Mars In Virgo Opposite Neptune In Pisces: August 22, 2023


Mars  in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces at 27 degrees on August 22nd. I keep reading about how bad this is so I finally looked at the chart.

I admit it’s chaotic, in part because separate from this opposition, the moon in Scorpio will be clashing with Venus, Jupiter and Uranus.

You can see the chart here. Mars Opposite Neptune 2023.

I’m tired checking the horizon for the day the sky falls. I don’t even know how to define “sky falling” because some individuals slip into what amounts to shark infested water, daily.  You’re standing next to them and you’re fine.  One person calls it the worst day of their life while another says, nothing happened to me!

Matter of fact, that scenario fits pretty well with this opposition.  Basically, some stand on the ground, watching the other gasp and thrash and flail in the water.

Are you going to act (Mars)?
Or act oblivious (Neptune)?

This will be an emotionally jarring day that triggers people to act with compassion. 

That’s a valid read on this sky. You can use it to counter or balance all the doom out there.

Do you have planets around 27 degrees Mutable?  How does this look to you?

31 thoughts on “Mars In Virgo Opposite Neptune In Pisces: August 22, 2023”

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Already acting in Mars. Getting ready to clean out stuff in storage so I can move it to a much cheaper unit and to organize what I keep. I want to keep my passing less stressful on my only son when the time comes.
    Perhaps Mars will be strong enough to resist 2nd, or at least 3rd thoughts on what I’ll throw away.
    I’m also fighting my illusions about my health and my current job sustaining me. I’m 60. I’ll use the Mars energy to move forward towards working on better health and maybe my income. Kinda hope this energy sticks around a bit so I can get thinks done for the better

    1. Yes, there are a lot of good ways to use this energy.

      Neptune in it’s home sign, Venus and Jupiter involved and Mars and Mercury in Virgo – surely a person can think of something.

  2. well then! Neptune will be conjunct my natal Mars, and and therefore I suppose Mars opposite Mars? bloody hell! I have so much trouble with this Mars placement I’m recently realising. It is my great undoing, and undermines some other really spiffy aspects. I’m thinking go with Neptune and spirit [more], work out what I get on me trident, poking away in the pools. I dunno.

    1. I was just thinking of this post when latest email came through 🙂 in my above I forgot about my moon in trine with this, the close but no cigar I will feel on conjunct natal full moon moon just prior to this. As such, it IS an undoing, but after sitting with this, I realised I work with this triad as a normal process, and it really helps buffer the otherwise quite anal and relentless bits.

      After fossicking in the rock pools of liminal, some common themes have emerged thus far lol! Reflections look great. as mirrors. People skating on the surface tension of their own puddles of self delusions, and wielding their hungry ghosts as weapons. Usually the aim is focused upon the [perceived or otherwise]rights and informed consent of others versus their own wants/needs. A lot of narrative shifting, both for better and worse, as subliminal festering wounds appear to be lanced. The roots of many stories and tales now showing some earth fissures and stress, not able to withstand the revision scrutiny and review. Many more will emerge to join those that do. Also a lot of stuff saying all *real* needs can be met in immediate community- the micro takes care of the macro in the pan out of it all – like the Universe provides is akin to my habitat provides.

    2. This could be me talking….like your simile – poking away with the trident, in the pools! :} has been my undoing over the years, also – despite some really good stuff…:{ Good luck with the Future – I’m definitely trying to change my perspective etc. moving forward…

      1. thank you Carol. Being pretty fixed in general, it’s been painful, but it certainly seems perspective is the key to new horizons. And I’ve found that looking for the side doors is the/a secret. Though sometimes it’s a closet. I’m figuring that, along with Elsa’s other post Neptune 3yrs will be on my natal Mars, and Pluto going from midheaven to my sun/venus conjunct soon, I had better really tart up my toolbox while I’ve still got *some* semblance of clarity, for it’s already been a chthonic ride. More water for the earth slip’n’slide? 😀
        also I meant the upcoming new, not full, moon, in my above ha!

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      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      It has in my sphere Elsa. I noticed that. Well…New England dutinv the Hsrvedt followed by a stunning Fall?
      This Virgo sun, Taurus Moon asks,,,what the h*** is there to be angry about???

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    James Slattery

    I have a Gemini Sun at 27’10’ in the fourth! Yikes. What now? It all seems to becoming unraveled after years of predictability. With 5 planets in Scorpio/Leo, I’m not fond of sudden change in my 60s!

