Can Astrology Describe A Person’s Hands?

palm of handHands are Mercury ruled. I have Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house and my hands are large (9th house) and energetic (Mars). They are almost always banged up (Mars) if not actually bleeding.

I always notice a person’s hands. “Would I like this person to touch me?”

I feel a lot of energy pass through my hands. I like them! I like to work with them. I like that they work!

I like to shake hands when I meet someone for the first time.  This makes sense with Mercury in the 9th. I reach out. I’m open to connecting.

Astrologically speaking, shaking hands is a meeting of minds. It certainly feels that way.

What are your hands like? Where is your Mercury?

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  1. I have Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th as well (in Sag).(also conjunct sun, moon, and midheaven) I also have big hands (for my size) They are always getting hurt! Spent my childhood with cat scratches covering them to the point that people would ask me about them. I bruise them and bang them up as well to this day. I’ve always been a little embarassed of them, because they’re large and I bite my nails, wear larger ring sizes than others and have wide palms. Not sure about their energy though, it’s not something I ever thought about. I do ‘talk’ with them and use them a lot. I do love looking at other people’s hands a lot. I love nice hands. Mine look just like my dad’s.

    1. I have my Dad’s hand too. I love that, even though they look masculine and are always beat up from gardening.
      I used to try and hide them. After I started doing Reiki I learned to appreciate how powerful they can be as conduits for healing. ?

  2. YAY!! Another person with a hand thing! I love hands. Love, love, love. And thanks for pointing out the Mercury thing, Elsa, something cool to think about! Can’t wait to read that book.

    Anyhoot, I have very long fingers and palms, half and half. A good 3 inches of each. Hm, this is sounding a bit…strange…The palms are extremely lined and I try to take care of them because I work outside and I labour with them. They get stiff, and so I always wear gloves, even in the summer when I am on my bike.
    Once, I had a rock stuck in my palm and had to wait 4 hours in Emergency for a plastic surgeon to take the rock out. They said it is because there are so many nerves in your hands it is easy to fuck them up and hinder their function. I guess I am paranoid about them.

    My Mercury is in Taurus, in the 4th house. Opposite Uranus and MC in Scorpio; square Saturn in Leo/7th; trined to Capricorn Moon/1st. Apparently this means I am an argumentative bastard, but I don’t agree with that interpretation. I do have a very argumentative family, though. Someone’s got to keep their mouth shut, right? I am finally learning how to speak up to them and that’s good too.
    I find I have strange, inexplicable hand, wrist, and forearm nerve pain when I go to long without expressing my opinions.

  3. And after I read Saggal’s post, I sheepishly decided to admit that they shake. No one thought it weird when I was a kid, but now people think I am an alcoholic.

  4. I have hands that look a lot like they did when I was a child and are still quite small. I have Mercury in Cancer and my palm is in a square or rectangular shape, my hands are are soft (people comment on this, I think), seem sort of pudgy (more than usual lately because I’ve gained weight), and like my palm probably has pretty big pads. I have a very strong handshake and heavy hand, however. I don’t notice myself gesticulating that much when I speak. I looked into palmistry and have been insecure about my hands for various reasons because my thumb doesn’t bend back very far and its third joint doesn’t jut much at all (logic/reason) but in fact there is a dimple. My dad’s hands are similar to mine except they seem to show great maturity and kindness as well as other things because they actually have big pads on the palms at least I think so. I like other people’s hands, especially those of men, when they look intelligent, whatever that means, or just different from my dolty ones.

  5. moon trine merc, merc sextile jupiter and merc in 10th house. I have no idea what that means.
    I personally do not like touching people in general unless I do like or love them. I have hands that feel everything.
    I prefer to make things with my hands or have them in dirt.

  6. Mercury in Gemini, along with Sun and Jupiter. I love hands, love working with my hands and love other people’s hands.

    Mercury is in a t-square in my chart with Saturn and Mars so my hands are always banged up and I have chronic pain in my hands/arms that flares up if I’m not very careful about how I use them.

