Do You Love To Be Filmed Or Have Your Picture Taken?

lights camera action“I came to Hollywood because that’s where they point cameras at you and that’s what I wanted.”

I wished I could credit that quote. Unfortunately, I watched so many videos during the session where I came across, I don’t recollect who said. However, it stuck with me because I thought it was honest.

So what about someone who wants to be in front of a camera.  Does this make them “narcissistic”?  Does it make them an entertainer? An attention-seeker?

I thought it might be worth trying to figure out since a good percentage of the world is like this today. I admit to being stupefied by IG profiles filled with thousands of pictures of a single person. And then there are the people who look at the thousands of pictures of a single person.

What are these people like?  Are they consumers? Critics? Jealous? Studying?

I was mulling all this when I ran across a bunch of talk of Brazilian butt lifts. It’s not actually you that is famous, it’s your butt… well your fake butt.  Who are these people who aspire to be butt famous?

I just wonder what people think of this or if you are like this, what you think of it.  What’s the astrology?

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29 thoughts on “Do You Love To Be Filmed Or Have Your Picture Taken?”

  1. I am a scorpio/sag.. I hate being photographed, or filmed. I always have this way of looking like I am something out of the exorcist .Even as a tiny girl I was camera shy. When someone has to post a pic of themselves everyday it makes me think they are very egocentric. Maybe I am wrong, maybe its just insecurity and they need constant reassurance that they are beautiful. Or liked or whatever.

  2. I am beginning to comprehend how deep and freakishly dark this trend is. It seems frivolous but it’s not.

    I know there is at least one person who reads here who knows what I mean. I’m hoping some others come out of the woodwork.

    1. Agree Elsa. It is bizarre. I do like it when I get a a good pic of myself (as there are less as the years go on) but not constantly. I think it’s the world being in more and more isolation, and not just because of Covid, when people are satisfied with only looking at themselves, literally and figuratively.

      1. After hearing the remark, which I *think* was made by Marilyn Manson, I just wondered how common this was… to want be be in front of a camera.

        It seems remarkable to me, that so many so. Old, young, cute or not – everyone wants to be filmed. I don’t think this is ORGANIC which means it is orchestrated.

        When you start thinking about the who, the how and the why…. well, wow! That’s what I have to say.

  3. Not photogenic, and not conventionally beautiful ( weird phrase really). It’s very static , I like some pictures of myself, but they are usually taken “in action “ . Sometimes I wonder if I’ll regret not taking pictures while I’m fairly young. Apart from portraits of people , I feel images can over time disrupt the memory of a moment, usually the photo is taken in a split reprieve of a emotional exchange with the surroundings , and the image can sometimes lack because of it or give an impulse that’s not genuine. I can obsess over other people’s pictures , don’t know what is most unhealthy. Even have a pintrest board where I collect people (?) I think are pretty or intriguing. Just celebrities. Those IG accounts that are of only selfies , how incredibly dull?

  4. Never camera ready I don’t remember being camera shy but then there seemed to be a spot when everyone took as many candidates as possible and Voila’ I avoid camera at all costs however my brothers seem to take pictures I love they put a sparkle in me andAlways felt like my bum big enough
    Would never think to increase:(
    I really not a TikTok person either
    I love books ,not sure,but I think I feel the paper with inner that weirder than bum pictures
    I just don’t understand the Kadashian
    Craze,whole thing un-understandable
    For me,like if someone obsessed about the backside of you don’t they miss all that fun eye stuff and mouthy
    Expressiveness and the wonderful way mouths stretch and twirl words
    I ll watch a face way longer than any big bum even if it can twirl with

    1. “I just don’t understand the Kadashian
      Craze,whole thing un-understandable”

      It’s astounding how many people have altered their butts due to Kardashian influence.

      It’s like first they got everyone to get giant breast implants… now people think they have to move fat into their butt so they can be seen… and worshipped?

      At what point does the veil drop on this?

  5. I find that wanting to be seen for the sake of being seen or other monetary reasons is the admission of selling oneself.

    There is a lot of objectification going on, dehumanizing behaviors over money and capitalistic ideals.

    I find it off-putting.

    I do not care to be photographed. Perhaps it is a combo of astrology and upbringing. Capricorn Venus, Mars Scorpio (conj Saturn, damn malefics), sextile.

    I was once convinced that if I looked & behaved a certain way–muscles, groomed, sense of importance–that I would be rewarded with a woman and make exchanges based upon nearly unspoken agreements. If she knows I do this and look this way, then she can imply that I have or do these things, and vice versa.

    Apparently, many people want to personally own and have access to another person’s big ‘ol ass. It’s a commodity high in price, and gets you access to all sorts of stuff.

    So, it seems there is at large, a major issue concerning people’s sovereignty, our education, and what is put in front of us to obsess over.

    If we go back just several generations, this was not the case. I do see to extreme ends happening here.

    Many are not just giving away their bodies for future investments in material gain. Others confidently show their body without looking for anything in return.

