Full Moon in Virgo: February 24, 2024 – Tyrannical Control

Virgo girlThe full moon in Virgo will take place, early in the morning on Saturday, February 24th @ five degrees.  The chart looks, blunt, which is saying something, considering the moon will oppose a stellium in Pisces.  I’m talking Sun, Saturn and Virgo ruler, Mercury.

It’s possible a person get some clarity at this time. The lights go up, the veil lifts and you view reality. Unfortunately, I’d not bet on it playing this way. This looks more like a bullying situation to me.

It’s Saturn, oppressing the moon but also the Venus Mars conjunction in Aquarius which will underway at this time.  Again, there is a possible high expression of these energies. I’m just not seeing it.

The sky, in total, which can be see here, looks like oppressive tyranny to me. I will be very happy to be wrong.

You may also just work very hard. Oh joy!

15 thoughts on “Full Moon in Virgo: February 24, 2024 – Tyrannical Control”

  1. Elsa, I came across this video last night. It caused a real meterorite shower in my mind as I try to depict how it all once was. The times and seasons were changed – this is when they pulled TIME out of Astrology – and Astrology out of the People. They left them the physical reality , but stripped them of the spiritual aspect of it – in fact, I can make a case the Romans stripped all people from their souls, and put it in a history book they said Believe or die and go to hell.
    For Political reasons 8 Disciples of Jesus the Christed, weren’t good enough to make it to the bible – isn’t that a hoot? Anyway, I woke up thinking about all of this, and of course wanted to share it with you in case you find it as Earth shattering as I. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z899SKJ8WEc&t=181s. Jacob means the Heel Catcher – Circle – Jacob was the Holder of the Astrological Wheel in the Hebrew Text the romans decided needed to be left out of the bible. – they were like the Woke of today- having no respect or clue about what went before them.

    1. Yes! (1:36 time stamp) a ‘subversion of the truth’ NOT the truth.

      Always within never outside – That’s why there is such a focus to poison and destroy the human body.

      Etymology is critical and 100% needed to understand.

      Thank you for sharing

          1. Wow – in all my life, I would never dream a book like this existed. I was gifted a complete homeopathetic set early 1990’s and I had no clue what to do with it. thanks again!

  2. I think the bluntness will come from the feeling of not being heard.

    Mercury will be combust by the Sun, so it will be rendered invisible. It’s in Fall in Pisces, which is considered a mute sign. And it will also be about to conjunct Saturn, so obstacles and blocks in communication. Or radio silence can be seen as a huge barrier.

    Communication can end up being very sharp, critical, prickly, as a response to the radio silence if you are on the receiving end of that. Or you yourself may be the one to shut someone down with the silent treatment.

    Venus/Mars Aquarius will be square Jupiter Taurus, all fixed signs, so nobody will be backing down anytime soon. This could feature in relationships, or in group dynamics. Aquarius wants change, whilst Taurus wants things to stay as they are.

    There will be that bright burst of clarity when the Sun/Mercury/Saturn make an exact conjunction a few days later on 27th Feb. It could be more like the harsh light of reality hitting home.

    Maybe the Libra Moon that will be present may soften it a bit and bring some leeway or compromise, or reaching out to someone you’ve yet to hear from. Extending an olive branch of sorts.

    1. This rings very true for me. I need the help of particular people and have tried contacting them numerous times having outlined my exact position. I am receiving….nothing. No acknowledgement, nothing.
      My third house is in Pisces, and with Neptune and Saturn already there, communication has been very hard, not to mention transit Saturn closing in on an opposition to my natal Saturn.

      And yes, my communication style has become prickly, through sheer frustration!

    2. Mermaid: this interpretation is so spot on I can only laugh! ❤️

      I recently met a man over the internet, and we’ve spent the last 2 weeks talking every single day, for 10-12 hours straight (I’m really not exaggerating). We started FaceTiming for hours every night and were making plans to meet up even though we live a continent away from each other. He especially had so many romantic fantasies about us and the physical attraction was through the roof. Everything was going great, we were so excited about each other in every way.

      But then a few days ago he started silent treating me out of nowhere, for absolutely no reason. Our last conversation was completely normal. So. I respected what I first thought was a need for space, but when days passed I wrote him and gently asked if everything was alright. He didn’t respond at all for hours, but then instead removed or blocked me from everywhere I possibly could have reached him. I have absolutely no idea why.

      My response was to look him up on the only place where we hadn’t added each other – LinkedIn, lol – and proceeded to let him know how disappointed I was. I personally don’t think I was very sharp or harsh but if he thought he could just ghost me without me saying what I wanted to say…

      So 😂 perfect interpretation of this difficult full moon. It is what it is!

  3. Funny because a friend who has emailed me religiously weekly, apologized for the “radio silence “ on her end as her life has just gotten very busy. I sent a similar email to one who I decided I did not want to pursue a friendship with after hearing from her after a long silence from my end. I have another friend who has suddenly dropped out as well. It’s not a bullying situation just a leaving behind who is not serving you well anymore. I have Moon conj Pluto in Virgo and this Full Moon will be conj both. Usually these transits are many degrees away from my planets.
    And Neptune and Saturn are transiting my Pisces Third House as well – communication in my home is getting more and more prickly every day out of our frustration in not being heard or understood. He has Moon, Jupiter and Chiron in Pisces and Saturn will be hitting each of these on its way to Aquarius. Ouch!

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