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That’s my son in the picture. It was taken ten years ago. He’s a Taurus with his Sun conjunct Saturn. He has a Scorpio Mars. He was trying to keep his room off limits. The original post is here – Security Is A Specialty.

Prior to this, he managed to remove the bathroom doorknob (which had a lock) and trade it with the his bedroom doorknob, unbeknownst to me.  Operation completed, he attempted to manipulate me into accepting the situation. He was seven years old!

Criminal Minds Run In Families…

He’s a gamer of course and in high school he became involved in Cyber Patriot competitions.

Today, he’s eighteen years old. He’s a sophomore in college, earning straight A’s in computer engineering. I’ve been talking to him about hacker battle I’m involved in after discovering something new about myself. I have never liked video games but this cyber-war stuff really gets my blood pumping.

I think it’s because of what’s at stake.  This blog is my livelihood. I have invested heavily in it for fifteen years.  I’ve explained this to adults I know…

“Just imagine being in a battle on a computer…it’s your 401K at stake!”

People freak at that, but that’s what I’ve been dealing with here, recently.  And my son?

He values COLLEGE. He really loves it.

“Just imagine you’re in one of your video games but if you lose, you lose COLLEGE!  That’s right. The person you’re battling is trying to destroy everything you have worked for all your life. They win, no college for you. Is your blood pumping, yet?”

His heart was pounding, I’m sure.

We have these things in common…a powerful Mars Mercury signature as well as a strong Saturn signature.

What gets your blood pumping? Where’s your Mars?

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  1. Oh, I’m very glad your son is doing so well in College, education is so important! Concerning computer popularity, here at St. John’s University in NYC we just introduced a new class called
    “Computer Crime”. The students come filing into my classroom as I ‘m exiting and I always talk to them – see what’s going on with these millennials in other disciplines. I was curious which Dept. proposed and funded this budget. Turns out it’s the Law School – not IT. Interesting. Once the attorneys get involved lots of the problems will be vanquished. And yes – corruption will indeed follow. But I am an optimist and these young lawyers already have their blood pumping.
    Let’s give them a chance and trust them!
    We will never forget??
    Aries Rising

  2. I don’t think Experian will survive…

    I have been trying to explain to people how these machines are pitted against each other. It’s terrifying to me, on a number of levels.

  3. I have Gemini on my Midheaven and my Mars in in Capricorn. But my Mercury “disappears” in house 12, in Virgo. But Scorpio on house 3. And Aries on 8. Saturn in Scorpio on 2.

  4. Avatar

    I’d be really mad too if my livelihood was attacked. But this seems like the big leagues of battles. As for my career, I’ve been hanging low for a while, making sure I am small enough so I don’t get attacked. And practicing being okay if I am attacked. And practicing asking for help, if I see I am going to be attacked.

    It’s par for the course, I realize, to be criticized, but all I have to do is reflect on the right course, and then take that action. And if after all that action, it still isn’t enough, then here, take it. I learned a lot in the process. And I did the best I could. I appreciate the opportunity.

    For me, what gets my blood pumping is the people I love and focusing on what is right action and wrong action, calibrating myself so I am aligned with what is right. Treating people from a place of love. If they aren’t ready to do that, then get out, or else I will leave for self-preservation. Mars & Moon Capricorn 9th.

    I feel like no tactician. I am not here to fight. I’m like a fluffy bunny when it comes to these things, for anything benefiting just myself, but if I see something that would benefit someone else, then I do usually find the strength to stand up for them. Although I am usually outwitted, but I do find people who can help

  5. Hackers are rampant and I don’t understand how. Or why someone would hack YOUR blog!! And there is the massive equifax hack that angers me beyond words.Is anything safe?

  6. Aww! I’m so glad to hear your son is doing so well. I’ve got Mars in Gemini, just about everything gets my blood pumping! 😉

  7. I’m really pleased your son is doing well at college, Elsa. Looks like a great career lies ahead.
    As for what gets my blood pumping, people who try to patronize me or look down their stinking noses at me, and attempt to suppress my work. Mars in Capricorn, 7th house. Conversely, whatever inspires me; Mars conjunct Venus, quintile Neptune.

  8. It sounds like your son will be a perfect fit for the computer field. One thing you have to be able to do is be resourceful and think outside the box. He proved that he can do just that when he switched the doorknobs. Very clever solution!

    Once you go through a hack like you did you realize how vulnerable your systems really are to devious criminals. Even the best defenses are no guarantee, but they lessen the risk. The most important thing to do is learn their tactics and trust nothing. I can’t stress enough that these people are at it 24/7. Find a good tech blog that focuses on website security to keep your knowledge up to date about current threats. Ask your tech guy what he reads.

    The smarter you become, the better for you because cyber crime has become so rampant.

    I’m obsessive about cyber security. My astrology is Mercury in Scorpio trine Uranus in Cancer in the 10th house. Mercury is square Pluto and Quincunx Jupiter. My Mars is in Libra conjunct Neptune. It doesn’t seem to fit, but I fought the hackers and spammers for 25 years to help people that were victimized by them when I worked as a network admin. That was my job and if I didn’t get them, they got me (Pluto).

    Its an awful feeling to be hacked. I had it happen a couple of times when I ran networks and even though my Mars was in Libra, it was in the 1st house, its natural house. It took over and I put everything I had into fighting it. I always won because I was fighting for justice for others (n. Mars conjunct n. Neptune).

  9. Mars in Cancer in my 1st house (7 degrees off my ASC), 3 degrees off merc and 1 degree sextile Pluto. Just don’t say a word about my family and we might get along.

  10. I bought a lock for my room when I was 10. It was a family scandal! I just didn’t like others going through my stuff or surprising me in my sleep! Nothing to hide which is what they thought. I have My Pisces Asc rulers Jup and Nep in the Scorpio 8th and Sun in the 4th. Also Pluto on the Desc.

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