The Astrology Of The Grandiose, Self-Important Personality

I wrote this in 2009. The Jupiter Neptune conjunction was in full swing.  People really thought they were elite and special.

Saturn in Sagittarius brought High Flying People Down To Earth. Saturn in Capricorn is keeping them there.

Here’s the original piece:

Here’s another type we’ve never discussed on this blog probably because they don’t show up around here much, if at all. They don’t show up in my life outside this blog either, except by accident or some hook or crook.

There are astrologers like this I will encounter via the Astro Dispatch. I’m talking about self-important types who for whatever reason consider themselves a cut above…and I mean they want you to bow.

They come right out and tell me just who the hell it is I’m talking to. They tell me how they ought to be addressed. I record their every inflection. Their manner says, “Do you know who I am, you little pittance of a fool?”

I never answer that since I know they’re going to tell me who they are anyway. They never fail me on this count. They go on to list their accomplishments which always seem ridiculous because I think being human comes first, never mind I know some pretty seriously accomplished folk who would never in a million years act like this.

In the end they stomp off having told me and put me in my place, when in fact I am in the same place I was before I encountered them.

What do you think the astrology of someone like this might be? The first thing that occurs is the ego but really I think it’s a Saturn problem. It’s as if the person has an image of themselves. They feel they’ve earned it and if you don’t subscribe, or if you’ve never read their 800 page book, they fire you. It does not occur to them, you may have written a 900 page book. This is the interesting part to me. I just think it’s funny like like some yelling at me for having my lipstick on crooked when theirs is smeared and of a horrible color.

I never bow. I bow to people, but not people like this. So what happens is they stand there after their speech waiting for me to start kissing their ass. I look at them like I think they are a puzzle and they have no choice but to look back at me and see that I am a puzzle and voila! Maybe there is equality after all. 😉

Grandiose people? What do you know about them?

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  1. This post (with its spread of thoughts from 2009 forward) really helped me interpret a recurring dream I have. Have one last night. It’s basically me shopping for new clothes, changing them often, never quite satisfied with ’em to the very last drop of the dream.

    Guess it’s the exterior cover, the ‘clothes’ search; what’s on the outside but not on the inside. I’ve Saturn and Mars conjunct in Leo 8th House. The long search for a secure internal security to set down the “being royal” side of being Leo. (shout out to Kashmiri wherever you are!! Missing you.)

    The time span here from 2009-2018 has been a real get down to Earth humbling for me. I get the lesson and finally see the value of that recurring shop-for-a-personality/OUTfit dream with Saturn in Capricorn in my 12th House. I’m on my knees and grateful to be here:)!*

  2. “In the end they stomp off having told me and put me in my place, when in fact I am in the same place I was before I encountered them.”

    I LOVE that.

  3. At first I thought Sadge but although Sadge is very inflated they don’t judge and think they are better than you. I’d say it’s an Inflated Capricorn. Most Caps I know judge everyone and think they are above most. This is solely on the people that I know or have encountered so I hope nobody gets offended. 🙂

  4. I would think Jupiter would be in the mix of this as in inflating people’s heads. And I really don’t give a damn how famous a person is, if they pull an attitude with me, I will get nasty right back at them. I tried to climb a counter on a jerk who was mouthing off to my husband and this guy was well over 6ft tall. I will not put up with anyone thinking to get mouthy with me.

  5. Avatar
    Gretchen Doumit

    I guess Im weird. When people act that way towards me my 1st reaction is pity. Imagine the terror they feel when if people found out what a nobody they really are. I tend to disassociate. A defense mechanism Im sure.
    I used to quietly go for the jugular tho sometimes if the self importance is based on the temporal and they are hurt someone…. Soft reality checks that leave them a little flustered. I try not to do it anymore because hurting them is no victory.I prefer Elsa’s way these days…

  6. Hero’s are often like this. They do have guts out n the upside. Often the self effacing types dither when faced with action. And sometimes those exaggerated types are funner. Nerds have been in lately.

