Weekly Forecast: March 18-22, 2024 – The Amber Of The Moment

shark emThis is the last Monday with Sun in Pisces. After an especially foggy week when the Sun conjoined Neptune, many will be glad to see it hit Aries Tuesday night. In the meantime, we’ve still got a Pisces stellium with Venus, Saturn, and Neptune – and Venus lapping Saturn on Thursday.

Venus conjunct Saturn is textbook trouble, a barrier to the goodies; but life rarely follows the textbook. It’s also possible to see long-held principles win out, or for the righteous to get their due. If you’ve done the work and walked the walk, pleasure, pleasantries, and profit may come in time. Now? Maybe, but we’re better off to persist rather than just dream.

As Venus conjoins and passes Saturn in Pisces, it picks up an applying sextile to Jupiter in Venus-ruled Taurus. So this is no ordinary Venus-Saturn energy. It’s elevated, and it’s paradigm busting. Don’t give up now; keep seeking the best in yourself and others. Reality is fluid.

Seeking is Mars, and Mars marches to the end of Aquarius before dipping into Pisces Friday night. Step lively! Try something new while you’re at it. By midweek, Mercury makes its way into conjunction with Chiron in Aries, the perfect time to figure out a new twist on an old problem.

The Sun leaves Pisces on Tuesday, hits Aries (the sign of Mars), and sextiles Pluto on Thursday. We’ve got a little wiggle room get some movement sparked, but this one is a corker. The collective ego is ripe with the power of persuasion and some extra pizazz. If you’re ready to move on something, make sure it’s something you’re proud of.

With Venus-Saturn-Jupiter in the mix, you want to use your powers for good. There’s still so much Pisces, and this water is unknowable (though we’re set up for some lessons). Don’t put yourself in the position of winning for the sake of winning. The what of the win matters greatly.

Kurt Vonnegut said, “Well, here we are, Mr. Pilgrim, trapped in the amber of this moment. There is no why.” I’d say, “Here we are like anchovies in aspic. There is no alternate entree.”

Rather than bemoan whatever is happening, accept that there may be something to learn from it. That is true even if the meaning has not yet landed. Just keep moving like it will.

As for the Moon…

Monday’s Cancer Moon sextiles Jupiter, squares Mercury then Chiron, and goes on to sextile Uranus. Everyone has a distinct vision, fueled by personal matters and experience. Don’t get in their way, and don’t let them get in yours. The mood works best when you keep your own spirits up and innovate rather than go to war over a difference of perspective.

On Tuesday, the Cancer Moon trines Neptune then the Pisces Sun. Open your heart to creative inspiration. Ego is the I that experiences something bigger than itself. There has to be a self to place yourself in infinity (and see what you’re part of, what you’re making). Once the Moon moves to Sun-ruled Leo, it opposes Pluto. Then the Sun hits Aries and begins its sextile to Pluto. Open up, take in, blast off.

Wednesday, the Leo Moon quincunxes Venus and Saturn, squares Jupiter, then heads toward trine with Chiron and Mercury (exact by morning). Take your time in order to concentrate on getting it right. The mood is fiery and so is the narrative. Set your eyes on the prize. There’s no rush, so ground your passion in your longer term ideals.

Thursday’s Leo Moon finishes up the trine with Mercury then squares Uranus in Taurus. Nighttime takes the Moon into opposition with a final degree Aquarius Mars. It’s a social mood. We might find ourselves out on a limb faster than expected, so keep that disposition sunny. Laugh it off. The mood changes in a moment, so use that to your advantage. The expectations of others can feel taxing; find something to finish and satisfaction is yours.

Early Friday, the Moon moves to Mercury-ruled Virgo and through the point of a yod with the receding Sun-Pluto sextile. It’s okay to feel a bit powerful. That build-up is just what we need to feel like a mundane super-hero in service, to take a regular old day and jump in with a will to head toward a banging future.

Friday night, the Virgo Moon cruises on into the night and into opposition with Saturn in Pisces. All day is about limits… exploring the mood up close in our relation to self, then cranking it back down as we see them imposed from the outside. Either way, it’s a wide world and we can feel where we are, who we are, based on our interactions and what we make of them.

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          1. Oh, ha! I thought you were correcting something I had misswritten. I didn’t see it was a nested reply. Things show up differently on my phone since the site change. Very Neptunian, clear as mud!

  1. I looked at the header and looked at the pic. and thought ‘caught’.
    Caught of guard? I dont know…

    l dreamt of a fish last night. It was there freshly caught… l was alone in a side street– up the road a bit. There was a lot l had to pack up ( strange metal tubs and bits and pieces) what to leave and what to take…? l couldnt take it all — but l wasnt going to leave that fish behind. It was the only thing ‘flesh and blood’. Subject to nature and time…

    I see my nephew today. He is tall like a ladder. I told him l was going to use him like one– then take him to lunch.

    The tensions/stress (mine) come if l project too far, it feels like l am falling out of my body…so l don’t think too far ahead. Everything seems to be suspended…waiting. Yes, a moment caught. We always remember the moment when…

    Here is an odd thing: yesterday trans. Mars was conjunct my Chiron 27 (and Fortuna) in the 12th. I used to be a Member of the Tarot Guild . I wondered if they were still a thing and they are–the oldest running like this is the oldest blog….l have been invited to rejoin and l will.

    I love Vonnegut, Satori. The truth and the absurdity.

  2. something happening in my workplace…ive felt it for a couple of weeks now and today we have a meeting – interesting?!

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