2023 – Mercury And Venus Change Sign

Venus and MarsAll day Monday, Mercury in Scorpio chases a trine to retro Neptune, catching it by evening. By the time it does, Mercury has also picked up a sextile to Pluto. Fantasy bubbles to the surface, affecting attitudes, senses, and communications. Eventually we get acclimated to the ideal and are motivated to invoke the subtle power of influence.

It’s all good so long as there’s truth in there somewhere. Early in the day, the Moon in Leo crosses the midpoint of the Neptune-Pluto sextile. If you’re selling, you appeal to the ego. If you’re buying, I suggest you wait for the afternoon Moon shift to Virgo and an opposition to Saturn. It’s a mood to weigh the pros and cons and take a methodical approach. That may be a bit of a cold shower, but sometimes it’s just what we need.

Overnight, the Virgo Moon picks up a trine to retro Jupiter, exact Tuesday morning. Once you’ve done your due diligence, the mood picks up steam and enthusiasm. It goes on to sextile the Scorpio Sun, in tune with the mode of the day. Overnight, the Virgo Moon sextiles Mars as well… what fits is immediately action ready.

Early Wednesday, Venus moves from Mercury-ruled Virgo to its own rule in cardinal Libra. It quincunxes Pisces Saturn all morning, exact by afternoon. Venus is clever, pragmatic, and perfectionist in Virgo. In Libra, Venus blooms. With Saturn in uneven aspect, Venus doesn’t bloom just yet. Wednesday morning desires are quashed or irksome, but the delay gives us time to make the shift. Libra Venus is never late; it arrives at its own time, perfectly presented. To get in step, take your time to make it worth the wait (the value is not in prep but in confidence).

Wednesday’s Virgo Moon trines retro Uranus, opposes retro Neptune, sextiles Mercury, and trines Pluto. At the same time, Mercury perfects its sextile to Pluto. So while desires and aesthetic take their time, the mood and mind are a whirlwind of pithy input and influence. It’s a solid mood to support a novel approach and no better time to fly under the radar to push your agenda.

On Thursday, the Moon joins Venus in Libra, crossing over in the night. It spends the day moving through quincunx to retro Jupiter in Venus-ruled Taurus (retro). Do we want more? I think we do… at the very least, we are preparing to seek more by sorting out what we need and do or don’t yet have. Invigorating, motivating!

Late Thursday, Mercury leaves Scorpio for Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. A grander theme, a racing mind!

Friday morning’s Libra Moon opposes retro Aries Chiron as Mercury in Sadge perfects a square to Saturn. Challenge is the game! Our plans are blocked with each move, but we win when we play the game like a dance: learn as we go.

The Libra Moon goes on to cross the south node as it heads into square with Pluto in the night. We’ve learned how to seduce, how to get our way. But just getting our way does not win the game. We now put our true talent to work – power through compromise. Better to get some of what you need than none, at least for now. We may even find satisfaction in the mastery of give and take.

All week, Mercury moves in sextile to Venus, even through sign changes to both. Don’t despair or give up; there’s a way to figure things out and make them work. There’s an opportunity to shine up even the bleakest moment and come out smelling like a rose.

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  1. ‘’…..opportunity to shine up even the bleakest moment and come out smelling like a rose 🌹 “, Lovely advice, I’ll keep this in mind.

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