  7. Interesting, let’s see. My Mercury is in Cancer and is either in the 7th or the 8th house depending on the house system. It conjuncts the Moon in the 7th house, but also Mars in the 8th house, sextiles Pluto and quintiles Uranus. So I’d say my Mercury is pretty Cancerian, but also quite Scorpionic and relates to both the 7th and the 8th houses. As for the Cancer part – my hands are medium sized and my fingers seem a bit puffy although I’m not fat, like Dani (Merc in Cancer), my hands are very very soft, even the bones don’t offer much resistance, and the skin is very “responsive” to the “environment” – to temperature and to touch – which fits both Cancer and the 7th house. My finger ends are twisted (Uranus) inwardly (Cnacer, the 8th house, Pluto) – BTW, in palmistry it means introversion. As for the Mars conjunction – my hands are not banged up but like saggal, they are often scratched because the cat thinks I’m her toy and I don’t mind 🙂 – I guess Mars in Cancer would do that to people :-D. However, my own fingernails – you wouldn’t want to run into those :-D. Just as my hands are very soft and “touchy” (Moon and the 7th house) my fingernails are thick, hard and strong, don’t easily break and grow fast (Mars and Pluto) – when they dig into your skin and run across your flesh you’d notice – and I can do it repeatedly without them breaking, so if you were mislead by my puffy fingers into thinking I’m your toy you may want to reconsider before I get pissed ;-). And I don’t like working with my hands at all.

  8. people always say that i have pretty or elegant hands – mostly i just see the scars from cat scratches and too many years working in restaurants. i used to dance (ballet and flamenco) and relied on my hands alot to communicate ideas or emotions from the stage. when i was younger, i wore lots of different silver rings (sometimes three on one finger), and used to say that each one of them was related to a facet of my personality, or to someone i cared about. even now, i still talk with my hands – lots of gesturing, (i’m very animated when i’m comfortable with the person/people i’m talking to) but also wordless communication with friends/loved ones… rest a hand on a shoulder, or rub a tense muscle.

    and i like to make stuff with my hands, mostly beaded jewelry, usually for gifts. and of course, writing… always writing.

    mercury cojunct mars, trine moon and jupiter, in cap in the 7th. (what a mouthful!)

  9. I have beautiful hands….with long nails…size wise i think they r normal. not verry big.
    i love to do things with my hands….in fact i am always doing sth or the other…my hands r rarely still. if nothing i wud be twirling my hair. i was very skilled at all sorts of craft…stitching, embroidery, knitting, tatting, gardening 🙂
    however, i don’t like to touch people, unless i like them romantically.
    merc conj mars in aqua in 7th….merc trined by moon, jup and saturn

  10. Hands are probably my favorite feature on myself and others. My Mercury along with my sun are a mere 3 degrees apart in Pisces. True to form my hands and fingers have a lovely fluid grace. I am a fairly talented pianist and clarinet player. I think the best word to describe my hands, and my feet probably too, is petite.

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    Strawberry Fields

    I don’t think there’s ever a day I don’t learn something on this blog (which is one of the reasons I keep coming back).

    For example, I knew there was astrology, and I knew there was palmistry, but I did not know of the combination of the two: astropalmistry:


  12. Merc. and sun in 4th house Scorp.( conj.), opp. M.C., square Pluto. My hands are short and stubby, like the rest of me. For 20 years I made my living with my hands, as a typesetter. I also loved crafts, until my eyes started to wear out. I have broken a finger once, and a wrist once, and my hands are usually banged up, cut and bruised., although Merc. is 5 houses away from Mars.

  13. October27, is typesetting related to typography? (which I love)?
    I find it interesting that we both have sun/merc. in the 4th house opposite MC, though you’re a scorpio and I am a taurus…and you say your hands are short and stubby and mine are long and thin!

    I wonder if this is because your merc. is squared pluto, and mine squared saturn??? hmm love this stuff!

  14. I have long slender hands. I think they are well manicured though a bit beat up from years of use. For the most part soft but some skin is coarse. I speak with my hands. I’ve never had a woman complain about my touch, especially my massages. And I obsessively clean them.

    I have Mercury in Aries in the 7th House (Placidus); trine the Moon and Neptune and in opposition to Pluto (which forms a Kite with Mercury at its apex), and also sextile Venus (which in turn forms a mystic rectangle with Neptune and Pluto). Both Neptune and Uranus are in my 3rd House though in different signs.

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    Wow. I remember one year, all of my art work was concentrated on the theme of hands, how their gestures portray my psyche, inner imprints, and etc. I have mercury in Aries in the 1st house sextile mars in gemini in the 3rd house. I’m very quick with my hands. When I create something, it’s always fast and impulsive.