  7. These days I see a lot of grandiose Capricorn suns having major Pluto problems. Or triple Caps, or outer planet Caps.

    To be fair (im a Libra sun haha), they’ve been going through the ringer for some time with Pluto, Mars, Saturn. I’ve seen them shoot up to power positions only to ruin or severely maim their associations through arrogance, and then fall right back down. A few times. Or brag about some perceived advantage or status to the lesser-thans, and then it’s taken away. It’s rough stuff but I mean how many times do you need to get knocked on your ass before you stop dancing on banana peels.

    1. anonymoushermit

      Some people have personality disorders. That’s why it’s impossible for them to learn from their failures and mistakes. It’s their cross to bear, I guess.

      Sociopaths and narcissists’ personality disorders are their karma. I can’t imagine anyone caring for them unless they have money a la Donald Trump, or whoever.

  8. This is great! You know, I just met a person sort of like this last night. They started to tell me all about a trip they were planning for Rome. They just came across kindof haughty. I just listened and listened…and listened… and finally my husband said, oh yeah we went there. And the persons facial expression changed instantly. Raised eyebrows of self satisfaction to instant disappointed face “Oh, you’ve been there?” People…I don’t know…many people do it.

  9. I don’t think any particular sign owns this kind of behavior. Some people just think they’re better than you. They come from many different signs and walks of life.

  10. Sometimes people project that someone else is arrogant to give them moral justification for hating someone who in actuality causes them to feel insecure.

    There is probably a Dunning Kruger effect at work as well. The more expert a person is the more accurate their perception of skill. Whereas amateurs think they have more ability than they do.

    Successful people tend to flock together, so success of any kind tends to be less special to people who have it. Beautiful women have beautiful friends. Smart people have smart friends, and so on. Sometimes people project onto me that I am conceited because I am a working artist, but I have many friends and family members who are also artists, many of whom are more successful than I am. It’s not special from the inside.

    Everyone has some of the gifts, no one has all of them. I may have an IQ of 147, but there are three million plus people in America alone who have an IQ higher than that. Including some friends of mine. I have a cousin who is borderline cognitively disabled (because her mother was faking seizures and taking dangerous medication for them when she was pregnant), but she has the singing voice of an angel and is one of the most effortlessly kind people I have ever met. I have yet to meet someone who is not better than me in some capacity or worse than me in some capacity. Our value is not our status relative to others, but our distinctness as individuals.

    But people have accused me of being full of myself, because I don’t believe in false modesty (or false anything for that matter) and I threaten their egos, which can, ironically, only remain intact at my expense. People have also said I am too modest. People will say anything and everything, and it is almost all subjective and motivated by things whirring in the background of conscious awareness. A failing we are quick to point out in others, but tend not to notice in ourselves.

    Grandiose people do not usually bother me, unless they are transparently happy when I fail or have some misfortune. That gets me. Still, I would much rather take a haplessly grandiose person talking big and trying to feel special over someone trying to level the playing field by toppling others instead of elevating their own game. Which is the norm.

    1. I don’t know that physically beautiful/good looking people have beautiful/good looking friends. It was never that way for me. Except for maybe just a couple of exceptions in my entire life. It was always more about internal qualities in friends. It wasn’t necessarily about similar successes or status either. I know a few artists who have no other artist friends or family. I know what you’re saying in regards to this can be true but I don’t see it as a rule. I guess if someone is the kind of person who values friends who are involved in their particular kind of hobbies, it would make it true for them.

      That’s beyond the point though. The article is referring to people who think they’re better than you and just have to let you know it. People who are involved in circles with certain commonalities they deem superior can certainly still treat others as though they are less than, and probably, often even more so. Why? Why do you think they chose a circle who are just like them? Maybe because they *are* like them, and they aren’t like the people who are less than them. It’s not always about projection (“subjective background conscious whirs”), some people are just arrogant, even unconsciously.

      But then again sometimes it is about projection

      1. The point was pertaining to people who are externally validated as being successful, which by default would not being people doing something as a hobby.

        For example, anyone might be beautiful, but someone who is beautiful enough to make a living professional model is going to know and socialize with dozens, if not hundreds, of other models at casting shoots, industry parties etc. An average person, might perceive them as being arrogant for talking about their modeling career, trips to Paris etc. but to them it is normal, something hundreds of other people they have met do.

