Jupiter Conjunct Uranus – Unexpected Luck & Opportunity

luck cloverI know there are a lot of people who are concerned about this conjunction.  Aside from the possibility of financial collapse around the world (which may be exactly what we need), I think it’s grand!

I admit, these planets are favorable to my chart but I am not the only one seeing good things happen.

For example, I am not in PAIN. Now you’ve seen my ridiculous back; I think you have also seen my ridiculous neck! I also got hit by a gravel truck going 65 miles an hour. I could not walk to my mailbox for the better part of a year.  I really thought I’d be going into a wheelchair; I was just postponing it and denying. Now today, I can feel stuff when I wait up, but one Celebrex (an NSAID) and I am pain free, all day and all night.

Even more stupid, I have been suffering from a medical condition for 22 years.  Yes! I have taken a pill for this problem, daily, for 22 years.

I have to tell you, these pills harmed me. I don’t want to go into details, but they really did harm me and as the side effects got worse, I switched, ultimately, to a pill that costs about $6 a day. YES!

It bothered me too, so I took a different pill at a similar cost… it also devastated me.

I complained to my doctor who told me it was clear I was allergic and to quit the pills.  Gladly! He also sent me to a specialist, in the hope they could do something for me. It would have to be drastic.

I was really curious how bad it would be without the pills.  I thought it would be BAD,  but the pills were so bad, I was willing to find out. To my great shock, ALL SYMPTOMS cleared.  I literally have no symptoms, of the condition so I canceled my pending appointment.

Now THAT is a shock and THIS is what Jupiter Uranus can do for you.  Libertate you! Reversal of fortune!

Anyone else with a happy surprise to report?

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  1. Just found out that there is a budget shortfall where I work, and I may lose my fulltime job and be given only part-time hours. Will find out in the next 10 days. This conjunction falls opposite my midheaven. I do not see opportunity or any good luck in it.

    1. Well, you may keep your job. You also may find a better job, though you don’t expect it.

      See, this is the problem with Uranus. People think they can predict it, but they can’t. IT IS A SHOCK when it happens. They fact you are afraid of this sound more like Saturn in Pisces then it does, you predicting the unpredicable.

      I don’t mean this is a rude way. Read the post – the fortune is very, very surprising, unexpected by anyone.

    2. This is my situation as well – our largest client is going to Tender! We will find out soon but to be honest Ive been wanting Part time hours for SO long, if this happens for me – its lucky win!!!
      anyway lets see….could affect everything!

  2. With transiting Jupiter at 15 degrees of Taurus and transiting Uranus at 20 degrees of Taurus ,you see a conjunction (simply due to your expertise in knowing astrology inside and out). However, for me with the 5 degree difference I only see an approach /influence for a conjunction. Therefore, this is somewhat confusing to me of how strong the aspect is . In my minds eye I would see the conjunction at the exact number of 20 degrees. Am I too pickey with thinking aspects need to be the same exact degree to satisfy a conjunction definition?
    Natally, I have my ASC at 19 Taurus. Plus Mars is sitting at 20 degrees in Leo in my 4th house

    1. Yes. Far too picky. 5 degrees is definitely a conjunction. Further, I have planets in Earth, at the degrees between, which pulls them together.

      But aside from that, think of Astro Fairy from a few days ago. Four people were chosen, rather than one. One person thought they might be chosen, but the other three were surprised and two of them were VERY surprised.
      So it was unexpected fortune, but also the consultations, open doors for these people. Perspective. They benefitted. Also, I am an astrologer (Uranus) and it was a gift (Jupiter).

      This thing is definitely happening. Also, the people who were invested in certain things have made A LOT of money.

    2. I agree. I still don’t see a strong influence with 5 degrees. I tend to notice things happening within 3 degrees applying.

      1. That’s interesting. I have never heard anyone ever deny a conjunction with 5 degrees separating. 7 is standard and many give 10.

        I’m not trying to be argumentative. I am posting this for beginners. 5 degrees is a conjuction in everybody’s book.

        1. I find this very helpful. Even though I’ve been reading your blog and other things on astrology for 10 years now, I still struggle with definitions like conjunction for example because of the varying distinctions different astrologers make.

          I for one, have Venus in Taurus in the 8th at 20th degrees.

          I went to my dental appointment and was getting an implant. My dentist put in a bone graft free of charge…

          Gift (Venus) from 8th house (cadaver) 🤣
          Trust me, with all the dental work I need done, I’m be thankful for all the help I can get.

  3. My jupiter is weak and poorly aspected, so nothing yet…
    btw if I remember correctly you have autoimmune issues—Me too. I have been on low-dose naltrexone for 3 months, and its an absolute gamechanger.

