Events Or Decisions That Fundamentally Change Your Life

the thinkerWith Saturn squaring Uranus people everywhere are imploring other people everywhere, to WAKE UP. Uranus is considered “the awakener”. Saturn is a father figure pressuring all of humanity (Aquarius). It’s pretty interesting.

I think people are waking up all over the world. What they are waking up to is individual.  How they are waking up is also individual.  This is pisses off control freaks which Uranus loves to do.

Uranus is associated with change; Saturn with foundations. I got thinking about times when I fundamentally changed my life.

I’m talking about utterly changing who I am.  It doesn’t happen that often.

Birth of children will bring this about for most. Marriage should, according to me, but this is less reliable.   Divorce?

Moving far enough to experience a culture shock can also bring this about, but this is also unreliable.

If you’re dissatisfied and you want to fundamentally change your life, I suspect that changing your thinking or your view or perspective on things is most likely to open the door.  Perhaps it has to do with the Mutable signs.

Lately I’ve been advising people to advance.  The Saturn Pluto conjunction is done. It’s like sitting in your bombed out home, looking around and waiting for what?  The structure has imploded.

If you read here you’ve had tons of warning. “Cracks in the foundation” anyone?

Have you ever consciously decided to stop being one thing and start being another? What’s your new story (Jupiter)? How’s it coming together (Saturn)?

17 thoughts on “Events Or Decisions That Fundamentally Change Your Life”

  1. Yes,everyone in my family smoked and there was always talk about trying to quit failing, cheated yada yada. I started to notice that that running up the stairs left me breathing harder than before. I decided I should quit smoking. I had an epiphany an honest God lightening bolt in the head epiphany! I can’t let the word–try– into the sentence, “I quit smoking”. I know it sounds simple and cliche but that did it for me. I have Saturn conjunct Mercury, maybe that had something to do it…words set in stone lol The impact was undeniable. I never cheated. It was done. I was not a smoker. Funny thing is everyone thought I was cheating because they did lol.

      1. Making the conscious decision to quit smoking, and the resultant week of getting off nicotine dependence also marked a shift / reset / redirecting in my life.

  2. I just looked up my progressed chart for that year. My progressed Sun moved into Aquarius and conjuncted natal Saturn exactly!

  3. When I look back it was when I left where I was living that I was happy and content with the situation to moving in with my soon to be wife; we were together around eight years and often there was some difficulties until she walked out on myself. If I could turn back the clock I would not have moved in with her, stayed where I was, and perhaps things would be better now, because in may ways I am certainlnly in a hole with no place to stop and no place to go.

    1. I’m sorry, fiasco. I hate stories like this and am cooking up a way to address them, right now… this morning, trying to figure out how to get my ideas from my head to the screen. Please hang in there!

  4. I’ve been with a group of 4 who decided to quit ;each week the group met and would add something to their life …so it wasn’t quitting,it was doing more to improve their lives .
    I don’t remember all but this was the bones of it :
    Each week agreed to always slip tiny paper into each pack, that they would when smoking To Note Time!!!every cig , write down time.
    2nd week agreed that no smoke 1/2 hr. Before and after eating …everything ,meal ,snack ,bite, or Drink??? noted little paper
    Adding work ,but group vowed
    Honesty ,all honestly wanted
    To stop smoking !!
    Next week agreed every time bought cigs.
    Would buy different kind ,now ,no more best buddy, next week agreed
    Never buy from same store,ok
    Now time ,time ,time, they were starting to waste or use a lot of time !!thought !and the writing ??was easier to put off the smoke until they had time to plan and Write !
    Now the next 2-3 weeks agreed to include: 1 bottle water every 2 (waking )hours,next
    1 bag of carrots each day to diet,little ones like a cig in hand
    More vitamin C ,next celery
    Lots of healthy chewing gave hand mouth a replacement
    As of today all still quit
    But 1 guy , his brother talked him into just one for all time sake, misery loves company !!beware !!!
    This dude is now on last days of
    Lung cancer:( ok good luck

  5. As an Aquarius with Cap rising and Saturn, Sun, Mars in the first house, whatever Saturn & Uranus do interests me. When they do it together, well, I know I’m gonna feel it. Saturn is conjunct my Sun/Mars conjunction in the 1st. TrUranus is in my third squaring the same conjunction but also trining Mercury, Pluto & my natal Uranus.