        Or as a full time artist, I go to several events every month related to my career. There are after parties put on by show promoters that artists are expected to attend. People come to your gallery openings and it would be slight not to attend theirs. It is inevitable at a certain level that one is going to socialize with tons of people doing the same thing. This is true in any industry. So people tend to lose their egos because they know too many other people who are doing what they do at the same level. Amateurs are the ones who tend to be jealous and worry about what people think of them, because that gets burned away in the crucible of constant failure and reality checks that success takes.

        If you care about people thinking they are better than you, the shadow side of it that also manifests is feeling better than other people. Because you are buying into the paradigm that people can be better or worse inherently. Instead of just better or worse off in their circumstances or in the consequences of their behavior.

        If someone called you purple it probably wouldn’t bother you. Because you are not purple and you have ascribed no relative status to being purple or not. But if someone called you fat, and you judge people about their weight, it would most likely bother you. Whereas I don’t judge people by their weights, so when I have been called fat, it hasn’t bothered me. That said, I have an average weight in reality and I am cognizant of the fact that I have an easier time in society and also in my experience of physical comfort in my body than people who weigh a lot more. It doesn’t make me a better or worse person. But there is no end of people who will think it does. And also think I think it does. Because they rank people and they believe those ranks are real. They can’t really know what I think. No one can. They can only know what THEY think I think. This is true of everyone.

        I was on welfare as a kid for awhile after my parent’s divorce. I am not better person now than I was then, but I am better off. My life is easier. But many people would look down on me either with pity or disgust when I lived in poverty and be jealous or admiring of my current circumstances. Because they rank people. And people who rank people are also the people who care a lot about being ranked. Because they think that it is possible for other people to make them matter or not matter with their thoughts. It isn’t. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

        1. See I have to disagree here: “people who rank people are also the people who care a lot about being ranked. Because they think that it is possible for other people to make them matter or not matter with their thoughts.”

          I get the point you’re trying to make but I think people can dislike treated poorly by people who think they are better than them without being concieted or arrogant themselves. The ranking just is…it’s inherant in hierachy, it is the structure that shapes the civilization we are in, so everyone is aware of it, it’s just what is. I have nothing against achieving or movinh up the hierachy, but it does bother me when people think the world revolves around them and treat other people poorly.

          About the model beautiful thing… seriously not true. Some people never have the opportunity.

  11. I noticed the actor Will Ferrell is very skilled and has a particular interest in playing such characters! Or in mimicking them. Think the obnoxious Ron Burgundy, or prima Donna Mugatu from Zoolander! Will has those personalities down to a tee. Will himself is cancer sun Scorpio moon, sensitive and moody with a need for power. While projecting a powerful and erratic Pluto and Uranus on his Virgo ascendant.

  12. In my opinion, a true Saturnian would never brag about his achievments. If anything would let his work/experience/other people/ speak for itself. Saturn teaches humility which does not compute with ”on the top of the world attitude” meaning that as time passes the saturnian is at peace with that in the end, he’s a fool but he has done his part (hopefully well). Acceptance. Resignation.

    My Pluto in 10th house has and no time for ”authorities” who act all that. People who get things done, make things happen and can show you a thing or two have all my respect.

  13. I kind of have to agree with X-rayed above not a Saturn thing but I think the question here is is it Neptune Jupiter and I don’t know enough astrology to define and answer that but it’s something I will look up. Makes sense though.
    When first read I this blog post I almost guffawed out loud, because I have known (thankfully not for long) and met people like this. I usually will say something to spin their head around, or do something or just give them enough rope to hang themselves. Sometimes, I agree with their pompus opinions about themselves just to see how far they will go. I don’t know what their transits were but they were usually Aries folk or Leo’s in a huff. I have a friend though that seems to love people like this and supports them over me. His NN is in Leo though. I am not saying all Aries or Leo’s are like this, it’s just these folks happen to be. It’s kind of sad, but funny too, when they go and on about all they have done and who they are and who does so and so think they are to talk to THEM like that! My mom coukd be like this. I’d tell her to cut it out, she was no better than that waitress, clerk or whatever and she’d just get huffier. She was a Scorpio with a Scorpio Moon.

  14. Ugh, that used to be me. *Shame* Changed for the better once I knocked myself off of my own pedestal and grew up.

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