The Challenge For Bloggers: Competing With AI

ai headWe’re all up against AI now. I think we’re going to lose. In fact, I’m 99% sure of this.  Look at this situation.

I was going to write about breaking bad patterns in relationships. I’ve come to believe it’s nearly impossible.

I was going to write about this; making my case, then including the scenario where I think change might be achieved.  I would look at astrology as well.

Note this is my original idea, fresh and in the moment. It is something I have personally thinking over the last week or so. I thought to share my ideas.

Before I took this on, I asked AI: “Is it possible to break bad patterns in relating to others?”
Ten seconds later, it spit out the following:

Yes, it is possible to break bad patterns in relating to others. It takes time, effort, and self-awareness, but it is definitely possible. Here are some tips:

  • Identify your bad patterns. The first step is to identify the patterns that you want to change. What are your typical ways of relating to others? What are the things that you do that often lead to negative outcomes? Once you have a good understanding of your patterns, you can start to work on changing them.
  • Understand why you have these patterns. It’s important to understand why you have these patterns in the first place. What are your underlying beliefs and assumptions about yourself and others? What are your fears and insecurities? Once you understand the root causes of your patterns, you can start to address them.
  • Change your behavior. Once you understand your patterns and why you have them, you can start to change your behavior. This doesn’t mean that you have to change everything about yourself overnight. Start by making small changes, and gradually build up to larger ones.
  • Get help from a therapist or counselor. If you’re struggling to break your bad patterns on your own, it can be helpful to get help from a therapist or counselor. They can provide you with support and guidance as you work to change your behavior.

Breaking bad patterns in relating to others is not easy, but it is possible. With time, effort, and self-awareness, you can create new, healthier patterns that will lead to more positive outcomes in your relationships.

Solidly generic and written a form that is favored. More importantly, this answer seems complete.

Most would perceive no need to look further for a differing opinion. Even if you wanted to look further, all you’ll be able to find is facsimiles of this. Same thing, with slight changes.  It’s like searching the internet for a unique, free, interesting photo.  These images have been purged.

I don’t see much of a way forward here. Laboring to composing and publish my nonconforming thoughts, to be read by a handful of people makes no sense.  A post of this type would never get indexed.  I’m telling you that originality is not welcome… and I am not surprised…

From 2017:

Pluto In Aquarius – Down With People!

The walls are closing on all of us.

14 thoughts on “The Challenge For Bloggers: Competing With AI”

  1. All that will happen, is the Earth will flip , like the body expires when it is no longer able to hold the energy of the soul. If humanity becomes so downtrodden as Unnatural, Anti-christ IS RULING – the Earth, will not support it. It will be a total decimation of everything again. Some people will try to warn the future of the Evil Ignorance that is so fearful it needs to eat children, and get ALL people to OBEY their mental ideas in life. Souls will not be attracted to incarnate on a planet where there is not more Good than not. Life is. It doesn’t ever stop and we don’t ever die. There is a State of Total Nothingness – but it is of Energy – not physical. The people are still Greater than the FEW shoving all their Unnatural WetDreams down alls’ throat. Hang in the Elsa – truth is the only thing that rings. There is a reason why we have our Lemuria and Atlantis – they are in our cellular memory. They were real places once in another time where the people evolved to hurt themselves and atmosphere beyond their thinking too. It is the hardest part of evolution is waiting for the physical mind to catch up to the reality of the Creator.
    Elsa, it feels you are where I was when Covid began – I knew it was a push for UNNATURAL to Be more in Control of this planet. I was told of this time when I was in mid 20’s. I was actually happy in the beginning, thinking after this We all get to Move into Some Great Heaven On Earth – Human’s who Understand and embrace fully their God within – that is the Same as the Creator of All things. pretty heady stuff – all people are to come to, within a matter of years now, is what I’ve been told. Thea Alexander in the early 70’s wrote a book about two Separate realities the Micro World and the Macro World. We are here now. I don’t care if Aliens are real or not, for if they were not advance, more evolved to be flying all over the universe they would have destroyed themselves by now if they were not LOVING POSITIVE beings. So what’s to worry? The people of Earth will destroy themselves now, or they will evolve. I am banking on evolution, it never stops anyway. You keep on keeping on – That is the energy of the Creator shining through – Each and Everyone – we don’t need a stage – we just need to be doing our part – each person – deepening to go beyond the ignorance so we don’t get caught up in it. I don’t see a way forward either, but I know it’s coming. And I am doing everything I can to do what I can to help. Praying, meditation is a big part of it. You continue to shine your STARK Light into peoples’ darknesses – that is a tremendous service, imo. For you bring hope with your understandings to others – and that is what everyone needs.