  16. I forgot my mercury is also conjunct neptune, no one really notices my ugly hands! (unless I point them out) they also tend to be on the sweaty side, although I think I can link that to stress and too much caffiene sometimes. I am an awesome typer and have been since I learned it in high school, love to knit (taught myself) but am always poking my damn eyes out by accident with my fat fingers. Hah, I love this topic, I keep thinking of new things.

  17. I’ve got Mercury/Sun combust in 8th house Aries sextile Gemini MC, trine Leo Mars 11th, square Cancer Moon 10th and quincunx Virgo Pluto/Asc. Have no idea how that influences my hands other than maybe that they’re expressive, strong, showy and easily noticed.

    I have longish rectangular shaped hands with the palms being a bit longer than the fingers. I have beautiful (natural) fingernails and I keep them well mainicured and I ALWAYS have polish on them, usually deep reds, plums/eggplant even black sometimes! Like Debby, my nails are strong, grow fast and don’t break easily. They are multipurpose – people love me to scratch their back yet sometimes they’re treacherous too 🙂

    I always wear distinctive rings usually one on each hand. I just loooove beautiful jewelry! I get lots of compliments on my hands~usually about my rings or nails. People have always commented on my gesturing with my hands. I definitely use them to “talk” both good and bad.

    One thing peculiar about them: the heels/Moon mounds are bright red and people notice it quite often. They’ve always been like that. I once had an English hand surgeon tell me that when he was in school they said that this type of redness was reflective of something to do with the liver! I never forgot that and sometimes wonder if it’s true. I’ve never met anyone else who had it.

    I LOVE to touch people! I don’t like to get my manual labor or to get them dirty however I love to write with fountain pens. I have a pen fixation, hee hee. Oh I’m a little ambidextrous too.

  18. Ooopps, so busy describing my own hands forgot to mention how fixated I am on others’ hands. I notice them almost immediately. I watch others’ hands carefully. Analyzing them to some extent. I’m always very interested in men’s hands, they tell so much about them, but then so do women’s I just like men for different reasons 🙂

    1. I always zone in on men’s hands too. For me, it’s sort of one of the things I look at first to determine attraction. A good pair of hands can make me weak at the knees!!

  19. my hands are fairly small with proportionate palms and fingers, the joints are fairly obvious, the nails unpainted, neatly cut, with perfect half moons. You can see the veins, they are often freezing cold. I’m really good at doing things with my hands, and if I’m not, then they are fidgeting. Sewing, writing, doing hair, baking, all come somewhat naturally- I’m very good at making things. My hands look good in rings, but I don’t wear them much. They have to be CLEAN, and I don’t tolerate bruises. I have a firm handshake, and soft skin, my palms are a little bit square and flat, but my thumb is curved.

    mercury in virgo, with a whole lot of aspects.

  20. mercury in gemini in 9th, conjunct sun, trine saturn, widely aspected a couple other planets

    if i’m not writing or using the mouse or typing, i’m almost constantly tapping or fidgetting or something, anything to keep my hands busy. they’re womanly hands, mostly slender, long fingers, but very muscular. my hands are pretty much always covered in bruises and scratches (fiesty cats love me). i don’t do hand jewelry or manicures but a coat of nailpolish is fine. i had a job a while back where i got to cut things with all sorts of knives, which was awesome. i loved that.

  21. October27 (#12) and christine (#13) – it is interesting since you have similar patterns but also opposition since Scorpio is the opposite sign to Taurus. Short and stubby (October27) does fit Scorpio textbook description as far as I can recollect. I don’t remember Taurus physics (christine) but it is ruled by Venus (beauty among other things) and not by Pluto and Mars so there should be a difference. Saturn might have its influence too like you said. And as for October27’s hands being banged up – your Merc may not have an aspect to Mars, but Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars.

    If you don’t mind I’ll throw in 2 other Pluto Mercs of 2 celebs whose fingers are not short and stubby :-). One is my favorite Rock-n-Roll musician (pianist and singer), Jerry Lee Lewis, and the other is my fav Progressive Rock keyboardist/pianist, Keith Emerson, so you can say both of them work with their hands and express themselves through them.

