Aquarius Woman Wants To Win Back Her Pisces Man

aquarius water bearer statueDear Elsa,

I know it takes a lot of courage for a Pisces man to break up with someone. Even though he told me that he still cares a lot about me, I know it’s just to make it seem less difficult – or maybe he’s trying to make himself feel better.

Either way, he just told me he has all these fantasies about love and how it would be filled with “butterflies.” I understand that Pisces are about the imaginative things but butterflies?

I believe that we can get anything/anyone we want in life with the right approach. How do I get him to come back?

Faithful Aquarius

Dear Aquarius,

You can get anything or anyone you want in life? I am afraid I disagree with you. There are legions of people out there who have lost a friend or a lover, wished for and wanted them back… and failed to have this manifest. The other person has something to say about it.. The other person has free will and as an Aquarian, you should inherently understand this. That people are going to do what they want, that is.

This guy apparently wants to fantasize about butterflies. He might like to see them flying around his beloved’s head… or perhaps they are in his stomach, I don’t know. But he does not want to be in a relationship with you, at least not the one you imagine.

Now here’s a tip: you have Venus and Mars in Aries. You also have planets in Capricorn, Saturn in the first and you wish to control things, especially others. So now you want to get this guy to do something, and I would not be the least bit surprised if this were at the root of why you lost him in the first place.

People don’t like to be controlled and manipulated (Pluto in Scorpio in aspect to Venus and Mars) so when they meet someone controlling and manipulative, they tend to make like a butterfly and fly away.

Good luck.

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  1. As a Pisces woman dating an Aquarian man, I can assure you that we Pisces can really, truly care for someone and still walk away. Whether it’s because our partner is controlling, or does the whole ‘I understand you’re a dreamer, but can’t you keep your feet in reality, dammit!’, or just isn’t the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, we will leave just as brokenhearted as you are when we’re gone.

    That, or we stay doormats.

    But Elsa’s right. You can’t just will him to come back, so learn from this relationship and move forward.

    Good luck!

  2. You can get most of what you want in life if you are willing to do anything to get it…but you will also pay a huge, huge price for it. You may regret getting what you asked for after you see how much you had to give up to get it.

    As for you being controlling? you probably are. but it probably only manifests when you are with someone who won’t take control or responsibility…hence you get to do it. I wonder if you would be ‘controlling’ if he accepted more control and were more responsible himself? it goes both ways i think…people who lack control tend to meet up with those who have too much of it, and then they say you are controlling! in any relationship there is a balance of control, and when one person won’t assume any the other person compensates by assuming too much. He obviously was attracted to you at one point, and i bet your taking control had something to do with it. Now it’s turned around and he finds the same trait revolting. Perhaps you found his dreaminess and ‘butterflies’ attractive at first…and now you see that it can be lacking direction, groundedness and responsibility. Find the middle.

  3. Damn, Elsa. I was with you, till the end. Pluto in Scorpio in aspect to Venus and Mars automatically equals manipulative- as it’s meant in the context of your response?

    I’m w/o this placement and perhaps the querrent has not been harmed, yet on the other hand, hot damn, that rubbed me a bit raw.

    Using his imagry against her, though effective, rings a bit cruel. Maybe that’s my Libra moon responding to her defense. After all, it was only a bewildering comment he made.

    Perhaps you interpreted her commentary in another way that I can’t see?

  4. No we can’t get anything and especially anyone we want. That’s the reality pill. Believe me I’ve been on both sides. When it comes to things we have little control and when it comes to human beings, none.

  5. I am an Aries sun, Cancer rising, Cap Moon, with Venus in Pisces. My Venus in Pisces leads the way when it comes to my relationships.(for better or for worse. 🙂 In my experience, once a Pisces has feels as though the relationship is not emotionally safe, their heart closes up shop. They will still love you and want good things for you, but they will not wish to stay with you. I think that the Aqua Diva may want to move on to another pond. Life is too short for looking backwards.

  6. I am Pisces man , I was in a relationship with an Aquarius , it was about a 2 year of relationship , we had the breakup 12 days before but I can’t stop loving her the breakup hurts a lot I’ve been thinking of her the whole day , she has approached to breakup I am not ready to get seperate from her cause I want to marry her she left me cause she was feeling that kept her in a cage and not giving freedom , so can you please advise how could I get her back.

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