  2. I agree. Large language models are being trained with mainstream social media so what is most palatable there will be what you get out of them.

    1. I played with it today. It’s damned good in many ways, but slips programing in. For example, it lists hot button issues as interests for 10 year olds. They’ll read it, internalize it and act it out.

      It’s like standing in front of the wizard of oz, being told who you are / what you’re about. It’s a very bad parent!

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    Uranus in Scorpio 5th House Conjunct North Node

    I totally agree with your sentiment here: *”Laboring to composing and publish my nonconforming thoughts, to be read by a handful of people makes no sense. A post of this type would never get indexed. I’m telling you that originality is not welcome… and I am not surprised”*

    Jeffrey Wolfe Green was an astrologer who included the concept of reincarnation in his beliefs about human evolution. I only mention him because he states that *&70* of the population is in the consensus state and are learning about mundane concepts such as interacting and relating with other people in a balanced way. AI will likely cater to *that* group. The individuated incarnation is the hardest one because it’s about learning how to separate from the group and becoming comfortable within the self (i.e. to risk being original and risk being misunderstood or outcast by the group). This category is *%20* so it’s the second largest category (I read your post about the Uranus in Scorpio generation and I think we will hear more from those in this outcast individuated category). With the spiritual state only being %6 I’m going to guess they spend their entire lives preparing their physical vessel for an “exit” from this realm (one that doesn’t “need” to reincarnate for lessons). I’m only guessing (because I know I’m not in this category) but I think most people who speak about ascension aren’t anywhere near what those in the throes of it might be going through. That small section of people would likely be very careful about what they share so as not to introduce misinterpretations of the information.

    Exert from:

    The four evolutionary conditions:

    (1) the ‘Dimly Evolved’ state. Roughly three to four percent of all Souls are in what I have previously called the ‘dimly evolved’ state. This means one of two things. Either Souls that are evolving into human consciousness from other forms of life such as animals and plants. Or Souls that are ‘de-evolving’ backwards into this condition due to ‘karmic’ causes.

    (2) the ‘Consensus’ state. Souls that have evolved into what can be called the ‘consensus’ state of evolution, which comprises roughly seventy percent of all Souls on the planet at this time.

    (3) the ‘Individuated’ state of evolution, where individuated is used in the Jungian sense of the word. This comprises roughly twenty percent of all Souls and

    (4) the ‘Spiritual’ state of evolution that comprises roughly four to six percent of all Soul’s on the planet.

    It is extremely important to understand no astrologer can determine which evolutionary condition exists for any Soul by simply looking at the birth chart alone. The astrologer must observe and interact with the client in order for this determination to be made.

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    Aquarius Lurker

    AI is a tool to help people out-maneuver disaster. By right, it shouldn’t be out-maneuvering this blog. It should be augmenting what this blog does! After all, you are all about helping your clients out-maneuver disaster in their lives. But it seems that AI is making you feel out-maneuvered, which is a backward result!

    1. It’s not the AI, it’s the overall control of the internet.
      It’s like being a mom and pop, brick and mortar business, on the same street as everyone else but via some wizardry, your business is invisible as people drive by.

      1. Avatar
        Aquarius Lurker

        Yes. I wonder if there is any outside the box thinking on the future of search? That’s the real problem, isn’t it?

        1. I think people will accept whatever the Wizard tells them. There won’t have a choice.

          It’s impossible for a competitor to come up in the world. Everything is being consolidated… a consolidation of power. Been writing about it for years.

          1. Yes. Pluto enters Aries in 2066 – 43 years from now. If I had to pick a time when we will emerge from this hellscape this would be my guess… Interested to know what you (and readers) think?

