What Markers In A Chart Indicate Fame?

golden-fameHi Elsa,

I’m wondering if there is any indication in a chart or any common thread between fame and people.

Where we could see if a person is somehow prone to be in the spotlight.

Seems like a vain question but; why not?!


Hi, P.

Looking at the charts of famous people over all these years, I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone can be famous! This is not the classic answer but it’s a fact!

Setting experience aside, in theory a person with their Sun in Leo (ruler) or Aries (exaltation) in the prominent 10th house should spell fame. But it doesn’t! I see a lot of celebrity charts with heavily tenanted 12th houses, including their Sun. It’s as if their real self is obscured  or even sacrificed for the sake of their pretend image.

Also, if you think in terms of classic astrology, the Sun in the sign of it’s fall (Libra) or detriment (Aquarius) should prevent a person from being “seen” aka fame. It does not!  Ronald Reagan, John Travolta and Paris Hilton are Aquarius – come on! How about Oprah Winfrey?

I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you. But maybe someone will come along and address this in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “What Markers In A Chart Indicate Fame?”

  1. Hi Elsa,

    I think having planets (especially the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus) that are in aspect to the Midheaven with positive and/or challenging aspects is one part of what brings on fame. Another major indicator is having the ruler of the Midheaven making any kind of major aspect to the Midheaven is very important. In addition, I have noticed that the ruler of the Ascendant making an aspect to the Midheaven is quite powerful. There are no guarantees, of course, but these are indicators that make the path to fame much more likely. I’m guessing that this is mainly because these things motivate the individual to seriously pursue fame. John Lennon had his Sun square his Midheaven while Mick Jagger had his Sun opposite his Midheaven. The Chart I use for Paul McCartney (2:00 PM chart) shows his Sun conjunct his Midheaven.

  2. What I’ve seen in the charts of famous people are heavily aspected planets, nodes, etc. Many of them have a large number of midpoint aspects in addition to regular aspects between planets and important points.

    I’ve come to see that as an indication of fame in a chart. It doesn’t matter what planets or houses are involved. Its the heavy focus of energy in a particular area that seems to set them apart from the rest of us.

  3. Their charts are all abt midheaven, ascendant, nodes, jupiter and venus!

    Many of them have jupiter conj the midheaven (career or travelling and personal image expanded to a international level). Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman.

    Also, venus does some kind of aspect to either midheaven and ascendant. Venus conj. ascendant: sandra bullock, angelina, cameron diaz. Venus conj. midheaven: nicole kidman, kim kardashian, matt damon. Venus is quite never by the right side of the chart, it shows mostly in 10th, 1st or 2nd house.

    The north node and/or sun is in either 9th, 10th or 12th house.

    the 6th house is generally empty.

    saturn is most of times in a surprising position (richard branson, maryl strip and brad pitt have saturn in 2nd house, doesnt make any sense haha), or its conj the midheaven (leo dicaprio, sandra bullock, kim kardashian).

    Theres an inconjunction involving jupiter: brad pitt, matt damon, maryl strip (she has 2), Michelle Pfeiffer, johnny depp.

    1. nicolas cage also has the saturn in 2nd house and jupiter inconjunct.

      more venus conj midheaven or ascendant: marilyn monroe, aaliah, grace kelly, uma thurman (she also has jupiter inconjunct), hugh jackman (he ALSO has juputer inconjunct. Sounds like a rule for extremely hot, rich and famous guys), ben affleck.

      more saturn conj. midheaven: michael jackson, carla bruni (she jupiter inconjunct as well).

      jupiter conj. midheaven: lady gaga.

      Of course, there are exceptions, but most of these exceptions are famous people who didnt really got famous in a global scale (I only used names of people who are known wherever they go), or these people dont really make any impact around them and when they do so, then they dont really have a legion of fans, are mostly disaprooved and pittied. Jennifer Lopez has been around for quite some time, but people dont go crazy over her, jennifer aniston is pittied, gwyneth paltrow is very unpopular. They’re all quite famous, beautiful and talented, but somehow, it seems there something “lacking” in them.

      1. I think some celebrities are meant to just be famous nationally not really internationally. Jennifer Lopez, Aniston, and Gwyn Paltrow are actually globally famous though. Even in the wax museum they have waxed their images.
        interesting about Libra and Aquarius having weak sun, aren’t classicly seen. Gwyneth Paltrow, libra/Gemini moon has a packed stellium in 7th house. her sun sits there too. I notice a lot of 7th house are seen and want to be seen. they seem to enjoy the limelight.
        I like the theme of sacrifice in 12th house, I see it a lot with celebrities, sacrificing their self for the image. Madonna has this, (weirdly she’s Leo sun but she’s also 12th sun, sacrifice too,) and Arnold Schwarzenegger, many celebrities are strongly 12th.

        1. This brings tobmind an interesting (to me!) question: Paltrow is a nepo baby. I wonder how she might have fared with those placements had ahe been left to her own devices? Aside from the rumors of stealing Shakespeare in Love from under Winona’s nose or her friendship with Harvey Weinstein?

  4. Also Leo…all the world is the stage.
    5th house is the stage and aspects to the 11th house…which is the audience.
    The 10th is public image in the world’s eye.

  5. You can be famous for many different reasons. Skillful work (Saturn), charm & appealing appearance (Venus), physical attributes and talents (Mars), a quick and quirky methodology (Mercury), all out glamour or ability to mesmerize (Neptune), love of travel and other cultural belief systems (Jupiter),, futuristic/old fashioned and unusual persona (Uranus) and stunningly strong sexuality and charisma plus psychological depth (maybe criminal behavior!) (Pluto). The Sun just attracts and entertains with warmth and childlike sincerity.

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