  4. This Virgo in Mars transit is the biggest bum-out for me, lol! Saturn has opposed my Sun and Mercury, dampening the usual Martian vigorous effect. Then, Mars gets to oppose Neptune. I’ve been able to use Mars in Virgo transits to travel (especially road trips) and to get things done. Well, things are getting done but with a lot more limits and responsibilities (and not nearly as much fun as a road trip), and now clouds/fog to drive through. I guess the high beams need to be on and to drive slowly and carefully!

  5. The interesting thing about this alignment, Mars and Mercury hovering together in Virgo (body/mind) and being opposed by Neptune, are the simultaneous trines the two planets are making to Uranus and Pluto. It’s like the two personal planets are being laser beamed by the energy of the three outer planets, that are all working together, intensely transformational, alchemical. For me, I can see it’s having an effect on my mind/thinking on the basis of really challenging and old, old, old, emotions being brought up and released from my body (Mars), importantly, anger. I am witnessing how trapped anger (so trapped you don’t know it’s there) shapes my thinking and perspective entirely. It’s an uncomfortable and at times worrying (Virgo) process because my body is overwhelmed at times by the unblocking and a sense of a rising tide of emotions, but I’m recognising, representing and integrating these emotions in ways I never have been able to before. This astrology is next level in regards to evolution.

  6. My Virgo Sun is at 27 dergees… I already feel on the verge of a nervous breakdown with Neptune opposition…And now Mars conjunction :/

    1. WHat practices do you have that help strengthen you in times of distress?Anything spiritual,metaphysical, what helps your faith? Do you have any creative leanings such as writing,art, music,etc?? Hoping you find a path to peace during this transit. A consult with Esla might help you find the strengths in your chart to help you see some Light through the turmoil! Good luck!

      1. Prayer, healthy sleeping and eating, and physical activity is usually enough. But right now, I’m just laying low until this period goes away. I’m not going to dig deeper why nothing helps cause It’s just going to get more chaotic.

  7. Ugh! Mars will be conjunct my natal Pluto in 8th house while it’s opposing Neptune in the 2nd. Will this impact my finances? I’ve already spent so much for medical expenses out of pocket his year. I blame it on transiting Saturn & Neptune in the 2nd house.

    But could Mars conjunct Pluto in my 8th house signify transformation as in physical healing? It would be trining transiting Pluto in the 1st house as well.

  8. 27° Gemini Sun (9th house) and 24° Sag Uranus (3rd)….Mars is in my 12th and Neptune has been in my 6th Squaring my Sun…. Oh boy. (send help lol)

  9. I have been visiting doctors and was given antidepressant (Neptune rules my 6th house). It has only been four days but I am feeling side effects and not sure should I continue using them. I was told it will get better in couple of weeks – so around the time the opposition happens. I don’t know what to do (this is my moto last month or so).

  10. My mars is at 29 in Pisces (like Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada).
    For me, nothing get resolve. I have a conflict between neighbours that drags on. A boyfriend living far away, a son (22 years old) who live at home like in a hotel and a mortgage who drives me crazy. Until 2025? 😳

  11. Neptune exactly on my ascendant.I have been “languishing”— that’s a moody word I came across lately and it describes my summer. It doesn’t feel all that bad,actually. Natally, I have Mars conjunct my Sun with Uranus nearby and my whole life has been extremely active, hard working, changeable, with a busy domestic life too (cancerian in abundance..) with a large does of metaphysical work and intuitive leanings thrown in.. dynamic! But this summer,I am recouping from a 2 year stint of illness in my family (which has been getting much better …) My physical and mental energies took a huge hit and I have been rebuilding my stamina, With neptune there, it isn’t going great.. as far as stamina and physical strength—I am left with a few issues to work on like digestive problems.. and some of the aches and pains are driving me nuts.But working on it,gently. I also feel a huge urge to re enter the literary world.I published some health and science work long time ago and have always written poetry. Lately I am delving more into my artistic side, making more art,(watercolor) and writing Haiku. I am refocusing the way i spend my TIME AND ENERGy.I just found a supportive writing group that meets at an ideal time for me ,close to home, and I am spending a lot more time AT HOME lately. I cut off some “friendships “ and group activities that had become toxic and I don’t miss them. But I don’t especially like the downshifting of physical energy that’s coming with my age plus this transit. I have also deepened my Faith during this time.. it is all that has saved me while our son went through hell with his health (still ongoing but better than before..thankfully..) .. my own personal potpourri of rosaries,talismans,astrology,tarot,meditation,astrology and magic, have all kept me from going full out bonkers.I think the way i’ll deal with this transit is to allow for serendipity, get even more comfortable with uncertainties, focus on art music creativity and spirituality. I’ll keep the faith and hope for the best.I’ll keep showing up for my husband and son and also feathering my own nest with things that make my heart sing (travel,ocean, art,music,cooking…) My Moon in Capricorn keeps me grounded.I bake,cook, exercise, read,have dates with mu husband, and generally do all the things to keep body and soul together. Altogether, a very interesting time of my life!!!

