Your Progressive Views Are Revolting!

eccentricIt’s a provocative title but it’s accurate. And I’m not talking about your progressive views and I’m not talking about politics.

I’m taking about my progressive views. My Uranus-ruled original, independent, astrological view of the future is repulsive.

This month has been trying for most everyone.  Seeing it coming ahead of time is a gift, but you still have to deal.  Reader, Sue Ellen noted some years ago, every time Saturn changes signs, this blog rolls over. Many stay, but many leave to be replaced by a different group.

This migration is occurring now. There are a lot of new people here but there are also a lot of people missing.  For the record, I hate this but it’s just something that happens, reliably. I still hate it, but I’m used to it.

Pluto changing signs is as profound. This blog was launched with Pluto in Sagittarius.   We talked about the shadow side of publishing and education, specifically, “higher education”. These things had become degraded. Manipulative.  We also talked about Sadge-ruled religion and sexual abuse.

Please note that while these things have been exposed,  none of them have been resolved.  So now I want to talk about my personal experience.

When Pluto went into Capricorn, I wrote about the shadow side of the government, and structures and business decaying. Cracks in the foundation.  This got be tagged as morose and depressing… well hell. Can you see it now?

I am a front-runner and I can’t help it. I’m not saying I am the front-runner, but with Mars and Mercury in the 9th house, how in the hell am I going to be one pulling up the rear?

So now I am trouble for my progressive views. I’m afraid I am leaping over, the same way I did when I started 1st grade when I was four years old. The same way I started 3rd grade when I was five. The same way I started blogging about astrology at the point when blogs were invented. I’m telling you, the things I am seeing now, and writing about will be found to be correct within seven to fourteen years.

So Saturn and Pluto have both rolled over and I feel the intense rejection. Saturn and Pluto. That’s how this is manifesting for me!

Are you also suddenly, repulsive?  If not, don’t worry. You’re turn will come, fellow eccentric!

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31 thoughts on “Your Progressive Views Are Revolting!”

  1. One thing I’ve noticed is how much I have to say, yet my heart’s desire refuses to reveal itself to the unworthy.

    To the masses, I am all kinds of things right now. Repulsive, irritating, unyielding, strange. Also, fascinating, and resource-ful. For the first time, I feel unperturbed by these projections. Personally, I feel atomic.

    MC/IC @ 0 degrees, Leo/Aquarius

  2. I’ve also been a forerunner. I’ve always ended up being a bit of a loaner. It took decades for me to be ok with this, and now, my family is starting to see that my “long sightedness” is paying off.

    That doesn’t mean that it’s all fine and dandy, some of them are still stuck in an old paradigm that is crumbling around them. And of course, I can get lonely! But…I’m starting to find others who are also on the leading edge…and there is a bit of comfort in knowing we are shedding light on things that need to be lit up.

  3. Moon in Aquarius here. I can relate. I’m predicting global social, economic, political upheaval within the next 14 years. I feel like Ms. Doom & Gloom half the time but I call it as I see it.

    1. Yes, I wonder if Pluto in Capricorn gave people A LOT of time to understand this. If they managed to deny and avoid – Pluto in Aquarius may reveal it all, overnight.

      That said, Pluto will retrograde into Capricorn so it may not be *now* but you’re getting a taste and in the future – yes.

  4. I can relate to this post and the comments…a term i like is
    It’s a French term – I don’t gravitate to the american interpretation/version of its definition in relation to arts/fashion etc (nice try language weaponizers/deceivers:)

    I am talking battle field. The true etymology of this term is ‘in front of’ on the battlefield.

    Battlefield at present is lots of BS and Inversion’ism (my word)

    1. It is always cool to be avant-garde and mercilessly attacked for stuff that ends up bog-standard in 2 or 3 years. I no longer naively share my “original thoughts” lol

      1. I share but man it’s so hard, there is a 6-12 month delay before I can figure out how I might offer something. It’s really harder all the time. Eventually, these are going to have to be private conversations, which is not my preference… a fact shown to be true by my working this blog, seven days a week, free, for nearly 25 years!

        1. Maybe Saturn Pisces comes into play here…put some of the hard and private conversations ‘out there’ into the watery Piscean ambiguity.

  5. If l dont try to be true to myself–l can’t stand it, Elsa. It is like something core inside me is directing demanding l call it as l see it.

    I can pretend to go along…but then l simply can’t…l have to stand by my truth. If l am wrong –then l say so–not everyone does l have found.

    Funny, when l am right very very few tell me–hey all those years ago when you said…

    I can spook people.

    It seems to me you have identified one of your patterns. Would you change it?

    We need front-runners–the sowers of the seed.

    I am new and very glad to be here.

    Thank you.

  6. As I recall, many astrologers predicted the end of the American empire when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, and they were laughed off…but guess what?!

    1. I’ve recently read a book called The Fourth Turning, and for those not familiar, it goes through cycles in American history. Each cycle is roughly 20-25 years long, and there are 4: Crisis, High, Awakening, Unraveling. They outline how our crises arrive every 80 years like clockwork: American Revolution, Civil War, WW2, and now. The current Crisis Era, say the authors, began in 08. But it’s not over yet. There will be a thoroughly unpleasant climax before the new High Era arrives. Any minute now… I’ve been meaning to jot down the movements of Pluto through these eras.

