Is It Okay To Express Anger?

I’m comfortable with anger. I’m comfortable with yours and comfortable with mine. I”m comfortable expressing my anger and I’m comfortable if you express yours.

Some people are not comfortable with anger of any kind. They’ll do anything in the world but air a grievance. It’s the seething that actually bothers me.

Mars rules anger and the first house. It is assertive. I was taught to never let my Mars energy back on me. When Mars is deprives of an outlet, it perverts.

With Mars in Libra I truly (9th house) want to be polite! So I have a real struggle. I do get angry and I feel my anger justified. I think it’s acceptable to express my anger in no uncertain terms. This is appalling to some. Due yo that same Libra placement,  I can see their point!

I would rather not see their point. My husband has Aries . He does not see their point and I’m jealous!

How comfortable are you with anger, yours and/or theirs?  Where is your Mars?

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  1. I have mars in gemini in 10th. I think this placment really makes you aware of the consequences of running your mouth. I think I read a post somewhere here about a girl locking and loading her insults before firing them, and that’s very like me. If I want to lash out at someone, I try to make sure I’m only aiming at the person I intend to attack and not harm others in the process.
    Oh, and also, being angry makes me want to leave. I have mars square Jupiter:)

  2. My mars in Taurus. I guess I always tried to not get angry it was a rollercoaster feeling so fast strong and pulling everything that I had reason to be angry about
    When I finally escaped my marriage
    Was seeing a therapist and she
    Said why aren’t angry? I said it will
    Eat up today and was constantly
    Encouraged to let it out
    These days I don’t even see it coming, I am still counting to 10 but biting your tongue can really
    Grow those tiger teeth because
    Every once in a blue moon wow
    Others anger if I have time I listen
    But less and less frightening to be part of however evil
    I run from

  3. I have Mars in Libra conjunct Saturn Rx so I definitely feel the struggle of expressing my anger. I do think one of my strengths is that I CAN see other people’s perspectives and I think that is something many people lack. So while I do think Mars in Libra is definitely in detriment due to the difficulty we may have expressing our anger, I think it makes me fair and a crusader of justice. My husband has Mars in Cancer and he definitely doesn’t see anyone’s point of view but his own feelings. It’s so annoying!

  4. after reading that, Libra in detriment is a good placement. Mars /aries anger is vicious and has no forgiveness. it is good that Libra/venus is all about love and understanding. Or else there would be too many bodies on the floor. -_-

    My husband has no qualms about expressing his anger, it is very scary when he gets there. eeeek. run for the hills. but thankfully i just learn to let it go and it’s all gone and hugs later on.

  5. I’ve noticed not one Mars in Cancer here, so I thought to chime in. Toxic abusive family life that I’ve done much healing over.
    My packed 4th house Mars in Cancer is conjunct Uranus in Cancer….widely conjunct Jupiter in Leo. Cancer Sun. When I blow and all circuits are glowing, run for the hills. Interestingly enough, I’ve been the most volatile in protecting victims of bullies. Also, social injustices. Mars/Uranus is squared by Neptune in Libra – 6th house. I’ve blown up at work over injustices and been a whistle blower. Moon in 8th 0Cap.

  6. I have Mars in Pisces in the 7th house. I am not comfortable expressing anger, nor do I want to hear it from you. My ears hurt when I hear the news or a talk show where everyone talks over each other, because it sounds like they are arguing. I have a very long fuse but will unleash my anger and trust me, it is not pretty. Fortunately, it has only happened a couple of times in my life.

  7. Ha Aries asc, Mars sag 9 th house. Yep it comes quick n fast my anger, then all is forgotten, I do hurt the water signs feelings with it, air signs can take it, fire with fire explosive but LOL afterwards, well earth no talkies obstinate lot hehe.

  8. I do have moments of anger and they are usually fleeting. I do HATE yelling at people but I have significantly vile road rage. It used to be worse when I was younger, my family wasn’t surprised if I threw my cell phone at a wall or one of my paintings across my room.. I am a Sagittarius sun with a moon in Cancer and a Libra rising

  9. The 12th house position of my Mars says it all. ? Since it’s in Capricorn, I had to deal with Pluto conjunct Mars. It was rough.

  10. It’s my time to get angry, comfort or not! Mars is conjoined with Saturn and Pluto in Leo. Natally, I have suppressed anger for so so long; or projected it so I don’t get the benefit of the release. Then along came covid, and the virus has given rise to all those years of suppression; viruses have always signaled change and evolution. We (humans) are the virus.
    My 8th house Mars of legacy had a lot to explode and explore, fortunately, I’ve stayed alive long enough to let it rip; I’m ripe for it. Progressed chart ruler is Aries, Mars ruled right? There’s the incentive to be comfortable with anger.

  11. Mars in taurus, 7th house, opposite jupiter. Never learned to properly aknowledge my anger so I condemned it, hoping to make it go away, but it didn t offcourse and I learned that unaknowledged anger ruines your health.You don t always have to express it though, but aknowledging, yes. And sometimes you should express it, with Mars in Taurus not an easy task as he prefers calm and peace.

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