All sex, all the time.

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Mars Square Mars In Synastry – Specific To Sex

When Mars squares Mars between charts, it creates a lot of friction.  The result is just like it sounds. The partners jar each other. You may like this. It really depends on your tastes. The Mars/Mars aspect promises that you will connect but you’re are cross-purposes in sense. You can take this idea and imagine

Scorpio Man Withholds Sex From Aries Woman With Moon In Pisces

Hello Elsa, I’ve been reading some of your posts in reference to Scorpio manipulation. I’m looking for the path to freedom of my mind. My Scorpio man isn’t having sex with me and we normally have sex every day. I know that the truth cannot be questioned. Truth is truth. I’m an Aries sun and

Mars Opposite Moon In The Natal Chart

The kind of trembling, breathless sex in novels and films really captures the imagination. Deeply bonding, emotional.. the closeness, the speaking your love with your body- that’s what it’s supposed to be, right? After all, what kind of emotional Neanderthal divorces emotions from sex??

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