How Is The Moon In Pisces Like Moon Conjunct Neptune?

Pisces fish salt and pepper shakersHi Elsa!

I was just wondering…how different is a moon in Pisces to a moon conjunct Neptune, if that conjunction is in a cold sign like Capricorn?


Hi, Wondering.

This is a great question; something people struggle to understand.  The Moon in Pisces is the Moon in Pisces.  Fluid. Without boundary.

The Moon conjunct Neptune is also fluid, but being placed in Capricorn, fear is introduced into the equation. And boundaries which dissolve.

Moon in Pisces is a fish – a natural swimmer.
Moon conjunct Neptune in Capricorn is a goat in the water who has no choice but to learn to swim.


6 thoughts on “How Is The Moon In Pisces Like Moon Conjunct Neptune?”

  1. aw. that is so cute. the goat learning how to swim, guess the baby goat had to learn very early in life since he/she was born to live in neptune.

  2. I have Pisces Moon trine Neptune natal, and Neptune is sitting transit conjunct my Moon off and on for a while. I have not noticed myself as more sensitive at all.

  3. I have the moon in sadge conjunct Neptune. While I can relate to the unbounded part, there are lots of things about my emotional nature that seem distinctly sadge: nothing like a good run when I’m stressed, enthusiasm!, love my job working with people from all over the world.

  4. Oh noo, it looks like the baby goat grandma used to have years ago. Such a cute little swimmer!
    In need to read more about moon neptune. This aspect sewn so tightly in my chart. If I reduce the orbs to 0.1 % (not 10%, 0.1%) it’s still there!!

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