    Jerry Lee Lewis has a Scorp Merc conjunct a Libra Moon in the 9th house. I can’t tell you much about his hands because I never got a close look at them, but I can tell you they are not small and are obviously very strong, at least his fingers (I know that from the way he plays), I think his fingers are long enough but they are not thin. His Merc trines Pisces Saturn in the 1st house, sextile Virgo Venus in the 7th, opposite Taurus Uranus in the 3rd, and squares Cancer Pluto in the 6th and the Aquarius asc. So I think Pluto plays a role here through both the Scorp Merc and the square with Pluto. Venus might also be in play through the Libra Moon conjunction and the sextile with Venus in the 7th (the 7th house also relates to Libra). Merc’s aspects to the 1st house and ascendant might suggest self expression (I’m just playing with ideas here, have no real idea what I’m doing), his asc being in Aquarius and Merc opposite Uranus might also be connected to individual expression and originality, and the aspect to the 6th house might suggest something to do with his work – but most of these aspects are squares/opposition and most of the planets involved are Saturn, Pluto and Uranus so this might not be all that easy and harmonious. And let me also remind you he has Mercury in Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto and Mars. Jerry Lee Lewis is the most energetic and by far the most aggressive of all Rock pianists/keyboardists I know (nicknamed The Killer :-)). He’s also a true original, although very eclectic, and one the pioneers of Rock-n-Roll and of Rock piano. And he sure expresses himself and his individuality through the use of his hands – his style has a unique unmistakable signature.

    On to Keith Emerson. His Mercury is also in Scorpio, conjuncting Sun and Mars in Scorpio as well (I like them Scorpio musicians :-)) in the 4th house (Koch) or the 5th house (Placidus). It sextiles Virgo Jupiter in the 3th, trines Cancer Saturn in the 12th and squres Leo Pluto in the 1st. Also here the conjunction with the Sun and aspect to the first house might suggest self expression, and the 5th house might suggest creative expression. This guy’s Merc is pronounced Scorpio – Merc itself in Scorp and has strong aspects to Scorp rulers – Pluto and Mars which also square each other (meaning very strong and often repressed/frustrated insinctual and sexual energy which might get obsessive and even violent – Pluto-Mars aspects are common in rapists’ charts and also rape victims). He has beautiful and very delicate hands with thin and very delicate fingers, or at least they used to be like that when he was young, but he’s the 2nd most aggressive of all Rock pianists/keyboardists I know :-D, althogh he’s known for his technical skill. At the peak of his career in the 70s he seemed to have channeled all his aggression into his music and playing and show – I don’t think he’s been violent at all off stage, but he was a very aggressive musician and player, and on stage he was a serial keyboard beater :-D, he used to abuse his instruments, even throw and stick knives into them to hold some keys down (a knife is a phallic symbol and knife-stabbing in dreams is often interpreted as a symbol of rape). He also used one of his instruments as a phallic symbol, placing it up his crotch as if the instrument was his erected penis, and playing it like he was imitating masturbation. Now, don’t get too grossed out – he really is an excellent player and I just love this guy, I think he’s quite an entertainer too.

    So the 2 most aggressive Rock pianists/keyboardists I know both have Mercury in Scorpio – makes me think. It’s like they channel a very pronounced instinctual masculinity through their fingers into their playing. There were also some incidents in their stage performances connected with Mars and particularly Pluto – Jerry Lee Lewis set his piano on fire and kept playing through the flames till the keys melted down, and I think Keith Emerson made his organ explode 😀 (at least I know he was planning to, I don’t know if he actually got to doing it).

    I wonder about other Mercury in Scorpio or maybe in the 8th house – are you channelling aggression or your sexual energy or your masculinity through the use of your hands? (except in the obvious ways of course – everybody use their hands for sex).

  22. hee! great post Elsa!

    My Mercury is in Capricorn, in the 8th, conjunct Mars, trine Pluto and the Moon, and sextile Neptune. They’re just a bit larger than average for a woman my height/build, I suppose, but nicely proportioned. They always have cuts and scrapes on them. Always! And my nails are either really looking nice, or they’ve all gotten torn and tattered, so I have them trimmed down short. There’s never any in between for me somehow.

    Hands are one of the first things I notice about a person. I love hands! And I like my own hands a whole big lot, too.

    And like you, I like touching people that I care about. I also like gardening, cooking, crafting. I even like eating with my hands better than I like using a fork. (But I promise I know how to behave in front of other people. 🙂 ) I love touching things in general, I guess, experiencing the textures of things. And I use my hands when I talk, too.