  4. Awesome! My dog got sick back in October of last year and had to be on a high dose of steroids for a while. The specialist told us most likely she would be on them for the rest of her life. Well we switched her food and started tapering her dose and now she is on the lowest dose ever 3 days and doing great. 100% turn around. We should be able to take her off completely in the next couple of weeks. We’re sure she would be fine without it but don’t want to stress her adrenals.

    Complete reversals with the disease she has almost never happens. I think we are lucky indeed. So grateful.

  5. The previous Uranus Jupiter conjunction was in Aries early degrees in my 9H and trined both my ASC and my Jupiter uranus conjunction. It brought a lot of money through hard work which enabled me to travel and the chance to further my studies. It was good times completely unexpected, until Uranus hit my mc and my life has been plunged in chaos since then.
    This conjunction will hit my mercury which is the apex of my natal yod in 10H opposite my moon. Very complicated aspect and I don’t know if there will be anything good to receive.
    I know that whenever the yod apex is triggered by a transit or eclipse you feel helpless and struggle.

  6. Nothing really yet, I have it conjunct in my 7 th house. Personal and professional partners have been difficult lately. More so than normal. Hubby jumping at any provocation. The gal I work with and is supposed to be my backup flaky and unreliable. Both appear to be “blown out of proportion “ Jupiter style.

    (Side note, hubby has Pluto touring his first house and transiting Uranus on his IC. So Jupiter will conjunct Uranus and his IC.)

    So if I do get a lucky break I’ll take it. All this is emotionally draining.

    I’d give my eye teeth for an uneventful month.

  7. Hm, nothing so far yet, I think.

    My BF has Mars/Saturn at 20 degrees Virgo,so I guess he will really feel this.

    For me, I am thinking things over in regards to my career – I have Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in conjunction around 20 degrees Scorpio. Scorpio and Taurus is 8/th/9th/10th and 2nd/3rd/4th house, depending on house system I use.

    I also have Chiron at 25 degrees Taurus, quincunx Neptune in Sag. …
    so I think it’s about making peace with my ancestral addiction wound (also since Mercury conjuncts Chiron in Aries + NN this spring – dad is an alcoholic).

    Have booked an expensive dentist treatment the 30th of April, I hope the conjunction could be beneficial at least, due to these two fellas.

    But for me, personally, I don’t really know how this could/will play out.
    Maybe something about a mental breakthrough (Mercury at 15 degrees Scorpio) that leads to activation of my Sun/Venus and Jupiter conjunction at 20 degrees… Like… A rocket taking off in 1, 2, 3 steps?

    Don’t know. I won’t be all that concerned about it – if it comes, it will come, if not – we’ll, then that’s just my luck.

    What I do hope though, would be for my mom’s husband’s house to get a lovely sale, so that’s he could benefit from the economic win that will lead to. She really deserves to finally have ENOUGH resources so not to worry about her economic situation in the future. That would give joy to see. She so deserves to let those worries finally go away ❤️

  8. What I am thinking is that the conjunction is happening in Taurus which is a slow sign.. changes do come slowly if they are to come. It’s not like in Aries where Jupiter is in a rush to give

    1. Great point 🙂 Being earth bound, Taureans tend to invest energy/resources over time. They can go long periods without seeing/experiencing a return, and yet continue to apply themselves to something consistently. This is one of their strengths. I’d also bear in mind, Scorpio in opposition, the manifestation of the conjunction could be related to overcoming or transforming of something deeply emotional, historical, psychic or shadow related.

    2. Really good points made, by both Sophies! 🙂 I was pondering on Jupiter Taurus for a while and came to a similar conclusion that’s it’s about slow growth.

      Jupiter can be about the bigger questions, finding meaning in life, that whats-out-there-beyond, the philosophical. But it appears that many people have been quite slow to reach there since Jupiter entered Taurus (not saying I’m ahead, not by a long shot. I’m still very much a muggle!)

      Taurus resists change as long as possible, prefers to maintain the status quo, and keeps things the same as long as they can. If life changes, then THEY are forced to change, which they don’t like. Unfortunately, Uranus …. the agent of disruptive and destabilising change, which has almost given no real choice but TO change, and FAST.

      Uranus may speed up the growth that Jupiter has been building up on over the past year.

  9. I will have on Aril 14, Jupiter, Uranus and my Progressed Sun are all within one degrees of each other in my 7th House. My Progressed moon is also EXACT my natal Mercury in 5th house. With transiting Saturn only 2 degrees from my natal sun also in 5th House, I suspect this spells out something emotional occurring related to 5th & 7th houses??? I am in a new relationship that is quite good so far, but??. Then again it could mean more commitment to each other. His mom’s birthday is same day at solar eclipse on April 8, and at 88, hoping she doesn’t have something critical happen to her.

