Retreating In Order To Progress (Saturn Retrograde)

Old astronomy posterA week ago, I wrote about needing to find my way back to the fringe.  The margins of life! I needed to take a giant step and I did it. I’m now dealing with the fallout.

I actually not  dealing with much fallout, because it’s not important when scaled against the clarity of my vision and my dedication to what is important.

I did have an older man, I respect (Saturn) tell me today, he would be disappointed in me if I quit this or that. I felt his remark but he doesn’t yet know my reasons for my actions.Eventually he will know what happening here. I am pretty sure this will mark the end of his disappointment. Between now and then, faith is the best play for me. Saturn in Sagittarius. He’s only got part of the story. There is more to learn.

That’s what I am doing now. I am studying. I am studying every day and every night.

When I was a child I studied cards. I played cards / solitaire, two, three, four hours a day for several years until I was pretty much merged with the deck(s).

I studied astrology in a similar fashion. I’m pretty sure I read every astrology book every written at that time. I went as far as to sit in the library to read books borrowed from libraries around the country, too rare to leave the premises. It was just something I felt I had to do at the time. I did not plan to be an astrologer!

Next, I studied religion. When Saturn was in my 9th house, I went to RCIA. With Saturn in Sagittarius I joined another religious class. I still attend that class, but this last gasp of Saturn in Sagittarius has tasked me with learning something I never imagined would touch me.

Boy is it humbling. You would think, after all I’ve been through and all the people I have worked with, I would know that anything can happen to anyone. I would think that about me, but it’s incorrect. Because the unthinkable has happened and now I’m studying again. And I am compelled.

One thing Saturn transits do is they make things real clear.  What’s clear to me now, is I have to study this other subject.  And if things or people or volunteering / service stand in the way of this, it is up to me to prioritize. I need this education.

I know I am right because when I study, I learn. The things I learn, help me almost immediately.

That’s a big sign right there. I am not studying for some future benefit. I am studying because without the education, I’m just not going to make it from here to there. And if there is one thing I learned by studying religion, it’s that God wants me to make it from here to there!

Years ago, before I became Catholic, I used to tell people (and I wrote about this), that they should ask the universe (who I now see as God) to show them the path to their highest good.  Jupiter. I always added this; if the universe complies and that path is shown to you, you’ve got to commit to get on it (and stay on it). Saturn.

This is what’s happened. The path has been shown to me and why I might fail at being humble, I do not fail at staying on paths, once I know they have my name on them.  And this is why I retreated…so I could progress.

If you want instruction on Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius, here it is: A Real Education

Can you relate to any of this?

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  1. I certainly can. It makes sense. Mine has been a banquet of learning to the point of being deluged with a passion to know everything
    I lost my job in 2013. Since then I have achieved a few licenses in my profession to get back into what I loved for 23 years, but also started to study in earnest both astrology and health/herbal-ism. I felt compelled to learn these to know myself and the passion I have had since I was 9.
    Interesting, when Saturn sipped in Scorpio June to Sept 2015 got a whopping lesson about romantic love before slipping back into Sagittarius again. I have returned to Catholicism with devotion as well. Studying the patron saints led me to discover that my birth date was the feast day of Saint Hildegard, the patron saint of healers in natural medicine(herbal medicine).
    Now I know this I am going to write out my educational bucket list and push full steam ahead until its conclusion in December.

  2. Sorry, but I can’t relate. Already Jupiter as the highest good. That can certainly not be applied to a Capricorn Jupiter like mine. Detrimental sign and receiving only hard aspects.

  3. Im a Virgo. Capricorn can be very tough. Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo and Gemini
    Trust me, I glad for the 12 year break!!!

  4. Yes, I can definitely relate to the urge to study in a crisis. That’s how I’m hardwired as well. I have Venus and Mars H9.

    How exactly, though, do you personally know a particular path is the right one? I’m pretty sure you mean by signs, but how do you know exactly how to interpret signs? My signs always confuse me.

