Full Moon In Scorpio Square Pluto In Aquarius: April 23, 2024

Dorian gray paintingThe full moon in Scorpio will take place @ 4 degrees, in the evening on, April 23rd.  The sun and moon will square Pluto, intensifying the affect.

Full moons illuminate situations.  With Pluto involved here, it’s what’s hidden that will comes to light. I am going to leave the worldly spin to others.  You’re likely to encounter some shadow energy here… yours, theirs or both!

You can also expect relationship triangles to pop up, because there are three powerful figures here.

triangleSee this chart? It’s talking to you!

You can see the full chart here.

It certainly looks like a tense power struggle, but this doesn’t mean something bad happens. It just as likely something is born of the tension. A breakthrough, rather than a break down.

If you have planets at early degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you are bound to be impacted by this. My husband’s birthday is two days prior. I could see his mother (moon) taking a turn here.  She’s on hospice.

This does not mean, someone in your life is going to die.  I’m trying to offer a textbook example of how this stress might manifest.

If you are hit with this; here’s a tip: let go.

Betrayal is possible here as well; or rather, you it may be you learn of the betrayal at this time.  You may also be dragged threw the mud, so to speak.  On the flip side you may be protected by someone in a position to do this for you.  If you have Eagle-type Scorpios in your life, this is more likely.

If you want to align with this consider stripping away what is non-essential and getting to meat of a situation, or the meat of yourself, if necessary.   Bottom line, if you’re all up the other’s business, neglecting your own; well it’s not a good look.

That’s another thing with this. We tend to think others think about us, what we think about us.  It’s is rarely true.

Personally, I am expecting to be unnerved by this, but at a distance, I hope, because it does not aspect my natal chart. My progressed chart, yes.  But I’m Neptooning that, away.

Will you be hit by this full moon? What do you want from it?

39 thoughts on “Full Moon In Scorpio Square Pluto In Aquarius: April 23, 2024”

  1. But still there is that fabulous Jupiter conjunct Uranus at 21 degrees Taurus going on at the same time so might there not be something that is unexpectedly good that emerges from this after all?

  2. The Sun will be illuminating my Taurus Mars. Pluto is getting closer to my Venus conjunct chiron at 4 Aquarius in the eighth house. So this full moon may highlight what the Pluto transit is about. At the same time the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is opposite my Saturn which rules the eighth. And transiting Saturn is getting very close to a conjunction with my Pisces Sun and opposite my Virgo Moon. So far life is quiet on the surface with a lot going on internally.

  3. Dorian Grey is a metaphore of the western civilization, which waste a lot (most) of its energy hiding the filth and putrefaction of its true values: crime, violence, greed, lies.

  4. my solar return is the next day

    the full moon in my 12th hits my natal Pluto… so, definitely unnerving but hopefully healing

  5. It’s striking because it’s so clean. I think we’ll see something with this one. Certainly will, around here. I can see it on the horizon.

  6. That Full Moon will conjunct my natal Mercury, 10th House. Mercury squares a stellium in Leo so adding the moon’s illumination. Hmmm.

    You ask: What do I want from this Scorpio full moon? And consider the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction (which will be exactly on my Taurus North Node) too, I’ll ponder and come back with something

  7. The full moon will be right on top of my South Node at 4⁰ Scorpio in 12H while the sun hits my North Node in Taurus 6H. Pluto is acting as a pendulum in H3. I would like to amputate the toxic elements in my life, most of which are bad pathology and bad habits. The Uranus/ Jupiter conjunction is right on my DSC 7th house side….. The Mars/ Saturn conjunction is in 4H and creates a grand trine with my Cancer 8H stellium and my Scorpio
    ASC+Neptune. Need to pull my self through this and get to the good bits.

  8. I have Pluto in the second house @ 7 degrees with a lot of trines to Mars/Mercury in the 10th and Juno in the 6th.

    With Pluto that means the Full Moon will be conjunct and then my natal Pluto will be square transit Pluto…

    Even with all the natal tribes, that Pluto square Pluto sounds unnerving?

    Btw, I have been involved in power struggles (I keep being moved in my job to different classrooms because people are getting with one another and don’t want to work with each other.

  9. I’m drawn to Mercury with the North node, with Mercury stationing to go direct on 25/26th. Words will be an important part of the transformation occurring.

  10. Got prayers being built.Beware of
    Stories, as old ones say lies March 1/2 way around the earth when the laces of Truth aren’t even tied.

  11. A full moon opposite my Taurus sun at 7 degrees.. my Scorpio moon is getting an opposition from Uranus awaiting Jupiter to join.. I hope there is something good coming

  12. The moon will be conjunct my ASC, the sun will be exact on top of my mars and conjunct my natal sun, pluto has already been squaring up all my angles as it’s sitting on my IC. This should be interesting I guess. My birthday will be 5 days after that. This has already been a very busy month.

  13. Avatar
    James Slattery

    It conjuncts my Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th house trine the ASC in Pisces trine Mercury in Cancer in the 5th. I’m hoping for some good news are a very uneventful time. It might have something to do with an incoming pension in June.

