Delusions About Pluto In Capricorn

There was a discussion in the forum: What the funk is going on with the world? I tied the current decay to Pluto in Capricorn. FieryTaurus points out…

“Pluto will reach Aquarius in 2023 then go back into Capricorn for one last round until 2024…”

People mistakenly think this will all be resolved at the end of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn. Pluto through Sadge killed journalism and education. Do you see that resolved? No. It will not be resolved in my lifetime, nor is is likely to be resolved in yours!

As another example, the church (Sagittarius) has not recovered from the sex scandals (Pluto), has it? How about our courts after OJ Simpson (Pluto in Sadge)? Examples of this abound!

If you look back to Pluto in Scorpio, that’s when incest was exposed. Are adults still having sex with children? Of course! If anything it’s gotten worse. Perps don’t just grab a girl and rape her, they rape and kill her.

There is way of thinking out there, that says we’re all going to breakdown with Pluto in Capricorn and then become one? Are you kidding me? People can’t even get along with their families!

I am not trying to be negative. I’m just saying, things are nowhere near resolved at the end of a Pluto transit and if you have an astrologer telling you that, they’re not that bright!

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  1. Case in point of why Pluto should not be called a planet. Things are unearthed and they get worse. The Neptunian redeemtion does a much better job at purifying, resolving, healing, dissolving, letting go, whatever you want to call it the dysfunction in this universe that causes others needless pain.

  2. This discussion is provoking rambling thoughts.
    I am thinking about transits & aspects. Any planet movement, ingress & egress, starts a cycle which begins (& ends) a cycle, the squares test it, the opposition gives you a best view point look back at the starting point & how original intention is manifesting. Pluto has a very long cycle (248 years). It exposes the decay in the area where the new game will attempt to rebuild. It’s a looong game & we will have 12 (!) new Pluto games overlapping throughout its duration. It’s a long focus to hold & our attention span can barely hold through three inhales & exhales! Plus, we are all essentially playing different games. My Pluto is in first house w a 6 house transit from Pluto. Yours is in 9 house w a third house transit.
    At this point it is good to remember planets aren’t doing anything to us. The chart is symbolic of a larger process (kairos) than simply a time (chronos) line. It is a focusing tool and Where we are focusing tells us a lot about ourselves.
    I’m also thinking about signs. Signs are flavored/defined by their ruling planets. Pluto in Capricorn & Aquarius are both ruled by traditional Saturn. In effect we have a long term Saturn conjunct Pluto transit going on – A battle of the Titans, indeed!
    It will be an intensely conservative period & we each need to weave ourselves into structures, family, friends, work, spiritual & do our work within those communities, yes, for what we give into the group comes back to us. Look at the rest of your chart to see what you want to offer (Or call Elsa! I agree with what she’s been saying…work with it, don’t blow things up unless they are truly unworkable.) because that’s the learning curve for each of us. Our path to individuating as Jung says. (Uranus)
    The chronos battle is a mess but the kairos battle…within each of us… inches us along as a group called humanity.
    My Saturn energy can be used to place me where I want to be & because we are astrologers & have this amazing tool…& Elsa (thank heaven!) we can see when & how we may be in the thick of the battle & our efforts may look hopeless, but this too shall pass.
    The stories we tell ourselves is vitally important & shows us where we are placing our focus. Are we using the energy or are we victimized by it? It does both over time & as we see that & quit beating ourselves & others up over that, we move into care & compassion for others & ourselves. (Neptune) A most human quality. & there lies the hope for the future. (Jupiter)
    Whatever we do in life, will lead to our own death. There’s no way around that fact & the anxiety that goes with know it. That is the terror & power of Pluto, a tiny planet far far away.
    Saturn steps in & says you are here now, in life & that takes effort. It’s the nature of life. Not a fault of ours or others.

  3. Elsa’s bringin’ the receipts here!

    Pluto decimates, that’s been my experience. I got lucky for awhile that Saturn worked like the Aftermath Inc. cleanup crew to my pluto transits, but now that Saturn is way ahead of pluto, I haven’t got that going for me. (big teardrop)

  4. Thanks Elsa this is helpful. I am now cleaning up work that couldn’t get done in one job location before moving to the one they are transferring me to. I have to do it on my own time 🙁 There’s so much to clear through…but I want the new person to start with a clean slate.

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