Learn about the 5th house. Fun, children, creativity, sex for recreation…

I’m In Love With My Friend – BIG TIME: 5th House Stellium in Sagittarius

Dear Elsa, I am in love very deeply with my best friend. We have an intense connection; he reads my very thoughts in detail. He is unlike no one else I have ever known; his every movement fascinates me. My feelings have not waned for him in the slightest since I’ve known him, despite him

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She Wants Copious Amounts Of Sex No Man Can Deliver: Aries Sun, Scorpio Ascendent

Dear ElsaElsa! I just love your blog! I like your insightfulness and your straightforwardness: no beating about the bush! Your posting on the mars-scorpio-sex-OCD-connection touched me! A wonderful example of how directness and empathy can go hand-in-hand, indeed! I am an Aries with Scorpio rising myself, so I do relate to this urge to” express

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