      1. That book is great. I recently saw a Tony Robbins interview with the author. It’s on youtube and it’s really fascinating. I’ve been anticipating the neptune and saturn conjunct on zero aries coming up. I’m a little convinced that’s the trigger for the High Era. It’s a trigger for something!

        And.. in reply to gemini7, I had a friend who always used to retort, “The apocalypse is a durative event” whenever I’d say “wasn’t the world supposed to end last year/2012/etc?”

        1. I’m going to find that interview now – thanks! The next book, “The Fourth Turning is Here” comes out July 18. I’m counting the days.

  7. Both my sons are Aquarius and do not
    Follow the herd, do seem to ruffle feathers
    For me it’s strength I witness and heart on the sleeve guys. They’ve been givers
    However I think it’s time to balance the seesaw, not everyone will be happy this round but my sons Are stepping up to bat!
    Watch out here comes CHANGE in the end game…

  8. Hi Elsa
    Virgo here. We’ve chatted before. I love your posts. I also see the disconnect and rejection program going on right now. People are worn down. Even my son who is a Cancer and always ready for a ‘I’m tired of what’s wrong with the world and this is how I can fix it blame all the greedy CEO’s and bent politicians…” rant is over it. If it helps, I see this as a time to get my own house in order. Working soooo very hard to come out of March on my own terms and taking care of me (not selfishly, but to stay alive- why do Virgos need to apologize for prioritizing themselves?? rhetorical question…) so I can see a clear path for my creativity….my next (and likely final) life cycle– turning 62 this year…what is my swan song? Keep you warnings coming. Bracing instead of being blindsided is better…..

  9. I don’t see myself leaving this blog, it’s a breath of fresh air and so so witty, funny, amusing, irreverent, original, simple without showing any intelectualoid egoic signs of superiority. And the quality of the people posting comments here is unheard of excellent, I don’t know where I’d find anywhere with such fine spectacular commenters, for real. I’m so ✨Grateful 🕊✨ for this page that I find to provide and should be classed as public service 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Of course, by the law of attraction, this cannot be anything but an expression of the excellence of the founder — thank you

    Regarding being wrong, it’s such a blessing! The reason for being wrong is to be right but then, as soon as you or anyone states it, it enters Humanity Collective Consciousness and Consciousness Cures, the ✨Truth👊🏼 shall set you free, so just by declaring it people are changing the fate of Humanity. Hence it’s not actually surprising to predict horrible things which turn out not to happen — In my book it’s a victory to be wrong! I’ve been wrong quite a few times here and so ✨Happy✨ about it!

    By the way I have tried to leave this blog in the past but failed miserably 🤣🤣🤣

    Last but not least, this post is 100% •Pluto in ⚡️Aquarius♒️ 👍🏼

  10. I wouldn’t know if I was repulsive, I know I’ve felt more ostracized before. Going through a very positive mindset now, I’m really feeling genuine optimism and joy. Maybe it’s my Uranus close to the descendant 🤷‍♀️ I’m also in a very secure place within myself, ready for and get inspired by connecting with others.

  11. I have pluto in scorpio square my aqua asc.. I’m always repulsive, so be it.

    I was always hated for my progressive views, which were at least a few years “too soon”… My progressive views NOW I won’t even share because they’re too dire although I have learned to laugh at it all. I really do hope folks wise up about what is happening to them. I see glimmers of it and that’s good enough for me.

  12. Mega Scorpio in 9th house here, Uranus in 9th too, close to my MC.
    I am always “seeing dead people” … Or dead whatever else.

    Aquarius rising, new and novel, rebel and transformer in all the jobs I’ve had during Pluto in Cap, transitting my 12th house. Getting hate and rejection out of it.

    Repulsive? Ha, try “outcast” …

    But that’s fine. As you said a long time ago, Elsa, the more they push you into the shadow, the clearer you can see them, as well as their shadow.

    1. Honestly, I don’t even look any more. I give this to Uranus transiting my Venus.

      I think that progressed chart shows intense focus on helping / caregiving. If you don’t want my help or care, then bye! 🙂

      1. I have to agree.
        The older you get, the less you care about superficialities.

        My progressed chart show a profound emphasis on Cap energy, sincemost of the Scorpio planets have progressed to that sign.
        That’s my natal 12th house.

  13. As far as leaving this blog, I would never do that yet it seems that I am no longer receiving your daily posts. I only found this one by going directly to the elsaelsa site. Not sure if that means I need to sign up again. I’ve been here for years and enjoy every post and comment that is made. I love your insights and posts. I am a progressive thinking person as well as an honest tell it like it is type, similar to you. We probably have some similar aspects. Yes, I have Capricorn, yes, I have Libra, yes, I have Virgo. So there’s that. I don’t find your writing repulsive in the least bit, actually quite refreshing. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Check your spam. If it’s not there. please resub. The provider, aweber, sometimes unsubs people by request of their email provider. Sorry!

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