Introduction To Ceres In The Natal Chart

“It is difficult for some people to accept that love is a choice. This seems to run counter to the generally accepted theory of romantic love which expounds that love is inborn and as such requires no more than to accept it.”
       –Leo Buscaglia, Pisces Ceres conjunct the nadir sextile Taurus Venus in the 6th house

The Ceres of mythology is the the archetype of the earth mother. The asteroid Ceres represents both our nurturing needs and how we nurture others. It is how we were nurtured as children and how we nurture our own children, as well as all the others we choose to interact with. The expression of Ceres energies ranges from controlling to permissive, cold to overbearing, just as human caregivers do. Just because it’s mama energy does not necessarily mean “warm and fuzzy.”

That may sound counterintuitive but one illustration of an unusual nurturing style is a child who has spent much time in a hospital setting. It’s not unusual for such a child to be averse to cuddly toys and warm embraces. Often such things are associated with painful procedures or the advent of another extended stay away from home.

So with Ceres placements by sign we can see the general flavor of this energy, the way in which someone feels nurtured as well as the way they tend to nurture others. By house we see the arena where this plays out. Someone with a Cancer Ceres may seem homey, while an Aquarian Ceres may be a cerebral nurturer. Now put that Cancer Ceres in the 12th house and you may not see that homey nature at all, yet it is still there. The Aquarian Ceres in the 4th, while still cerebral, may acquire more of that homey feeling by virtue of being in Cancer’s house.

One way to observe Ceres in the chart is in gift giving. What gifts do you like to give and why? Perhaps you can see that in your Ceres placement. An unevolved gift giver gives to others what they themselves would like to receive. One will tend to try to nurture others in the way they need nurturance. One way to “grow up” your Ceres nature is to observe the Ceres placement of others in your life and find how your nurturing style fits with their nurturing needs.

Where is your Ceres? Can you relate this to how you were nurtured as a child? How about your gift giving?

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78 thoughts on “Introduction To Ceres In The Natal Chart”

  1. In Scorpio conjunct IC and Libra moon. I think I’m an excellent gift giver. If someone says, “Oh I want ____” or “Oh I like that” in May I’ll remember it come their birthday or Christmas. I take mental notes of people’s preferences.

  2. 9th house Virgo – exactly conj uranus & exactly opp chiron sq mars and asc, conj pluto. Trine moon.

    It’s so smushed with my t square I don’t know the answers to your questions. 🙂

  3. Jilly, you publish electronically your practical nurturing. I’ve experienced it. 😉

    thanks guys I’m so happy these posts have been so well-received! with my Ceres in Gemini I try to nurture though communication. that’s not to say it always works, but I try! 😀

  4. Ceres in the (otherwise empty) 2nd house, in Virgo. I definitely tend to nurture by taking care of details, including making sure that everybody has enough to eat. Go figure!

  5. Ceres in Pisces, very close to my nadir in Aries. So I’m going to try to combine your post on the nadir with this one on Ceres. In fact, I’m not sure I related at all to my Nadir, until you just led the way for me to notice Ceres is right there… Off to think what this placement might mean.

    p.s. I give child-like gifts… Not necessarily unevolved, but ones a child might make – inexpensive, homey, thoughtful, symbolic, experiential or sensuous, unconventional. The more I love you, the more undemanding, and unshowy the gift.

  6. Ceres in Aries, ninth house – home run in terms of relating to how I was raised as my mom’s a Sag Sun/Leo Moon. The emphasis was always on the competitive; my emotional needs were pretty much nullified (and I’m Cap moon anyway so it totally fit!) My dad was always much more the emotional caretaker for me while my mom was like one big ol’ coach/trainer/teacher. Long-view wise, I think it worked out okay. Gift-giving – that’s a good question; I’m a spontaneous gift shopper and giver, though, so that seems like it fits with the Aries side. Hmmm, this is more fascinating food for thought!

    ***Not to be a pest or anything, but if might ever consider doing something on Lilith (if it hasn’t come up yet) that would be fantastic. That one really confounds me! 🙂

  7. Oh, and I do like to nurture by cheering people on, encouraging them, bolstering their confidence, giving them new ideas to consider if they are feeling stuck. That seems pretty Aries-like, I think. I always assigned my “cheerleading gene” (and I actually was one in high school) to my Leo rising but the Ceres in Aries makes way, way more sense!