    1. My signs are always exactly what I would like to see. They always seem to manifest from my deepest desires.

      1. Sometimes my signs can be brought on by ideas I’m entertaining for just a short time as well. For instance, I once entertained the idea of becoming a fitness instructor, and shortly after, met several people in that line of work. Soon, I dropped that idea, and I started entertaining the idea of being a flight attendant and met a few people in that line etc… These people told me all about the profession and how to go about being in it, and I had a clear path in front of me, but chose another path, and the same thing happened again- seems there’s never a singular path…

        1. I am exactly like that. I have had a few starts and stops in my “life purpose path” over the past 4 years.
          But somehow the universe puts you on the path youre supposed to be on….or kicks you painfully into it.
          You might consider Looking up your north node in sign and house. It helped me anyway. I liked the book by Jan Stillers Astrology of the Soul.
          Also the people coming into your life at certain points. What are their signs?
          It might reflect, positively or negatively, where you are because you subconciously seek them out or they are drawn to you by the vibe you’re giving off. I always felt the universe gives you what you need. Again, positively or negatively.
          I do hope you find what you are looking for. There are over 42000 different occupations. So please be kind to yourself ???

          1. Thanks GADS…my NN is on a cusp and my mean and true node are in different signs, so I can’t make up my mind which sign it’s in. But I do look to the house it’s in.

            Fortunately, I finally settled on a career choice. I had a few signs for it too. The university I’m going to is a state university but this particular program program I’m about to start is very competitive. After I applied there, I met someone who went there. Then a few things happened regarding a pioneer in the field that the university is names after. Its pretty wild..all the signs:) Thank you.

              1. I’m glad. But see why signs confuse me? They confuse me because I think I’m creating them and I’m never sure what I want:/. I don’t think God, as in anything outside of me, is creating the signs.

                Btw- correction…the university is not named after the pioneer…the program is. There was a documentary on tv of this person’s life I came across, and the person has been mentioned on a few other occasions..this is my normal…I get so many signs, I hardly even find it out of the ordinary or special anymore- I just shrug it off and don’t think about it, lest I confuse myself…there’s never an answer as to why.. 🙂

  5. I can relate to setting priorities (I wish I knew how to do this).
    Although your goal is to serve people, you have to serve yourself first.
    You can’t save people from drowning if you don’t learn how to swim first.
    Even though you know how to swim already, you feel you need to lean more, and you know it’s important.

    1. I am actually studying service, if you can believe that. I have to learn new things in order to serve, so clearly I am going to do this. Because to me, life is service.

      *This does not mean that YOUR life is service. I am speaking personally.

  6. Recently, the two local astrology groups I attend have decided to go back to basics. We’ve concluded that we have delved too far into the fringe (Sagittarius) and we need to return to teaching the fundamentals (Capricorn) of astrology.

    1. I am sure Saturn (the Great “Teacher”) Rx influenced our decision – time to review our “astrology flash cards!”

  7. I can totally relate. Also, surprisingly, what you learn from one thing can apply to a lot of things in life. I was learning something from finance, but it applied to many parts of life. It’s all connected.

    1. Oh definitely! I call it a “soft skill or knowledge” ..something we acquire through specific study or practice that can apply to many nonrelated parts of our life. My study of finance, for instance, taught me that time affects the value of all things, one way or another. it seems ridiculously simple. But you find once you acquire it, you apply the mindset to many areas of life.

  8. ah, yes, the retrenchment is already starting.
    i need to focus on finishing my degree. so i can transform my life.

  9. Again Elsa – ALL the Power to You for doing what you know you need to do. You have talked about this a few times now – I am really curious to know where Your Life is taking you. I hope that one day this will be shared with those who appreciate your work so much, in some way. Lots of Love to you Elsa <3

    1. I’m sure I will but I don’t think it will be soon. Others are entitled to privacy. I have no wiggle room at all. 🙁

  10. you are like the satellites;their magic is because of space, that nothing stops the energy.Your inner candle can light up a galaxy.Divine mystery,limitless

  11. I cant relate to this. Saturn is retrograding straight into merc and saturn; its practically a straight aspect. If anything, I know that my mind has gone dead. All the thoughts and plans I had while loads of planets were aspecting jupiter and venus have gone. Its like a mind wipe. I am not learning anything; I am forgetting. Yes I am getting older, and therefor more religious; but I wouldnt put this down to saturn through sagg. If anything that would be atheism. Incidentally, there is alot of talk in the alternative media of podesta and soul cooking (whatever that is) and demonism. Could this be the saturn through sagg?

    1. I think I understand what you mean, equating Saturn in Sagittarius with atheism. Blocking religion. Lack of faith. Opposition.

      But it works the way. Spiritual foundation. Commitment to religious principles, etc.

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