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Saturn Transit The Second House: Your Real Values

Saturn is currently transiting my 2nd house.  I’ve written about this transit in regards to earning your self-esteem. I thought I’d elaborate seeing as I’m living this transit now. The second house is concerned with money and tangible goods. Buying is restricted. I’m not in financial trouble, but inflation is real as is the burden […]

killer instinct
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What’s A Killer Instinct?

Hi, Elsa Very recently someone from work (a senior guy, one who’s known to bring in lots of money/resource) told me (in confidence) something – that they’re always looking for people who have “killer instinct”, because these people know how to deliver work no matter what. This has been sitting in my brain for sometime,

Astrology, Real Life

Scorpio Energy vs Pisces Energy

We’ve got an abundance of Scorpio and Pisces energy right now. This is from 2007 and on topic as far as Scorpio and the exchange of energy. Rox asks: “You say that Scorpios absorb other people’s energy and being one I can say this is totally correct. I find I’m a magnifying glass. Whatever emotion

vintage price gun
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Roll Over To A New Reality

Back in the late 80’s, I lived in the country and I worked for Frito Lay.  One day my boss came down to see me; he was an hour drive away. Point being, he didn’t come see me, unless he had to. He told me that I would be the sales rep for the new

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