    1. I must add, I do enjoy showing my physical prowess now and then but through good competition, which can be very fun, but not at the expense of my self-worth while subtly begging.

  6. Scorpio ASC with Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st House here and I don’t like other people photographing or filming me but I don’t mind doing it myself such as taking my profile pics or filming myself. Just not other people doing it.

  7. my younger self thought I was into the Hollywood center of attention/fame or whatever you wanna call it, be it I grew up as a performer.. but that was pre-social media. Now, I am not even on social media and really loathe it for these reasons. I was quite good at it before likes and comments were in existence, but this new world we live in – I just can’t do it anymore. That came into effect even more so after being humbled to my Plutonian core. The ego-death I experienced from traumatic death transformed my values and how I seek meaning. I need depth and while many argue about its good potential for connection etc, I resonate more with its negative qualities & steer clear.

    I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot after my attraction to a professional model that is of course very active on it. While it may be nice to be so gorgeous as he, I couldn’t help but notice how objectified he is and his worth has been defined by his appearance. I don’t know, I just can’t imagine being truly happy that way.

  8. as for the astrology, I am not sure… in his case, maybe all the Jupiter? – stellium in Sadge & Sun sq Jupiter… but I think Venus in Scorpio square Saturn rings true. I’ve suspected he may have Libra rising or Venus conjunct.

  9. I dislike being filmed and it has only happened by coincidence or random stuff. I like to take pictures of my self as I am not posting them and would delete most of them soon from the phone, I like to play with filters and just ridiculously notice how truly different every picture is from one mood to another. It’s neptune/moon in 1st conj rising playing tricks. As for being filmed, I don’t see the point of it, I am not doing anything smart or interesting, why should I want that.. it’s also a personal complex that I feel graceless in movement. I can hardly stand seeing myself move or talk and would dislike to even look at myself brushing teeth in the mirror. I think I look better sitting still unmoved. /thanks saturn in 1st house square venus perhaps. What I like is taking pictures of my family and friends, my pics aren’t the most aesthetic but they are warm, people I photograph are smiling, moving, doing something- not colgate smiling and airbrush moving for a commercial- type. They are just pictures with life and warmth. I can capture feelings. Smile with your eyes, please* click ?

  10. I’m pretty Plutonic, and I hate having my photo taken. Really hate it. I like seeing natural photos of people I like (Libra sun), but detest the cult of vanity that seems to be everywhere. It’s not the fact that people are putting pictures of themselves up, it’s the fact they alter, filter and almost corrupt their own images so that they don’t look like themselves anymore, just an approximation of what society deems ‘beautiful’.

    1. I don’t think sepia tones or grey/purple/red color hues are corrupting anyone but that’s just me. If you were talking about making the body looking slimmer or correcting marks, imperfections then I am on the same page. You mentioned filters after my comment and I am wondering what kind of filter(s) are you talking about, just curious.

      1. I believe there are filters that smooth the skin, contour face shape etc, I have no problems with sepia et al, I like them and own quite a few photos with those effects, but at least with those, you can see the real person, not a ‘perfected’ version.

  11. I remember when this first became a thing on Myspace in the early 2000s. This was when digital cameras became commonplace. It was emo girls with asymmetrical haircuts making kissy faces in the bathroom mirror. It spread like wildfire, and lives on through all the new platforms – not just for emo girls anymore. It seems like some sort of mating ritual.

  12. Butt famous… haha!

    I truly don’t understand it either but what an 8th house question to ask. People’s psychology and collective psychology is interesting to say the least.

    I have no interest whatsoever in a fake butt lol

  13. In the old days, women wore girdles to hold in their butts. I don’t get it! At the same time many are seeking attention by padding their butts, others are dying of anorexia.
    As to the astrology, I would think that unafflicted Leos will always need to be in the limelight in some way, and Virgos will strive for perfection through diet and (over?) exercise.
    Still, don’t you think the pandemic has resulted in a change of priorities? It’s hard to be shallow when so many have suffered.

  14. I agree with libra rising. Good points! It used to be, due to lack of medical knowledge or just not a thought yet, that fashion defined the figure. Vanity has been around for a long time, it’s just Social Media has made it exponentially more explosive.

    As for myself, it depends on who is taking my picture. I have a lovely photo of my dad and I he commissioned a photographer friend to do of us. I enjoyed that experience very much and cherish that photo. He also took lots of pictures of me from infancy to Adulthood but he was an Artist so he made them as an Art Study, so I tend to do any selfies the same way but not to post anywhere.

  15. I have a Virgo ASC.I get freaked out having my photo anywhere. I’m very self-conscious, but I also believe there unseen danger in being so out there in the open with social media.

    In the post, when Elsa mentioned looking at thousands of photos, that sometimes happens with Idols.

    I recently heard of something called a pure fan. A popular vlogger mentioned getting bullied by pure fans because she admitted she liked other entertainers.

    These “Pure Fans” claimed that they only worshipped that one idol and were upset that she wasn’t as loyal. So they began cyber-bullying. It was really eye-opening to hear about.

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