Anger, Depression And The Expression Of Your Mars Energy

Astrologer, Lynn Hayes writes:

“I’m just impressed that you find time to go to the gym.”

Thank you, Lynn. But for a person like me the gym is non-negotiable.Β When you have racing Mars-y energy the way I do, and you lack an outlet where it can be overtly expressed, it’s going to back up, twist up and ultimately become destructive to the self or others.

I may punch a wall or lash out at others and that’s not all. If the energy is sufficiently repressed, depression results. Because of this, I go the gym – Period.

Since Mars in my chart is conjunct Mercury, all this (hard-on type) writing is outlet, along with sex. If I do not express this energy, I can expect to self-destruct or perhaps harm others. I’m not willing to be that irresponsible.

I will go further and tie this in the people who attack me or get all pissed off about my blog. They may be mad at me, but mostly I think they are just pissed off in general. It’s the unconscious Mars as Claire-France talks about or perverted Mars energy as my sister would say.

I mean think about it. You sit around all day (passive) and shoot arrows at me but you’re not an angry person?

::rolls eyes::

Are you a Mars-y type and if so, do you have adequate avenues of expression for your energy?

30 thoughts on “Anger, Depression And The Expression Of Your Mars Energy”

  1. Well, I try to go to the gym for 1-2 hours whenever possible to burn that off…I do miss it when I don’t go because either I’m hyper or I get lethargic. It’s kind of frustrating on the nights where I can’t go.

  2. Oh yeah.

    Workin on one avenue πŸ™‚

    But yeah, I tried yoga for a while, and I think I need to get back on the treadmill. . .

    I envy your blog writing – I write a lot during the day, but I’d like it to be more directed into one place.

  3. I don’t have enough of that mars-y energy. I’ve been trying sooooo hard to summon up the marsy-gods-within, but it just ain’t happenin. I get into these spurts where I go to the gym everyday, and then if I fall off the wagon, even for just one day, I give up. One form of exercise I never get tired of is dance, but it’s hard to fit in time for that as much as I’d like. School is one way I guess I burn off some of my Mars-in-Cancer in-the-9th energy. I looove learning.
    But still…I wish I had more aggressive, athletic energy to burn πŸ™
    Mars square Saturn…your repression is a pain in the ass.

  4. I dont know if I have marsy energy – I have scorp/Plutonic energy but I think thats different. My mars is conjunct Neptune so while it subsides mars I think it can be silently dangerous so I do music things either playing piano or guitar or dance and it helps well at least stops me from projecting this too much on very sexy not really there, elusive men. Particular sexy musicans with long hair πŸ˜‰

  5. I wish I learned about this earlier in my life because I have been irresponsible with Mars energy before. Venus in Aries is my chart ruler and I have that Merc/ Mars in Aqua on the MC.

    I understand it now though, and expend that excess energy with regular exercise. And by working really hard to make my house lovely. I clean when I am Marsy.

  6. I do have mars energy for sure, but expression can be a problem. I’m pretty lazy until someone thinks they’re passing on the inside lane, then I’ll put on the speed y’know? I do what I need to to get by, but when there’s competition I’m going to do my best to put the other into the ground.

    When it gets backed up I go lookin’ for a fight, or I end up getting spastic and as a result hurt, or I get depressed and mean (very Blondie, in the not good way . .’oh she’s so fine . .c’mon rip her to shreds . .’).

    I’m much better now that I’m more aware of my M.o. but I think what I really need is a drop in gym membership (the regular membership just makes me feel guilty, and then judged and then self concious, and bored).

    1st house (capricorn) Mars sq (libra)Pluto, with Uranus (in scorpio) sextile Mars as well.

  7. Amen sista. Mars in Sag. and lots of Pluto too.
    When I am unhappy, blocked, misdirected I get FAT. When I am happy and purposeful, I get FIT. If I miss a few days of physical activity the dark clouds start to gather.
    PS; Hi Jennifer!

  8. Mars in Scorpio here. My friend has described what happens if i don’t have some kinda outlet for that intense energy as something akin to superman and kryponite. It’s never pretty for me or anyone around me.