  8. ceres in aries here too. ok i cheated and looked it up: nurtures others by granting them independence and showing them how to be independent, strong, and action-oriented. fiercely protective of loved ones.

    i think that fits. i guess i do try to give people ‘tools’ that i think would be helpful. my ceres is in the third house. i think books are great gifts when i don’t personally know what to say. fiercely protective – yup, but not in a smothering way, more like standing ready to attack or defend if necessary.

    1. Ceres in Aries here 3rd House, on the morning of an Aries Full Moon, post big Pacific Northwest storm watch. These asteroid posts as such a treat, A CHEER-LEADING TIME, something I truly love to receive. It’s what I love giving, too. And how else could I see this pattern … Satori astrology comes in a package that rings my bells just right.

      This is such great insight into how to make the most of the Jupiter in Libra year going on now, too. It helps me see how to make the most of setting up and implementing nurturing relationships. Win-win, peace-making. Nice, I like this a lot!! My immune system likes it a lot. Ceres forms the triangle to form a kite to my Grand Trine in Air (something I learned not long ago thanks to your asteroid posts). This buoyant energy is so helpful with all my Saturn-Capricorn-Pluto energy natally. Like having helium balloons for a worn-out goat, I see how the asteroids are secondary characters with such exquisite superpowers just primed to contribute.


  9. Late degree Virgo 10th House. The only aspect is a square to my ascendant.

    It definitely feels at home in the 10th House (I have Capricorn Moon!)

    I don’t really know how to describe how I was nurtured.

    What sticks out was My mum read to us every morning before we went to school around the breakfast table. My dad put us to bed every night. All 4 kids shared a bedroom and he would go bed to bed and would pray with us and tell us an individual story. I was cuddled a lot.

    We had a predictable day to day routine which helped me I think because the emotional/psychological stuff was so unpredictable and unhappy.

    My gifts to people are my loyalty and practical support. I currently have a friend staying with their relationship just blew up. They like my cuddly cat, too.

  10. Unaspected in Leo in the 3rd. I like to nurture people by telling them how (genuinely) awesome I think they are.

    And I like these posts, too! Opening up a whole new world to me.

  11. I have Ceres in Virgo 4th house
    Ceres is quincunx Pallas,sextile Vesta,sextile Vertex,conjunct P.F. Virgo, Trine Black Moon, Biquintile Chiron Rx, Trine Jupiter Rx,sextile Sun

    One of the many ways I show that I care for a person is by doing things for them like picking objects off a persons clothes or watching out for there health.

  12. I didn’t know about Ceres and this nurturing aspect. But now, it explains… I have it in Taurus/House 4. There’s no place like home lol Seems I’m pretty physical with cuddles, and I kiss and cuddle my children a lot. Well, I can see that they receive these affection demonstrations quite differently, so I adapt to their nurturing style as well. For gifts, I try to put myself in the others shoes, and think what they would like.
    My parents separated when I was pretty young, yet the picture that remains is one of deep love between them and for me. My family culture and roots and values are also important in the way I nurture.
    Storytelling is a tradition, and also making up stories with my children. My son comes up with some words and then I make up a (silly) story with them. It’s a great sharing time. I like to nurture their creativity and imagination (would that be the house 4/cancer placement?)

  13. Virgo 12th. My mother was a Virgo 🙂 I guess I am very practical, as she was – making sure everyone has what they need. I don’t sit around at other people’s events or houses either, I’m always doing the tidying or the washing up, helping out somehow, I feel like a sponger otherwise. I give a lot of help in the background too, without telling, which I suppose is 12th house. With gifts, I spend a lot of time getting the gift just right, I could never give someone a gift that I thought wasn’t exactly right for them.

  14. Ceres in Cancer in the 10th. Oh God, food! That’s why I overdo with the cooking and dinners and such. Since we’ve been married my husband has gained a little weight and I was horrified to see the Yorkie I inherited went from 7.3 lbs to 9!!!!But is actually healthy food, never packaged stuff, just exuberant variety and quantity. I love to have my siblings over (I have 5) and be the one everyone likes. Wine pairings, soup to nuts, desserts and favors. They love anything I host. Mom was also a big holiday and dinners with guests person. I am really good at planning food for for work functions, too. I even occasionally pack up something for my ex husband I know he misses and send it with my son.
    And I do like giving my hubby and son nice piles of perfectly folded laundry that smells good.

