Composite Charts vs Synastry – A Story To Illustrate: Part Two

So one night I went in there and told this guy my boyfriend was going to join Special Forces. That he wanted to, anyway. Because he was in the wrong branch of service for one thing and for another, he was getting kind of old for that kind of training as well.

And you should have seen this guy’s face when I said this. Okay, well it was subtle on the surface, but I could see a switch had flipped. Next thing you know, he took me from the bar where we were sitting to a booth where we could have a private conversation.

And never mind what he said, although I recall it like it was yesterday. He scared the living shit out of me. He said he was an ex-Special Forces soldier himself and proceeded to tell me of violent things in the most graphic way you could possibly imagine. And he was in my face too. Get it? We weren’t sitting across from each other in a booth having a conversation. His total intent was to traumatize me and he was successful in this endeavor for sure. When he finally wrapped up with his lecture, his plead and his diatribe, I grabbed my girlfriend who was busy trying to pick up the owner of the bar, and left there visibly shaken.

Now let me be fair (says Libra). The things he told me were not *wrong. They were right. They were accurate. And I believe he did what he did because he felt it was in my best interest and this may also be true. But the fact is, ultimately he got me pregnant. Pregnant with this disturbing knowledge, that is. And he sent me home to go beg my boyfriend not to join.

And I did beg my boyfriend not to join although I knew in my heart it would be fruitless. He had his destiny and further, what would I be doing with a man who would let a woman run his life? ::laughs::

So here’s the thing. I did not marry this man in large part because of what this third person said to me…who my boyfriend did not even know existed. See that? There was a third party involved. The relationship was penetrated! And there would be no marriage but I ran with that guy for another year, getting along famously before he successfully transferred branches of service to pursue his goals.

It was horrible, the day he drove away because I loved him very much. And after this many years passed.

More than 20 years passed before we got in contact again. We took up right away, comparing notes and catching up our lives. And sure enough, I learned he had made it into Special Forces and he’d had a very long and decorated career.

Now this was intense as hell for reasons outside the scope of this particular story but check out how history repeats:

Caught up in the intensity of this whole thing, I was chatting about the whole situation with another pal, and you guessed it. He was also an ex- Special Forces soldier. And these men track things, you know? And they have insight or think they do. And I respect them!

So anyway, my pal had some thoughts about my ex and his interaction with me which he shared with me. His thoughts were pretty profound and sure enough it happened. I got pregnant again! With a seed that disturbs of course!

::shakes head::

And ultimately the same thing that happened the first time, happened the second time. I guess you could say I am not so stable when impregnated!! You know how those first few months are!

So there was a separation with my ex, shortly after this other conversation and here again, the whole scene behind the scene took place without his knowledge.

So both times he’s talking to me – we’re engaged in one way or the other and another man comes to undermine the situation! Not just a man, but the same kind of man, but a soldier. And not just a soldier, but a Special Forces soldier!

And not some jackass, either! Someone I like and trust for very good reasons. And it is this is the kind of thing that shows up in a composite chart.

See, these events have nothing to do with how he and I interact. It was an attack on the relationship from the outside that did us in. Non-malicious, mind you! And I think this is uncanny.

I also think it illustrates the difference between synastry (how two people interact) and a composite chart (the facts of the relationship itself). And for the record, this story has a happy ending.

See he and I get along, we always have. This would be the “synastry”. We like the interaction and it’s not important to either one of us to have a certain outcome outside of he wants me happy and I want him, same.

But I am not meant to be his wife, and he is not meant to be my husband. And if we try to align like that, to me it’s a given, the universe will send yet another soldier to plant another seed that leaves me tortured, and ultimately liberates us from one another, and why is that?

Well when we were kids, obviously our destinies took us down different paths. And now, same thing! But it doesn’t stop us from liking each other…from loving each other for that matter. And do you want to know what the composite chart looks like?

Well there is a Mars (soldier) Pluto (underground) conjunction in the 7th house (open enemies). Uranus is also conjunct that on the 6th house side…disrupt, disrupt, disrupt!

