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Venus and Mars Pompeii

Saturn Square Venus In Synastry – Controlling The Other Person’s Aesthetic

When your partner’s Saturn squares your Venus, there is often a conflict involving  a person’s appearance.  My problems on this front are long-standing.  For example, I once had a boyfriend and while we loved each other, my clothing gave him fits. His Saturn was square my Venus, I’m sorry to say. Here he complains I […]

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1970’s Scorpio Man

I drove by a sign advertising tinted windows.  I recalled when they came out with film you could apply to darken the windows of your car. It was the Scorpio accessory to have, along with mirrored sunglasses! I laughed when I remembered this. I dated many men who fit this profile. They made no bones about

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Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon

Live Your Sun, Satisfy Your Moon “One girl’s a streetwalker, but her feet are so soft…” S. Margolin, performed by Jerry Riopelle You have to live your sun and satisfy your moon. Since I’ve said this so many times., I’ll elaborate. Your Sun, its sign, its house placement, and its aspects show what you have

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Perils of Serving Alcohol Underage

Okay!! I found the story about that boy’s sister, mentioned in Mistaken Identity.  She’s quite hard to describe. This family moved from California, I remember that.  That didn’t mean anything in this era.  She had Aquarian energy. In part, this was due to her unusual name and her boy-hair cut which was unique in this

Aquarius water

Aquarius Married to Aquarius: Boy Was She PISSED!

My parents were both Aquarians and we were never bored.  In fact, “It’s a sin to bore people”, was one of my mother’s core beliefs. She also thought you should not a pill, nor a martyr. Throwing conniption fits was also frowned upon. My mother was an artist and she painted, for the most part. 

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