    I must always be working on some kind a deal, some kinda project with lots of moving parts and yes whether or not there is sex there must always be exercise.

    I’m 5’2, weigh 100 lbs, wake up by 5 a.m. each day go to sleep at 1 a.m. and I’m the one that will always be walking after a 12 hour day even if i have a migraine.

    It never fails that during my walk my cell phone will ring at least twice with calls from my girl friends telling me ‘they wish they had the time to exercise like i do but they are just so busy or so tired.’ They don’t realize that its not a choice for me but more of a compulsion kinda like my own personal Sherman’s march to the Sea.

  9. A big yes.

    One reason I like to read your blog is you are honest and succinct. Yes. Mars in Leo Rising. Venus, Ceres, Vesta all in Aries all midheaven. Huge lesson – burning off all this Neptune energy from past lives.

    Working out is mandatory. Yoga helps. I am in a leadership position at work working with a ton of men – and I and they are comfortable with it. If I don’t honor this it does back up. The other thing I had to learn how to do was stand up for myself so the men in my life back down.

  10. Weak Mars, 3rd house so cadent, and in the sign of Gemini…I can’t remember if Mars and Mercury are friends….I don’t think so. Why is that so hard to remember.

    I do better and feel better when I work out, but I am not too good at it. No high katate kicks, no gymnastic splits to the ground, no cheerleader here…not too agile, and that was even when I was young. I used to could run a 5 or 10 K. It made me high but it was so painful I almost threw up every time. No more of that!

  11. Mars in libra. Not sure but think this is a sucky placement. My relationships tend to have a lets fight and make up quality to them.

  12. I think will (Mars in Capricorn in the 12th house) and happiness are intimately related. When I make contact with my will, I feel happier than ever before. I need exercise like air, but it doesn’t mean I do it because I am so lazy and eat so much.

  13. Ooo, shell, see that’s something that interests me- Mars in Cancer, also mine. Mars in Cancer: domestics? (clearly, you’ve never seen my apartment) protective? (well, YEAH, isn’t that the POINT of Mars?… okay, one of the points) not agressive? HA! Not even CLOSE. I do agree, however, that most of that Mars energy goes into my emotions (don’t mess wit me if I feel strongly about it; I’ll stomp you) and the only way that I know to MODERATE (modulate?) and make friends with all this in-your-face is to bring it to the gym… or the martial arts class… or the bedroom… if I don’t, it’s a sure recipe for Misery Soup with a side of Muscle Spasms, please. I’ve never found an upward limit of the amount of exercise that I can take- the more I get, the better I feel, and the more I want: Mars on the Sun/Moon midpoint? I dunno. Sure doesn’t fit the Mars in Cancer cookbooks…

  14. I am definitely NOT a Mars type. I have a lot of Pisces and a lot of Virgo and that’s mostly it. The sedentary, lost in the mind life was made for people like me. However, I do have Sadge Mars and I love to run and I actually really love the gym when I can make myself get up and go. Once I get in the zone (with my music, can you even work out without music?) it’s a great feeling. I need to start running again soon.

  15. Taurus Mars, part of an earth grand trine. I have to work out in order to stay grounded. I have a very well established routine I do not EVER deviate from.

  16. Mars in Aries 10th house. I’m Marsy at work – I like to compete to win (or be first, whatever). I move around a lot but don’t necessarily exercise. For some reason my Mars is pretty sedate. I must project this stuff onto men I guess, because I do work primarily with men (who are competitive and aggressive). I have Mars conjunct venus and tend to side with the Venus so I prefer things to be peaceful and pleasant, but I end up with men who see this as ‘soft’ and try to dominate…only then does my Mars come out to shine. I’m not comfortable with my mars, it’s depressing, lol πŸ˜›

  17. Mars conjunct mercury in twelfth house, strong placement of venus and pluto. I’m a sexual uninhibited beast or just a very very angry person, it’s hard to express a medium at times.I do work at it though!!Not trying to shoot up a mall or anything. Already thought about it and I don’t think I’m that deranged. Couldn’t play it off either.