The rest of the chart shows a very sweet love that is permanent and powerful. But try to land there? Forget about it. And we both know this and that’s the happy ending part.

We both feel very grateful for each other. It’s nice to know there is someone out there in the world who loves the hell out of you and always will. It’s hard to complain, you know? So that’s that. And now I’ll come back with the opposite scenario.

Meantime, have you ever experienced something similar in a relationship?

19 thoughts on “Composite Charts vs Synastry – A Story To Illustrate: Part Two”

  1. Ack!! Forgive me, Elsa, but it’s the editor in me. Every instance of the word ‘soldier’ is misspelled as ‘solider’. Again, forgive me. I cannot help myself.

    As for the story — oh, how I adore your stories! — I am trying to think if I’ve had anything similar in my life, and I don’t think I have. Or I’ve been too hard-headed to notice. Which is more likely the case.

  2. Hah! Fixed that! Thanks Daeshii, that’s what you get when you work late at night, in a fever! Embarrassing, but oh well! 😛

    1. Avatar
      Miguel Melchizedek

      Maybe you have the strong belief a soldier is solid, as in a solid bet, ‘solider’ than others, someone you can count on and trust? I just found your website so I don’t know your chart but do you have Mars in Aries or Scorpio or Leo? Special forces partners uh?! Daughter of military? You must be some tough lady!

      Anyway, I hope you write books after books after books because your writing is outstanding excellent brilliant magnificent and truly engaging and entertaining and humorous… Congratulations! Hum Mars in Scorpio in the third or aspecting Mercury I’m guessing with an aspect to Uranus… ?

      1. Welcome, Miquel. I have Mars conjunct Mercury in Libra…opposing my husband’s Mercury in Aries. There is a tag on the “Aries vs Libra”. You’ll howl. 🙂

  3. that special forces coin? I KNOW that’s a hat but damned if it doesn’t look like a penis to me!


  4. “I KNOW that’s a hat but damned if it doesn’t look like a penis to me!”

    Oh thank goodness that I’m not the only one who saw a penis!

    Penis! My sister and friends and I were out Tuesday night at a really good Tuscan restaurant. All really cute Italian men (I pause to drool in memory those really cute Italian men). The waiter is describing the meals and says “blah blah blah blah penis blah blah…” and I look at my sister, who is trying not to burst out in laughter, and think, “oh, she heard that too.” and try not to giggle like a 13 year old girl. Once the waiter left, our friends said “what’s wrong with you two” and we burst out with Penis! and laughter. They insisted the waiter said spinach, which sounds nothing like penis, even if delivered with a thick Italian accent, and then one of woman said: “You two have penis on the brains!”

    Then I come here and see a penis on Elsa’s blog and think, I really do have penis on the brains.

  5. You gals are KILLIN’ me!!

    Ha,ha,ha…..thanks for that! I had not even noticed the Special Forces penis until you all pointed it out!!

    Hey…nothing like casual phallic symbolism to wear on a man’s ‘head’!!

    Oh YES! ‘Special’ indeed… 😀

  6. Avatar
    Soliders Fan Club

    looks at coin and wonders if the Solid Soliders have had that pointed out to them before (or noticed it themselves) — imagine the fun they must have with THAT!!


    PS-Marly, I thought the same thing as you on my first quick glance!

  8. I was reading this and thinking it all sounded very familiar. Looked and sure enough, there’s a Uranus/Pluto conjunction in the 7th house. No soldiers, but lots of open enemies of the relationship and plenty of death and rebirth of the relationship.

    I love it when you teach like this!

  9. Avatar
    Miguel Melchizedek

    Outstanding writing, incredible! ??????

    Having said all this, you are right etc. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! If you heal the Past/Parallel pattern there you’re reliving ad eternum then the energies will have to express differently. Meaning this has happened to you both in other realities and times. Clear that and Uranus might express itself as incredible laughter or unconventional living pattern or whatnot. Ditto for conspiracy Pluto etc.

    But I hear ya – Pluto and Uranus form the atom bomb indeed…

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