    Oh, and a man with big meaty paws on him? MROWR! 😀

  23. Mercury in Aries inconjunct Uranus, Mars, Pluto & the Moon in Virgo.

    Mercury in Aries makes me zip about without thinking – usually off chasing shiny things. One time, when I was twelve, I was in the public library. Wearing clogs and jeans and a sweater, my head filled with what books I was going to get (and only four at a time – damn those rules!) and not paying attention to what I was doing I swerved to avoid walking into someone and fell off my clogs. I caught my fall on a booktable with my left hand – the kind with the lip to hold the books up? And rammed that soft tender area between thumb and forefinger right onto the lip. Fractured the thumb so badly chips jarred loose. Ended up having surgery on the hand, twice, to get the chips out. And to this day I’ve got one nasty wicked scar on my left hand and it’s always in pain.

    I started paying more attention to what I was doing after that.

    My hands are a little mis-shapen. I don’t generally pay attention to them. The cats have left some really deep scars. My hands are tools; they work. When not working, they’re in fists. It’s been like that my whole life and everyone notices I go about with clenched fists – even when not angry. Sitting in meeting my hands rest on the tabletop, tips of thumbs touching, pinky knuckles 90 apart – I had a collegue, years ago, measure the pinies… exactly 90 degrees apart 😀 As I’m aware of my tendency to go about with my fists clenched I try hard not to do it but don’t always succeed.

    Lasty, I am a very fast typist and think best when typing (writing).

  24. feminine, slender/long fingers, really soft/sensitive skin.. i’ve always gotten compliments about my hands :]

    mercury conjunct sun and venus, in cancer.

  25. My hands are large and as my mother says, a bit manly. I think as I’ve gotten older they’ve become a bit more feminine. But I have pretty more than average hand type for a females, rounded palms, with many lines. The major lines are spaced out a bit evenly. Mercury in the first house in Aquarius. I have a nervous problem and have a bad habit of biting my nails. Mercury is not conjunct anything else but my ascendant so I guess I love to use my hands to express myself creatively.

  26. I have Mercury in Leo in the 2nd house and people have commented on my hands since I was a little kid. I have long, tapered fingers and everyone asks me if I play the piano. I also love to touch and am very tactile.

  27. I think my other comment didn’t um make it before my computer died on me…so ok my hands are big for a woman’s. My mother use to say that I have man hands, but as I’ve gotten older I think they’ve become a bit more feminine. I have a bit more than average finger length. My pinky leans away from my other fingers. Also I have a very bad habit of biting my nails. My mercury is conjunct my ascendant in aquarius. It’s un aspected to anything else. I have rounded palms and heavy hands. My major lines are spaced out about averagely and sweep over the palm, so the lines are pretty long and they all slope. The life and headline slope down ward. The head falls under the pinky. I have alot of other minor lines on my hand. Maybe has something to do with my stellium in the 12th house. ::shrugs:: I like to use my hands to express myself creatively I suppose, and I’m a pretty affectionate person…venus and mars conjunct. There’s a Quincunxaspect to my midheaven from mercury and a semi sextile to uranus…but not too important I don’t think.

  28. Merc in Cancer in 4th house.

    My hands are smooth, white and soft with long tapered fingers. Always being told I should play piano. I am taking lessons at the moment. Very fast fingers (secretarial/computer work). I thought about being a hand model once. My nails are soft though and I keep them just over the edge of my fingers.

    Men MUST have nice hands for me to want them to touch me. My hub and Merc in Aquarius and has lovely long artistic-looking hands…mmmm…..

  29. i have large hands with long fingers with large knobbly middle joints.

    i guess they can be described as “fumble fingers” when in action since quite a few things either slip or break in my grasp.

    still they do intricate painstaking work that leaves me astounded and proud of the pair ~i love ’em

    mercury in leo in 3H, semisquare venus, opposite saturn & semi-sextile uranus

  30. Nothing extraordinary about my hands. I have a “mixed” type of hand but very feminine and practical regardless. Fingers are not overly-long, not particularly slender, not too plump or knobbly joint-wise. I bite my nails and pick at the skin on my fingers so most of the time my hands are sort of ratty looking. I love my hands, especially because they are always warm and soft and dry. There is nothing that turns me off more than having to hold hands with a cod. Mercury in the 7th in Pisces.

