All sex, all the time.

Do You Like Sex? You Must Be A Scorpio!

This post is going to be one satisfying click, winks this Scorpio sun. Unsurprisingly, people love to talk about sex, and are often especially proud of their Scorpio placements. For many it is astrological proof that they are indeed, very sexy and desirable people, with bedroom skills to match. And for some reason, they seem […]

Scorpio pink box

Is Married Scorpio Man Using Me For Sex?

Hi. Five years ago I met up with an old Scorpio flame. He’s married with kids and I’m married no kids. We hit it off straight away even though I ended our affair thirty-odd years ago we still have that omg feeling for each other. We have met up 2-3 times a year as he

Women – When Do You Have Sex With A Man You’re Dating?

I had a client ask when I thought a woman should have sex with a man she is dating. I guess we all have some sort of answer to that. What’s yours? This fundamental sex question seems relevant with Saturn in Scorpio.  Do you have some kind of sex rules or standards? Also, have your

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