  18. I love my Mars in the 1st house. I am into anger. Mars and Merc in mutual reception by rulership. One of my clients throttled his first counsellor, another got busted for threats to kill when he was surrounded by 5 patrol cars and 10 cops. Another chopped a cat in half with a machette because his nephew pissed him off. Many people seem to have big problems with mars energy. I just cant understand why.


  19. julik-I think I fit the bill for Mars in Cancer. Nearly everything important and passionate to me is based on pure emotion, I am very domesticated and I love it, I am not agressive whatsoever. When I am aggressive, which isn’t too often, it is definitely about my emotions. But I think where I miss the hit on the aggression and assertiveness is from my Mars square Saturn. I also have Mars square Saturn, which is pretty much repressed everything, hehe. I have been working on it though.
    Usually it takes alcohol to induce some aggression, and that is usually a disaster πŸ™‚

  20. Hmmm, so this is what has destroyed my life! (just kidding a little bit!) Suffice it to say, I have very strong/prominent Aries, and Mars at the first degree of Leo in the 8th house. Problem is, I’m a Virgo, with Saturn in Virgo. Mismatch! People are always very very surprised when I really express my Mars. So, often I turn to avoidance or repression of such energy/thoughts. When people are surprised or shocked at a sudden deep or heated outburst, they tend to begin to distrust me. Anyway, these influences show up in various phases of one’s life more strongly than others. Nothing is forever. Mars is my friend. But I have to watch that the energy, as you advise, doesn’t build up too much power. Repressed anger is bad for the liver, for example, they say.

  21. I’m a very angry person (yup!) but otherwise have no clue where my Mars goes to. I have very little drive or ambition and my sex drive goes from “Yes, please, NOW!” to “Eh. Maybe next year.” in 2.5 seconds flat. But, boy, can I get P-I-S-S-E-D! πŸ˜› I haven’t noticed whether working out helps with that or not, I haven’t stuck with it very long except for once.
    I’d love to learn how to deal with my Mars more productively, though. I’d like to have it around in more than just spurts.

    Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunct trine Moon.

  22. adequate but not enough.
    taking up bicycle commuting again, which should help.
    and dancing and things.
    but still, not enough.
    (eighth house aries speaking….)

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    Strawberry Fields

    “Are you a Mars-y type and if so, do you have adequate avenues of expression for your energy?”

    β€œDon’t let that shit back up on you.”

    My Mars-Merc-NN-Sun (core stellium) has no adequate avenue of expression at the moment, and hasn’t for way too long. But I am very aware of this and have slowly but steadily (courtesy my natal Saturn square my core stellium) been putting in place some of the required pieces. The still-missing pieces need to wait until November or December, due to circumstances beyond my control. This “all revved up with no place to go” situation does back up on me though, and it does do massive damage.

    Working on it, have a strategy, am under a bunch of severe transits, but am determined to keep pumping that toilet plunger. Watch out world! πŸ˜›

  24. same here, I get all frustrated and start giving people around me a hard time ! temper tantrums ! Recently i started listening to soothing music on the mobile in order to distract myself from the heated energy !

  25. Avatar

    (newb pondering alert here)
    I need to figure out how to tap my mars. It tends to be inaccessible, then BAM- off goes the mouth, and someone I love is in pieces. 12H mars moon in Cap (why, hello, pluto!) apexing tsq of merc/ura, sun/plu, and chi/ura. I tend toward sloth, which leads to a downward spiral of depression every time. I was happiest at very physical jobs that required brain power and organization (and external motivation). This housewife needs to figure out how to motivate herself! The grand cross sitting on 7/10ths of my chart might be a good time to do it. πŸ™‚


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    James Slattery

    Mercury in Cancer with a wide opposition to Saturn in Capricorn can lead to frustration with blockages/restrictions in my public/career life which lead to licking my wounds at home Cancer style! I use mental discipline to keep my mind busy and take care of household duties. My home life benefits for sure!

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