  31. I love this post! I have thought about this a lot lately. My Mercury is conjunct Pluto in Libra in 5th, BUT I think my hands are all about my Gemini Moon in 12th.

    NEVER stop moving. I looked at a series of photos of me lately and my hands were flying everywhere while my mouth was running. Constant “hand” habits — hair twirling, doodling, fidgeting with something, and oh yes, piano playing. Long, thin fingers, fairly big handspan. My Libra wishes they were teeny and more feminine.

    And as for the Moon/12th, the most emotionally powerful thing you can do to me is hold my hand… I’ve almost never had a boyfriend or partner who did, and if you want to sweep me off my feet, that’s the way.

    So I absolutely agree with your Mercury point, but for me it’s Merc ruling my Moon that seems to fit. In any case, they’re Air hands for sure.

  32. Mercury Mars conjunct in Cancer in the 11th (Sun is there too). Square Jupiter in Libra.

    My hands are strong (I’ve been told). Short nails.

    And I am a fidgeter. Been told by astrologers that I need to knit or bake bread or garden or do SOME thing with my hands–

    When I touch another person, squeeze or give a massage it relaxes my Mercury stuff (Gemini mid-heaven/Virgo moon and ascendent).

  33. This is an interesting post.

    I have Mercury in Libra and my hands are quite small and dainty. I always loved using my hands in dance and I love them when they are playing guitar and piano.. piano especially because I can just feel the enegry. At times I found it hard to see my hands when playing piano because they always looked blurry and this energy like thing would cover them so I couldnt see them properly.

    I love looking at hands and was always interested in pamistry. I also love men who are expressive with the hands when talking and move their hands around they trying to explain something.

  34. My Mercury is in Gemini in the 9th house. I have big hands, my fingers are extremely flexible, and the tips splay upward in a weird way. I am a champion thumb wrestler. I always bang my hands without noticing, then discover later that I’ve cut or scraped myself, but I don’t feel a thing. My Mercury is well-aspected – sextile Moon/Jupiter and Venus.

  35. I find hands extremely interesting and have been seeking out photos of them in magazines…I have mars conjunct sun/merc in leo/5H. They are fire hands, same length of palm and fingers so proportioned and pretty freakin’ average looking to me. My knuckles seem large, but my ring finger size is 5 3/4…so I thought my fingers were on the large size, but have since learned they are average (again). They are also strong and hard…I studied martial arts for years, went to art school and work on the computer constantly. I do not have very feminine soft hands..they are working hands. All of my hobbies involve their use…drawing, sewing, knitting, etc. and they are constantly scratched up and unpainted but shaped nicely.

  36. My hands are slightly large for my height and such. They’re round and my fingernails are the mixed kind. Some are tapered while like my middle and index finger are square. I have long fingers, and I constantly bite my nails. Mercury conjunct ascendant in the first house in aquarius. I have nervous hands I think. I tap em, bite my nails and such. Must be that uranian influence.

  37. Hands are so important when I look at other people – they can make or break the “deal”.

    Mine are very sagittarean: narrow but long, with fingers in the shape of a flame. They’re great for delivering babies.
    But they’re bony (my Mercury is in Capricorn) and they’re something people notice in me (10th house). And they also get cold very easily,especially when I’m nervous (square Moon).
    I like my hands but I don’t like my nails and my wrists are so thin, anyone can break me.

  38. Mercury in the 7th in Scorpio. My hands are tiny. Quite strong and capable, but small. My middle daughter’s (who is 11 and quite thinly built) wrists are exactly the same size as mine. Her fingers are longer :/
    Theyre also always banged up. Usually my nails more so than my actual hands.

  39. Weird… I’ve always been told that my hands are “elegant.” Mercury in Pisces, 1st house. I have extra-long and thin fingers, ideal for playing piano, which I do, and pretty well. But what I’m also told is that my gestures are what make my hands so good. My mother has stumpy little digits and my father’s fingers were long, but sausage-like in thickness, so I don’t know where I got these appendages. Pisces hands should be small, no? I bought large gloves recently and they’re still too short for my fingers.