  12. Ive noticed theres always negative aspects when school starts, lol. But Ive noticed many parents looking into home schooling now. Their kids are burnt out and scared with all the threats of violence in physical public schools. Homeschool conversation forums has many new inquiries about online schooling

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    “If Neptune is aspecting a planet of point in your chart, you can consider that area of your life to be morphing. The lingering can be frustrating for people who value efficiency.” UMMMMM am I in trouble or is it normal to have SO MANY? I am already battling incredibly contradictory crap and trying to keep myself from losing my shit but is this going to get worse or am I in for something actually good and long-term (with this change) or just the kind of good that is really a cruel shot of hope that will be ripped away leaving me worse than before? I’m tired. I’m ready to go but for right now I need to know what to prep for because I am DARK. Numb DARK. LOL If all this Neptune is going to push me over lift me I sure would appreciate a clear warning. My autistic ADD brain can’t decipher all the play on words and themes and crap. Give me a few solid clear sentences? I can’t be the only brain/mind here that needs that. XO TY
    My Moon is Gemini. Aries Sun. Scorpio Rising.
    Aspects in birth chart in Neptune although what “A PLANET OF POINT” means is beyond me as well:
    Venus Opposite Neptune Orb 5°58′
    Jupiter Trine Neptune Orb 1°32′
    Mercury Trine Neptune Orb 5°37′
    Uranus Sextile Neptune Orb 2°39′
    Sun Inconjunction Neptune Orb 0°12′
    Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb 5°16′
    Neptune Square MC Orb 7°46′
    Neptune Conjunction AS Orb 0°31

    Neptune House 1
    Neptune 23°46′ Я Scorpio

    1. I meant, if *transiting Neptune is aspecting a natal point or planet…”

      So that would be a planet or a point like your ascendant, near 27 degrees of a Mutable sign.

      I am sorry I was not clear.

  14. Natal Saturn in Pisces at 27* 10H on the cusp.
    Natal Gemini rising at 22* Gemini, Gemini Mercury at 25* squaring Saturn . Natal pluto/Uranus conjunct at 15* Virgo 4H . Hitting my Angular houses , 7 th H Sag Galactic Center .
    Progressed sun and asc in Leo 3rd house at 9*
    Lord help !! Maybe that will help me

  15. Neptune!
    Ol Poseidon has my life – love/values life in particular – floating between illusion n delusion for at least a few years now.
    Natal Neptune @28 degrees Libra in 1st house has been squared by Pluto and it’s retrogrades back n forth over da late degrees of Cap for seemingly ever.
    Similarly Neptune itself has sat at or around 26-27 degrees Pisces as long.
    That squares my Venus in Gemini 26 degrees in 9th house.
    What I ‘have’ vs what’s desired?
    To be honest I can’t tell.
    There’s been none of that n every single time I think it is it’s not and the rejection is in such a way it’s ENSURED to not be legit.
    Hell I can’t even tell if there’s physical (1st h) attraction because big bad Pluto (darkness/intensity) effectively mutes (moots?) any and all who approach curiously.
    And I can’t tell if my presentation means what I want it to.
    With Neptune in 1 I kinda live with this but not so intensely.
    Maybe that because Uranus in 10 squares said Neptune (and opposed by said transiting Pluto)
    So natural courtship/love/relationship type things has been wacky n totally unreliable since at least 2021.
    Rather than ask how long since this will the ‘norm’ for awhile are there any suggestions which might help me through this?
    Loneliness is one thing but Neptune exacerbates things by clouding reality to me and from me.
    In that way it’s depressing.
    Thank God I’m active b workout regularly but….

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    the laughing goat

    Transit Neptune @27 degrees Opposes my Natal Uranus @29 degrees… maybe I’ll go to the zoo and find an electric eel and have a chat. 😉

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