Saturn Transit Through The 7th House – What Did You Learn?

On the “What Did You Learn From Saturn In Leo” blog, Jennifer wrote:

“Hm, when I had Saturn in my seventh, it wasn’t nearly that happy…oh well, figures for me….”

I just wanted to clarify this. I didn’t say I was or had been happy with Saturn in my 7th house. I experienced a lot pressure in relationships and was forced to grow… etc. But I am inordinately happy with what I learned courtesy the transit and also aware the lasting value. And this was my point in saying I will never worry (Saturn) about relationships (7th house) again.

That is such a monumental piece and you know Saturn only transits a house every 28 years. So I am very glad to have had this transit now because in my case, I’ll probably be dead in another 28 years which means no worries about love for the rest of my life. And that’s a pretty good gain! 😀

So I was hoping by writing this, others would think or become aware of what they gained via this transit because we all suffered.

So what’d you get?

15 thoughts on “Saturn Transit Through The 7th House – What Did You Learn?”

  1. Saturn is transiting my 12th house and everything was leaving my life. everything including electronic equipment, plants and clothes. Things just POOF fell apart!All my psychological dirt was bubbling on the surface to be dealt with and I had to make sense and label all my fears and feelings so I can make sense of them. What I learned is that life changes, people leave and that I have to be honest about how I feel, feel my feelings (haven’t done that in ages) and say them out loud. It has been a transit of ’emotional closures’ of the old Elena, of old Elenas preconceptions of people, of life, of everything!

  2. Both my partner and I have 7th House Saturns. This transit was through my 7th only. He was pretty patient with me. I thought about splitting multiple times, and I can honestly say it is because I was cranking through the ‘flight or fight’ instinct I have when times are tough. He has a Scorpio Moon, so he’s not letting anyone sneak off without explaining themselves…
    not only that but he never took my bouts of insecurity personally, gratitude for which I could never express enough of.

  3. Speaking of clothes and decoration stuff (Taurus is in my 12th house/Saturn transit) my clothes really literally would tear at the seams for no good reason! I am down to one functional skirt and three t-shirts. it really is crazy!

  4. Saturn in 7th brought a lot of long distance obstacles! But prog moon’s in 9th so I was feeling up for travel anyways!

    On a more serious note, I wrote a blog post about Saturn in 7th awhile back. Since it’s rather long, it can be summarized as boundaries and negotiation becoming my watchwords where Saturn is concerned.

  5. Saturn has been transiting my 9th house, is currently squaring my ascendant and about to roll over my jupiter, was squaring my 6th house Mars for the past year. I know really significant things are afoot, but I can’t seem to put my finger on the life lesson yet… Maybe something about my self-esteem and my willingness to work on myself?

  6. ooops totaly talked about a transit that has nuthin to do with the subject!!!
    my bad. I’m very spacey lately.

  7. Transiting Venus in Leo is conjunct my entire 12th House stellium (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus) and nearly exactly conjunct my natal Venus. This means, too, that transiting Saturn is conjunct all these planets. But the difficult thing is that transiting Venus and Saturn are in opposition to my natal Chiron and square to my natal Saturn in Scorpio. So… between all the retrograding going on (especially the Mercury Retrograde), I’m going over a lot of old ground and learning to be realistic in my view of my world.

    Boy, is it a hard lesson. No more rose-colored glasses for me!

    Kat Starwolf

  8. I had a similar experience when Saturn transited my 7th house. It was the hardest time of my life but I came out of it so happy with what I had experienced and knowing that I would never go down like that again. Even if I had to face the exact same challenges, it wouldn’t be as hard.

  9. Natal Saturn is in my 7th so when it comes back (the biiiig return) it will absolutely be a vital thing for me. I dread it. 🙁 But that’s to be expected.

  10. Well, I really don’t think I gained anything or learned anything from the experience. I was happy, then I was brutally smacked upside the head at the time. The sad thing is that clearly I’m just as stupid as I was back then, and I am still absolutely hating myself for falling for that. I don’t think I’m learning squat during Saturn transits. Bleah. Hence the “no happy endings” thoughts on my part.

  11. kashmiri-what??? the fact that I’m a rageddy Ann or the fact that my mind is under my armpits or sth….?? 🙂

    btw. I’m really enjoying both reading and conrtibuting to this little blog commune. you guys are very cute!

  12. With leo on my 7th house cusp at 27 degrees and pluto sitting there as well ( and then mars, venus and the sun in early virgo) i am trying to look back at the previous saturn transit and extrapolate.

    28 years ago i entered officer candidate school. I think perseverence would be the key word. I was poor and determined. but an aquarius rising that did not quite fit in and really quite surprised by those that did.

    now there is no aparent life changing shifting going on and I am without relationship. But I am expanding my house and will have workers all around me for two months. And I relocated to argentina on an uranus sextile moon urge and my spanish is not that great although I can communicate much better than 6 months ago.

    restriction, focus, boundaries, pressure and wanting to start a relationship.

    chau heather

  13. I had a wonderful livin relationship with a man who truly was the love of my life. I started back at college after leaving a marriage where my husband was against it. I gained the strength to walk outand leave. I stopped doing everything my parents told me to do and was able to make my own rules. I have a natal saturn/aries in my 9th house. It is the handle of a fan of my stelium. Where ever Saturn goes it is my powerhouse. I also became friends with several engineering students and I found it to be a time of wonderment and science and very structured friendships. I had very strong trustworthy friends. We were all there for each other. It was the happiest time of my life.
    I also found my littleman during that time. (my cat)

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