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    Elsa, one time a very special ✨Light Being✨ descended upon me because it was the 10th time I had asked if it was right to do something my rational mind thought to be crazy that would hurt me a lot — I was trained in asking these questions to my 🕊✨Soul✨🕊 and all the answers every single time were a undoubtable YES. So this ✨Light Being✨ descended upon me and I thought, or better said he thought/told me “we do what we have to do!” I never forgot this.

    Do your thing, Elsa!

    Ignore all those pesky doom and gloom thoughts, cancel them. ST⛔️P being so rational, the rational mind is really petty, usually up the ass (👹Saturnine🪐) 😅

    Do what you do best, ✨Light✨ up your ✨☀️IKIGAI🍓✨ and don’t give a rat’s ass what others do or think, be them alive, 💀dead⚰️ or… none of the above.

    So yeah the machine vomited a fine generic psychologisty text full of generalities and common sense banalities everyone knows already. Nothing new there.

    Some may start to use it as filler text then add their genius insight, their inspiration, their art, their ✨True👊🏼 ✨💪🏼Power⚔️✨ on top of it.

    Besides, in my humble opinion, it’s all 💩BS💩, real awful 💩BS💩. As if ANYONE EVER changed their patterns by way of will power. That’s 💩BS💩 people tell themselves and each other, the 💩BS💩 the system controllers have been pushing on people since the evolution theories and illuminism movement they created started, to disengage Humanity from Spirit, to 🤖 everyone. It’s been several centuries that everyone now believe it as true foundational thinking. Like this 💩BS💩 fake movement that started out of the blue under the guise of “The Secret” to describe something banal like the law of attraction but distorted and full of programming to exactly undo all those who believed it. The mind 💩BS💩.

    My deceased father was a great believer in will power, even though he was a 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦 — or because he was one given that men of 💦water💦 signs, which are Yin, are always keen and bent on proving how manly they are, obsessed by it, for example 🦀Cancer♋️ men grow a beard because (body hair is ☠️Capricorn🐐) it makes them look older and wise, which 👶🏼 they are not — so even though he was a 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦 he nonetheless was a military all his life and, having been a smoker for over 20 years, he (said he) decided he would kill that nasty habit and indeed stopped smoking overnight. Now, when I started studying Progressions, it dawned on me that that’s what had happened, he likely had ended a 30 year cycle of Progressed Ascendant or something, changed signs, and made it look like it was his heroic will power. 💩BS💩. By the way, he only changed his Addiction to candy, still the same oral fixation pattern (👶🏼baby trauma).

    It’s like the beating 🦀Cancer💀 💩BS💩. Or *fighting* 🦀Cancer💀. Of course they’ll use that wording to keep people at ☠️💥War⚰️, the internal ☠️💥War⚰️ that’s killing them. No one will ever beat 🦀Cancer💀 by fighting it. 🦀Cancer💀 is repressed 👺hatred😡, aggressiveness, 👺frustration😡. So so many goodies die of it, they spend all their life trying to pass off as do gooders, saints, blocked from expressing their 👺rage😡, so they store it and it becomes theirs and festers, that 🔥Fire🔥 🔥burns🔥 them alive internally. Then all the brainwashing is to convince them they’re going to die and it happens.

    NO ONE changes patterns without Healing the Root-Cause, usually a trauma event in early (Unconscious) childhood or 7-14yo infancy (Subconscious) but maybe birth or prebirth or Past Life or Parallel Life traumas or Ancestral 🧬DNA or species 🧬DNA, something that is specific, no mental or psychological general broad verbose concept. It’s a soul that “died” and needs rescue, restoration and being sent into the ✨Light✨ i.e. removed from the individual.

    It’s actually really good, a blessing in disguise, this AI thing. It allows you to put out what is not generic, your art, what you came here for, your excellence, your magnificence, which you have mountains of.

    I would only start worrying if AI starts learning from what you write that is specifically yours. Because all that text you used as example it learned from the psychology text books.

    I mean, anyone would get to that conclusion from the herds of YouTube influencers etc. so nothing new there, it’s like saying that YouTube or social media is going to kill your business. On the contrary it was an opportunity.

    The more the system isolates the masses from the ir 🕊✨Soul✨🕊 or other Dimensions the more opportunity people who stay connected to their 🕊✨Soul✨🕊/other Dimensions will have to put out original never before written text.

