“Satisfy Your Moon”: What Makes You Feel Better?

moonTransiting Saturn has been irritating my Moon, my emotional body, for months now. I have frequent bouts of angstyness and it sets off my troublesome natal Moon-Venus square. No sir, I don’t like it. I’ve had to come up with some remedies, mostly gathered by examining the condition of my natal Moon and its needs. With my Moon in Capricorn and in the fifth house, what I need is work, creative work, integrity, fun in creative work with integrity, something I can be proud of.

I believe you can feel better in a way that promotes lasting growth by feeding your Moon what it craves. Look first to the house and sign of your Moon to figure out what sustenance it requires. The aspects it makes are also a valuable tool.

Where is your Moon? What “feeds” you?

24 thoughts on ““Satisfy Your Moon”: What Makes You Feel Better?”

  1. my leo moon is in the 11H in loose conjunction to saturn and trining neptune

    i need the ‘sunny attention of the ideal group of my dreams’, but with saturn/neptune it’s mostly delusional restriction

  2. Leo Moon here too, conjunct my Ascendant and Uranus from the 12th. It usually helps to lavish some little luxury on myself – a facial, some pretty new piece of clothing. My Virgo Sun square Saturn can get stingy and self-critical, so my Leo Moon needs to be indulged once in awhile.

  3. Taurus in the 8th opposite Venus cj Saturn (the cold water aspect) but trine Mars. It’s a toughie to do solo but some plain old Taurus moon stuff like a beautiful home-cooked meal, a bubble bath, something beautiful to look at or wear is a start.

  4. I’m going to get in the bath in a little while, and take a small stack of books with me to choose from. Learning something new helps – or mastering something else.

    I used to play video games until I felt better, as well. Either Brave Dwarves, or something LIke American McGee’s Alice. (Or Undying.) Ideally the Dwarves would get me through in a couple of days.. and then there was Zuma.

    Although it’s pointless to people-please, feeling understood – really heard, when something is important to me, and someone is important to me – also feeds it. (Moon conjunct Venus.) Snuggling up with something funny, or tht draws me in (like Pan’s Labyrinth). Painting/drawing used to be a big one – Mars in pisces square that Moon/Venus/Nodes. fresh air on beautiful days, spending time outside. Moon/Venus is also widely sextile Jupiter and trine Pluto, inconjunct Uranus/ascendant.

  5. I have Cap moon too but in 1st house and its hard for me to tune in to FEEL & UnDerStanD what it is I really need… it opposes my 7th house Venus in Cancer so its easy for me to be methodical and disciplined on how to help others but now I’m been trying to turn my attention to my goals and ambitions to try and keep Cap moon satisfied 😉

  6. Pigs in Space, PacMan or Donkey Kong used to work on the Atari, when I couldn’t sleep. Or a radio show that explores different topics – talk radio. I don’t know how I missed Coast to coast, before 1994 I found DreamLand one night, and fund Coast to Coast a year later – I didn’t like that Art Bell sounded as though he was laughing at a woman who had called in, but remembered the following year when I was laying in bed with my headphones on. I found him, and was hooked

  7. Saturn got a chokehold on my Sun not long ago, and then my Moon. I finally figured out that what feeds me, ultimately and on a daily basis, was and is humor. I need to generate it, and I need to read and hear it. I went through some heavy stuff over the past year, and believe it or not, having people I barely know on Facebook and people I do know in everyday life just crack jokes about whatever just uplifted me beyond all of it. The Elsa community helped too – you guys have some serious wit.

  8. I love spending time with the kids in my life. I just hung out with my best friend and her teeny little Gemini. Such a wriggly, cuddly, delicious baby. We have a lot of fun. It soothes my anxiety of will I/won’t I (have kids of my own). I’m close to my godson, too (he’s 12). Yup, kids make me feel better. Cap Moon in 1st trine 5th House Sun/Mercury/Chiron.

  9. My 12th house Pisces Moon aspects 6 planets so LOTS of things feed me. Anything mystical, fantastical, daydreaming, or make-believe. Communication/analyzation (sq. Gemini Sun/Jupiter), order/organization (incj. Saturn), sexual intensity & desire (incj. Pluto), freedom to be myself/original (tr. Uranus), & spiritually merging with others (sq. Neptune).

  10. My Gemini moon in the 9th house loves my Gemini Sun friends. We connect very well and conversations are always interesting. I love learning about other cultures and I’m so lucky to have made good friends with people from many different countries.

    Makes my moon very happy.

  11. Scorpio moon wants to feel it to know it. There is a square from Merc in Aquarius pitting knowledge against intuition…instant gut knowingness in the middle of the orb spin versus worded, mental metal. Moon conjunct mars so passion powers my moon, but not passion with/for another, more passion for me and my life. Semi-squares to both Sag Juno and Virgo Pluto….love affairs no longer feed me at all and the purifying Virgo Pluto when obeyed supplies the plutonium for my inner reactor, my intrinsics.

  12. 9th house Capricorn Moon. I work a total of 45 hours a week in 2 jobs and get bored if I’m not at work. The only reasons I take time off work is for serious illness or to travel. I also need the freedom of expression my jobs give me. I am head of a team at one of my jobs and have free reign (within a framework). I am one of a team at the other job but am pretty much left alone to get on with the job at hand, which I enjoy. I hate having restrictions placed on me at work but I am good at making other people follow the rules lol

  13. @diastella: “pitting knowledge against intuition” WOW! That phrase just made 1000 lights and bells go off in my head in resonation with a challenge I’m having in understanding/resolving a major theme in my chart!!!! Totally off-subject, but thank you:-)

  14. Satori, being another a 5th house Capricorn Moon very much the things you listed. Also, what h. said, I enjoy being around children.

    And isn’t the Saturn square Moon a bummer ? Right now, it means the creative outlet I thought I’d get from my day job just isn’t there. Cappy Moon can push through with the sense of duty, but well, I just am deeply unsatisfied with what I’m doing. Not a nice feeling !

  15. Leo moon in the 6th… I like attention, lots of it. Preferably physical by way of hugs. Used to throw myself into work… but now I much prefer to be comforted by touch 🙂

  16. scorpio 3rd H. l like investigating/creating and sharing that but not with siblings and neighbours 🙂 with the world at large…moon is happy when loves deeply and uhmm likes loving deeply!

  17. My moon needs a mental escape..be it through a book, a good movie or meditation. Pisces moon in the first. It likes to be free to wander and make a connection or discovery and rest to ponder and dream.

  18. Love- but I don’t get any. Is it just me with an emotionally starved moon in cap (1st) and venus square saturn? On another note, a positive environment, taking care of myself, making someone laugh,feeling respected and deserving of that respect, finishing a task/goal with great results.

  19. Funny how a year makes so much difference. What was last in the list / finishing a task / now it’s top priority. The moon in my Solar return chart is in virgo this year. I have developed this habit that I write what I have to do for the day on my phone and at night I’d delete what was accomplished and fill it in with for the next day. The thing is I don’t keep all the ‘done’ stuff typed with a strikethrough to look at it later and feel better. I delete it, so every day it’s a new day but it also look like I haven’t done a single thing. Maybe a dumb choice. I think I do this because I enjoy being harsh on myself. Capricorn moon and Saturn square ic natal, saturn square ic transit.

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