68 thoughts on “How Can I Improve My Self Esteem?”

  1. OH my frkn point yeah, some of us do not learn self esteem . i think in the young ages where we got encouragement and had some accomplishment makes a huge difference. now biology psychology sociology astra ology all does have meaning… and socio ty suks

  2. You’re looking over my shoulder as I play my cards and life at a pivotal time!
    Saturn transits my 2nd House, and I’m just moving from my Saturn opposition. Self esteem earned through effort. Right!
    At 75, I’m learning to be a small business owner creating an unplugged service in an internet world. The challenges are many and the pace I must use slow But what I learn is real gain, and I acknowledge the limits and appreciate how to wait while my aging body recalibrates … slow but she goes😉
    Saturn is a lifetime teacher and seems that’s the juicy payout for remaining curious and quirky (I have Uranus)

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