    I’d suggest to not use such AI generated stuff as filler because as you said it’s full of programming.

    I salute you in all your glorious original brilliance, your Mission, and what you came here for to do. Please get this once and for all: You Are Irreplaceable.

    To your success! May you All Ways 🌟Persevere🌟 and shine your unique ✨Light✨!

    1. Interesting observations regarding “ …machine vomited a fine generic psychologisty text full of generalities and common sense banalities everyone knows already.”

      So true, IMHO.

      My first thought after reading the AI generated content was, “lacks substance”, as in there is something vacuous or hollow in the expression of the text.

      BS indeed!

      Thank you for your insights.

      Thank you Elsa for maintaining this blog along with sharing your ingenuity and originality in your unique style <3

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    This AI business is yet another well orchestrated misinformation/disinformation PsyOp, twisted to look like something it’s not.

    That text is in some psychology text book. It was written by a Human! There is no AI in it whatsoever. Just an ‘advanced’ (or configured to look advanced) search engine matched your query to a text it has the address of in its records, that’s all.

    The system controllers believe that the masses are stupid, lazy and very gullible and above all easily scar(r)ed.

    This AI PsyOp is yet another terrorist operation so it had embedded a lot of ☠️fear⚰️ Entities and the oh so old “OMG all the robots, robocops and Terminators will come from the future and kill me, exterminating Humanity!!! 😱”. 🧒🏼Boy, have they brainwashed everyone with that. Observe the selection of movies available from the movie streaming operators and the ones who magically vanished and aren’t being pushed constantly for people to watch over and over again. Like that 2012 end of the 🌍World movie, which I remember deeply terrorized people in movie theaters, they used imagery to wake up and activate Atlantis destruction Past Life memories. Another one is The Day After Tomorrow. Always huge tidal waves. Then they 💥explode atomic 💥bombs🚀 inside volcanos and cause a 🌊Tsunami💦 and make a handful of movies to keep 💥bombing🚀 people with that psychological terrorism.

    Only people with tools will Clear themselves from the Entities that come with those movies and from all the social media and 📺TV propaganda. Observe how many news titles now use the AI acronym.

    It does not exist. It’s 💩BS💩. It’s just advanced search engines operating to look like they embody this terrorizing fear that machines will overtake and exterminate Man.

    Like the directory file of a hard drive that has on its records where the files or parts of the files are in the hard-drive’s physical discs, you queried it and it fetched a text from some book or record. But it made it look like it was its creation, its propagandized so called “intelligence”.

    And people are buying yet another scam. And they keep piling up scams on top of another, incessantly, constantly, non-ST⛔️P, to pressure people and corner them in the mind, after centuries of propaganda that only the mind matters and Spirit is irrelevant and worse, it’s ridiculous and laughable, spooky, frightening.

    If all these scams don’t push people to strive to access and develop their 🕊✨Soul✨🕊 connection then there’s the calamity and extermination itself, as we observed so many people completely hypnotized rushing in panic to the hospitals to never be seen again…

    They’ll say to the the Inter-Galactic & Intra-Galactic Police Forces “hey, we were just showing them some possibilities, it was their job to research and know things first hand, plus we didn’t force them to take the magic potion, they all could have refused it, and they were not pushed into the hospitals but walked by their own volition. It was their doing, not ours. The proof of this is the many people who stayed true to their Heart and were not gullible, not as permeable to being manipulated, many researched and learned of other theories we also fed them with it in the end basically followed their knowingness.”

    1. Avatar
      Miguel Melchizedek

      Only people with *SPIRITual* tools will Clear themselves from the Entities that come with those movies and from all the social media and 📺TV propaganda.

      We are in 👹Saturn🪐 in 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦. 👹Saturn🪐 is the ☠️👹Devil👿🦇. 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦 is SPIRITuality.

      If people do not fiercely engage in Clearing up their Spirit, Clearing the Karma/trauma bodies etc., acquiring and equipping themselves with proper SPIRITual tools to deal with all these PsyOps then, well… 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

      Saturn🪐 is also structure so in 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦 it is to structure One’s SPIRITuality, acquire tools and train themselves.

      To get out of all the mental 💩BS💩.

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