  40. average-ish. i have stubby fingers with, palmistry-speaking, several different types (though they match to their symmetrical opposite on the other hand.) my nails are always breaking so i keep them short and i don’t tend to polish the nails.

    my fingers are as longs as my mother’s but her palms are huge compared to mine.

    i don’t know. mostly they’re utilitarian. not graceful like some people’s. i used to have thousands of faint lines over the palms (which made palmistry practice kind of dizzying) but they’ve condensed down some. scars on my knuckles. my pinkies bend out in a funny curved way that’s a family trait from my mother. that’s the only knobby joint, the rest are smooth.
    mercury’s in taurus in the ninth. aspecting the ascendent, uranus, and saturn.

  41. Mercury & Mars 9th house Pisces. My hands are average sized for my body but petite compared to everyone else’s, very soft, long and skinny fingers that always seem to be too small for rings, and I have a soft touch. I get compliments on my pretty hands, and they “transform” into beautiful hands when I paint my nails. I must admit that they look totally different and great when I paint them.
    I feel energy through them very much. I must be careful touching others because I feel like some people soak up my energy; it’s as if they are taking away my energy, and I don’t like it…sometimes I can feel my palms aching after just gently shaking someone’s hand or just touching them…and those are usually shady types or needy types. The shadier they are, the longer my hand aches after having touched them. It may sound weird, but I know it to be true. My hands are very sensitive, and I try my best to protect them from bad energy as well as bad scratches.

  42. I never thought of this before! Hmm.. I have Sag Mercury,Saturn in 9th and trine Leo moon!

    I move my hands a lott when i talk . I would do anything to keep them busy. Usually making imaginary shapes,pointing,moving..etc! When i am more passionate ,my hands have a life of their own! I cant stop them!!!:P

  43. I have this memory…LOL
    When i was 5-6.. i used to play with my hands! I would think that they are 2 birds, that follow me all the time! The thumb-index were the left wing! And the ring-little finger the other 🙂

    Excuse my Pisces imagination:P

  44. OHHH!!!!! It all makes sense to me now!!!!
    I was so upset when i realised that my hands(birds) where stuck with me! I wanted them to be free! (Saturn-Mercury Sag 9th)

    Somehow …I can associate this memory with my Mercury boundaries and restrictions.

    okkkkkkkkkk i will stop typing now:)

  45. Correction to post number 43. Mercury and Mars in 9th house Aquarius, not Pisces. What was I thinking. Man, I really need one of those edit buttons.

  46. I have Mercury in Pisces in the 1st house, sextile Venus. My fingers are really long and I used to be a pretty good pianist. I talk with my hands quite a bit, and I don’t mind touching strangers, especially old people. I work in a big hospital, and often there are people lost on my floor asking for directions. If they look a bit distressed (and nobody comes to a hospital for happy reasons, unless someone’s having a baby), I like to touch them on their arm or something as I’m sending them on their way. I am told my touch feels calming and healing. Hands are a big thing with me, and I’ve also been turned off of men with weird or gross hands.

  47. i love hands! i always notice them. and my feelings for a guy can totally change depending on what his hands look like. i especially like what i like to call “big, strong, musician hands”.

    i have scorpio mercury in the 9th house, conjunct sun and neptune. square saturn and ascendant.

    i have very large hands. and i’m always banging them up. my nails are too wide to grow long. (though i probably wouldn’t anyway.)

    that seinfeld “man hands” episode made me kind of self conscious about them for a while. but i got over it. (mostly. haha.)

    i think my hands are very strong and capable looking. the kind of hands you can count on. 🙂

  48. I don’t know where my hands went wrong, Sun, Mercury in Capricorn, 3rd & 4th. I have always been ashamed of my hands they have always looked at least 2x their age. Even when I was in 1st grade, I remember the girl that sat next to me asked my why my hands looked wrinkled compared to everyone else’s. Now they are knobby with arthritis (I remember my Grandma’a hands were all knarled and twisted) and have horrible spots. They had other tragedies along the way, like horrible warts when I was young that didn’t end well, considering medical procedures back then.

    Yet they have been conduits of some incredible healing. There is healing energy that flows through them and so many people are glad they were touched via different modalities (in which I have had various training) Needless to say, I admire the appearance most hands other than my own.

  49. This is such an interesting post 🙂

    I have Mercury Taurus in the 8th, but also a stellium in Gemini in the 9th. I have pretty tiny hands with thin fingers. People have dubbed them “dainty.” It feels pretty fitting! I’ve always recognized that my hands have an airy characteristic about them.

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