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Resolving Hard Core Conflicts With Family Or Friends

Conflicts in families and other social structures seem to be the norm.  Worse, the damage from these conflicts spreads to burden innocent people… like the friend(s) you call and complain to.  The prevailing belief is that nothing can be done! I may believe this myself, had my husband not set up our marriage with a

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Bonded By Hate (Or Love)

Sometimes I feel like a wide-eyed child in this world. It happens when I learn something new. Something I’d have never guessed unless someone spelled it out for me. This is what happened, a few dozen years ago when, Satori, explained that people can in fact, be bonded by their hate. “But it’s a weak bond?”

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How Or What Do You Present Yourself When You Meet Someone New?

In astrology, it’s common to refer to the ascendant as a person’s “first handshake”.  This is true outside of the fact it’s not nearly that simple. I’m writing this to pair with an earlier post. If you care about relationships and if what I assert in that post is true, it makes sense to consider

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The Moon In Synastry

When judging synastry, don’t overlook the moon.  When two moons are in easy aspect, it gives a feeling of a blood connection. This is because the moon represents your family. When someone blends into your family…well, think about it. Also think about what it’s like when they don’t! If the two moons are in the same sign,

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