  10. Elsa, your recommended read of Chiron by Barbara Hand Clow is a gamechanger and thank you. Uranus and Jupiter in my eighth with the Moon, Saturn, and mercury in a tight conjunction trine pluto ascendant in Virgo, just after my chiron return, and a n.node in the sixth ( Saturn still in conjunction with). It’s an expansive book for anyone with a chiron focused chart and my perspective couldn’t be more surprised at a new rulership of Virgo. Your a gift that keeps giving. Thank you in Lithuanian sounds like a sneeze “Aciu, aciu”.

    1. Thanks and you’re welcome and you make a good point.

      Jupiter is concerned with truth and education, perspective, higher knowledge. When you better understand something, the door opens and it’s liberating.

    1. Thanks. I just got a text – why did you cancel your appointment (with the specialist)?

      I responded, there is no problem to treat!

  11. I’m part of a gift chain too. One gal bought her sister a birthday consult on her own birthday.

    Her sister liked her consult so she bought one for a friend… who incidentally, has the same birthday as the original sister.

  12. I was chosen by the Astro Fairy. Totally a shock! Elsa had to read my quickly written ramblings with attachments I had to find. I am a much better speaker but when she picked up the phone, I was still rambling! She listened patiently. By the end of the 30 minutes, Elsa not only gave me clarity but comfort, painful clarity and comfort, in shared experiences. I am humbled by both the generosity of the Astro Fairy and Elsa making me feel not alone because every person I have confided in has ghosted me. I am not able to speak astrologically but I am a Libra Sun (12th), Libra Ascendant, Libra Venus(1st), Libra Mercury (12th), Scorpio Moon (2nd), Cancer Mars (9th). Yet again, she lifted a GREAT burden from my mind, heart and physical body. She also told me where the Jupiter conjunct Uranus was in my chart, and it was my ‘get out of jail free card’! I have seen the posts about the Astro Fairy forever wishing I could raise my hand that I needed it but always sensing others had a greater need. The timing was ‘aligned by the stars’ so perfectly. I am LIBERATED in so many ways. Elsa, I am happy you are free from pain as we share back and neck issues and that your other condition corrected itself. Eternal gratitude to the Astro Fairy (I hope it was okay to say I was picked. My Libra hates hurting others.)

  13. On a side note, interesting to observe that Jupiter rules thunder. And Uranus rules lightning.

    Jupiter thunderbolts, and Uranus lightning, very very frightening! 😁 as the song goes.

    But oddly a good match, lightning does produce thunder after all, you can’t have one without the other. Storms are designed to clear any stuck and stagnating air, and to fertilise the ground with nitrates (which is where the Taurus growth comes in)

    And of course, after the storm is over, then the rainbow arrives to bring fresh hope 🌈

    So, maybe a metaphor there for this transit 🙂

  14. I’ve been watching this and remaining hopeful. I have nothing in Taurus. I do have Mercury 21 and Mars 18 degrees in Leo 3rd house. These planets will be forming squares to Jupiter & Uranus during the exact conjunction. I’ve been having a hellva time the last couple years. I remain hopeful for something unexpectedly beneficial to happen in my life…but, with these aspects, I’m wondering….

  15. just received mri results – I have a rotator cuff tear that will require surgery and a 6 month rehab. there’s the sudden shock. it helps to think there may be be beneficent side to this experience yet unknown to me. Jupiter will be conjuncting Uranus in my 8th house – could that be the house of the shoulder 🙂 if you think the midheaven is the head…?

  16. Another comment…..

    I just realised my BF and I have this aspect in our synastry chart, as my Scorpio stellium of Jupiter, Venus and Sun is all at 20-ish degree, with my BF’s Uranus at exactly 20 degrees Scorpio.
    It’s in my 9th or 10th house, and in his 11th house.

    We have had insane, sudden growth spurs during all our time together. And now this conjunction, like a double whammy on a double whammy?
    Crikey! That’s a very charged amount of thunderbolts and lightning!

    *Looks on the horizon with baited breath* 😛

  17. I am having fibroids removed mid April. My natal Jupiter is at 24 Taurus in 4th house. Jupiter is lonely only square Mercury in 1st. The last 6-12 months have been dealing with other Jupiter transits square Saturn and opposite Uranus/MC. fibroids have been growing larger over the last year and affecting my lower back. Hopefully this will be a successful surgery with assistance from this conjunction! I had to have iron infusions to prepare for it as the heavy bleeding had depleted iron stores. Looking forward to 2 weeks of non contact with stressful humans from my work and social circle as I recover.

  18. Just today I got an unexpected windfall from what started as a bad situation!
    Jupiter + Uranus
    I’m a believer

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