  14. Moon will conjunct my Scorpio ASC and in my husband’s chart, will conjunct his Scorpio MC, 1-2 degree orbs. Sun will conjunct both our Taurus Mars, 1-4 degree orbs. (We are born 9 days apart). Oh yes….and the Jupiter-Uranus Taurus conjunction only a few days prior to the Scorpio full moon will conjunct his Taurus Moon and sextile my Venus Cancer, both exact. I’m a newbie astrology enthusiast, so I’m able to interpret w/ vague idea what these aspects might entail. I have a feeling this’ll involve a break-thru, as mentioned. We’ve been waiting (Taurus Mars) for 8 yrs. on resources to come thru (legal-Jupiter), and the wait and legal process has provided us with many, sadly stressful, personal transformations instead…..has been difficult, super emotional and then liberating at times to go thru this w/ each other as allies. We’ve ultimately learned to find love thru the many tests…..needing to transform the fear of not having enough. With all these aspects, perhaps there are new beginnings and fruitions realized. I’m meditating on change for the better. 🙂

    1. Ooof, although my circumstances are different I can TOTALLY relate to the delayed benefits, struggle, etc.💚💚

  15. I would love to post the chart if anyone wishes to chime in as to whether I should even leave the house! I am not a pro but an intuitive learner; hopefully I’m not misreading toward the negative… However, I don’t see an option to attach a screen shot — ?

  16. Avatar
    Bob (in Australia)

    This full moon smack bang on one foot (a stellium of ☿, ♆ & ♃ in my 12th house) of a very prominent YOD pointing towards ♂r in my natal chart.
    I’ve spent my whole life exploring and transmuting this energy in my psyche (that’s why I love Astrology so much!).
    I’ve got my big shovel ready to go digging already!
    I’m specifically asking for greater clarity from the Universe for those gifts that I am manifesting for myself and for everyone else too!

  17. I have a close friend with Venus @ 0 ♒, hit very hard.

    My husband, Ben and a three others in my close inner circle are impacted. It’s concerning.

    1. Avatar
      Bob (in Australia)

      I’m intuiting it’s likely that you might be struggling to remain your usual unflappable objective self in some type of emotional power struggle perhaps? With Jupiter conjunct Uranus powerfully affecting this full moon, sudden unexpected changes are well and truly afoot. Life really does throw us some curve balls at times and you might wonder why you would choose such a difficult path in yours (or those very close to you) and all of humanity for that matter, individual soul evolution.
      You hit the nail right on the head “You’re likely to encounter some shadow energy here… yours, theirs or both!”

  18. I have Pluto, natally, in the 4th house at 2 Leo So I am pretty much in the cross hair of this event. Plus having the sun and moon involved. Wonder how all of this will light up my chart. All in angles in the chart.

  19. Recently had my chart rectified so now 2 Aquarius Ascendant. Have been like a prawn without a skin so stepped back from socializing for a few weeks. This full moon will impact my natal 4 degree Taurus Mercury in 4th which itself squares natal Pluto 4 degrees Leo in 7th. I turned 81 on the 14th and travelled interstate for a meetup on15th with two sisters (one a past life enemy) and ten cousins I hadn’t seen since the 1950s. I was aware of lots of ancestors around. In my feelings, I ladled out love like a soup kitchen. Had phonecalls yesterday from two Scorps who are in need and am responding. (They usually need nobody and assist others.) Best protection for me is stay calm, centred, positive. Am attending a spiritual healing conference this weekend. Whatever we do Pluto and that full moon in Scorp will take charge, so am asking to experience their positive side.

  20. Well, well… it looks like I will.
    My Sun, venus, moon, saturn and jupiter are in a fixed grand cross in my natal chart.
    Also, jupiter is ate 4 of scorpio, so… 🤞🏼

  21. I took a week of vacation. I see interesting times ahead. Neptune Scorpio 2° stationary retrograde oppose Mars Taurus 1° square Uranus Leo 4° opposite Sun Chiron conjunction Aquarius 11°. I bought a new exercise mat to work out more and I pray more. I heard horrible family news. My nephew was jailed for sexually abusing his stepdaughter when she was young and I’m still shocked. His birthday is 4/20. Sun Chiron Taurus 0°. I pray for him and the family.

  22. I’m worried. Pluto is in my 1st house. The Taurus sun will conjunct my IC and Full Moon in Scorpio Conjunct MC and they both square my moon in Leo in 7th. My husband goes in for a biopsy for his prostate on Apr 25th. I’m hoping that they don’t find anything wrong with him. His mother is also in the hospital for a knee surgery. She’s not recovering very quickly, they found her red blood cell count is low after surgery and trying to figure out why it’s low. So I don’t know if this full moon will bring bad news about her or my husband:(

      1. Thank you, Elsa. I’m hoping my worries are overblown. Strangely enough, some of my health issues are improving even though I’m under some difficult transits with Pluto still going through my 1st house and transiting planets square my ascendant including that last solar eclipse squaring my Ascendant. Jupiter conjunct Uranus is trine my Ascendant though so wondering if that is benefiting me healthwise. I’m trying some unconventional healing methods for my health which is pretty Uranian.

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