    So, here’s the deal–I feel this electrical humming and surging for CHANGE! In the next three weeks I should hear if I got an overseas posting which would put me teaching in the Middle East for a year beginning this fall. I check my email…often. I just feel this need to see/do/hear something different. I feel like I need a good reset on a different path. That said, living through the next three weeks feels impossible! I just want to know–either way–so I can get off of this tipping point I feel like I’m balancing on! Great post, Elsa. I think a lot of people are feeling the need for fundamental change.

  6. I want to quit eating so much meat and I had almost completely stopped drinking beer and wine but now want to quit for good because every time I even have two beers, I gain weight back that I have lost. I grew up with a Swiss dad who thought nothing of wine every night, at dinner, so I grew up thinking drinking was natural. But lots of people only drink on occasion or on the weekends and I can’t do that anymore if I want to improve my health.

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    Cheryl Cuttineau

    After toughing it out as an entrepreneur since 2013 only to be slapped down for good last year when my business evaporated overnight after March 13, I have decided to re-enter the work force and start receiving a steady, consistent paycheck so I can afford a place of my own. I am studying an online course and preparing to face ageism and the mortgage loan business at age 69. Wish me luck! ( Siderial Capricorn Asc, Sag Sun, Aries Moon. Rahu in 2nd House Aquarius)

    1. UPDATE: After giving it my ALL I could not even get anyone to talk to me in order to get hired. It seems like all the hirees in the mortgage industry are Males who are 30-something Millenials. I do not have a criminal record and I do not have a lousy credit score. So, after six months I suddenly switched directions in pursuit of self-publishing and writing children’s picture books. I get to stay home and avoid the stress of being corporate or sales. I realized my number 1 priority was my health, and my primary job was to take care of my body temple. I am learning a new skill set that involves creativity AND Art–an unexplored territory for me–and FUN! I have NO idea where THIS path will lead me or how long it will take to réalise a new source of income(living on Social Security sucks), but my years of being homeless taught me to 1) trust God and 2) follow the signs. I feel I’m headed in the right direction 🙂

  8. I seem to have had so much complete change in my life.
    The birth of my son was probably the biggest one.
    In 2001, changed all my names: given names plus surname. Did it because after my mother died, I was told a lot of “family secrets” that had maliciously been kept from me.
    My Uranus is in Gemini in 2nd, and aspects Sun Mars Jupiter Saturn. There’s also a trine to my Part of Fortune, and an exact square to my MC.

  9. The effects of the huge changes in my life were huge too.
    Since my son’s birth I am completely different. I am now a mother and have life-long responsibilities that I have never shirked and won’t shirk no matter what.
    The name change was profound. I became a new person who knew who they were. It gave me a lighter kind of feeling.

  10. “If you’re dissatisfied and you want to fundamentally change your life, I suspect that changing your thinking or your view or perspective on things is most likely to open the door.”

    Have been doing that of late. Not sure when exactly I started. Sometime last year. It’s now an ongoing process and I foresee I will keep at it for a good while.

    Basically, I am, one by one, dropping values and beliefs I once held, values and beliefs that were core to who I am (or was). [This shocked my brother when I told him I was doing that.]

    There is a certain sadness that goes with the letting go (and mourning is definitely required). Because I still believe in the fundamental and intrinsic value of those values and beliefs/views/perspectives (etc.)… but… bottomline… it comes down to the proverbial ‘do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?’

    If the value or belief is not (or no longer) serving me, or anybody else, (despite my wishing it did), what is the point of hanging on to it? Especially when there is a price to pay for holding (practicing/acting on) that value or thinking. It has come down to a cost-benefit analysis for me.

    The process affects ALL the choices I make in a day – small, medium, big. I will now catch myself stopping dead in my tracks, asking: ‘Why do this (at all)?’ or ‘Why do it this way?’ ‘Does it matter? (to me, to anybody)’ ‘What would/will happen (to me, or anybody) if I *don’t*?’ And I quickly run the cost-benefit analysis (to me, to others) in my head…

    This jettisoning of values and beliefs that no longer serve — also of desires and expectations — is slowly and subtly but surely changing my life. I feel lighter.

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