    As for gift giving- I love to give food. Baskets, ingredients and products that are expensive so not what the person would buy, great wine and champagne, awesome pastry and cakes. I like spontaneous flower sending too- people love it.

    satori I love these posts– more details of who we are– they are so interesting!

  15. Fits perfectly with my upbringing and how I feel about others now…

    Ceres in Aquarius in 2nd house… says all my physical needs were met but my emotional needs not so much… (interesting too b/c my mom’s Acs is Aquarius) but while I’m not really attached to material possessions I do like having them around for my convenience and I like giving them away it makes someone happy.. ha I never really thought about it but I never really throw things away, I like to bring things to the goodwill or salvation army instead =)

  16. Libra Ceres in the 1st house almost conjunct Pluto…

    Im not 2 confortable with hugs/etc from strangers… since i had a tough childhood as i lost my brother after we fought and my mom became an alcoholic same as not having one. Emotionally distant relatives… maybe that fits on the hospital kid u mentioned.

    Im a natural nurturer, and also ppl come to me way 2 easy for it… and im quite hard when im being nurtured, i feel really uncomfortable.

    Im a Virgo Rising.

  17. 0 degrees Gemini, 7th house. I definately nurture with words, both spoken and written. I don’t give a lot of gifts, but give tons of cards! I can spend hours in a hallmark store!

    My Mom has saved the mountains of notes and cards I’ve given them throughout my life… I used to write these gushy long notes and leave them on their pillow when I went to bed.

    My son lived with his father during the school year when he was growing up, and I always lived quite a distance, so I’ve probebly sent him 1,000+ letters, cards, postcards over those years.

    Not exactly sure how the 7th house fits in though?

  18. Satori!

    Your asteroid posts are thorough yet concise and completely applicable, thank you!

    It seems like these smaller planets are the true-blue indicators of the more dominant (consistent) characteristics or desires we’ve got lurking around the aspects of the larger planets.

    That “ah-ha” moment has struck more than once, if only I can figure there placement in my chart! Any advice?


    More please! ; )

  19. 0 aries in the 6th conjunt sun, moon and vesta in late degrees pisces
    i was trying to put my mind around this all day, i’m fascinated by it and i like the feeling of the company of these astroids so close to my sun and moon…i feel i have this happy little family there now.
    i was babied, i was the baby….0 aries? that seems right.. also given lots of freedom and independence

    i give everything, basically…when i leave a place i give much away and when it comes to gifts, i think i choose the right ones

    with all the 6th house, i find giving of energy at work depletes me and i’m forever working on the balance becuase it wipes me out
    …. i’m textbook case here!

  20. I love these posts on the asteroids Satori!!! I have Ceres in Cancer conjunct my Venus in Cancer in the 2nd house. I do love to do things for others and be of service to others. I like to give nurturing gifts like candles, bath products, lotions, gift cards, mugs, etc.

  21. For myself, these asteroid posts have taught me more about myself than the planets. Thank you for spurring me to investigate.
    Ceres in Aries. I, too, had to think long and hard. Then it hit me: As a child I was often told that at 2 I always wanted to do everything by myself. I think it must have hurt my mother, just by the way the stories were told.
    Pushed my ex husband to do what he had always said he wanted to do with his life–medical school. Suffered through it with him, and then finally got the courage to leave once he hit residency. I guess this one fits too.

  22. Virgo in the 12th house…

    It is true that I am nurtured by being alone in nature, preferably by water. Reading spiritual books. As well as writing my feelings out on paper nurtures me.

    I’m not sure how this transfers to how I nurture others? I feel like I am a fairly nurturing person. That’s something to think about…

  23. Ceres in Gemini square Venus in Virgo
    I give artistic or pretty gifts or things that seem interesting. I feel nurtured by stories and apparently also nurture through communication. 😛

  24. I have ceres conjunct chiron in gemini 12th house.opposing saturn and quintile moon.

    I don’t really know how to write how I got nurtured,but the style changed after my brother was born and after I was about 8 there where food ,money and freedom.

    I nurture by being practical help…need money? moving help? Write a paper for you? Cook dinner…I can do loads of those stuff with the intention of providing comfort. I am really bad in assessing what people I love emotionally need.Unless they say it. But I am good at pep talks(think thats my aries)

    I broke my self out on gifts. I love buying and giving gifts , I give many things in one. I love silly wrapings, ur not supposed to guess what you are getting. I have to give personal gifts and try to satisfy .you have to like it or I have failed

  25. I have Ceres conjunct Chiron/Saturn in Pisces in the 6th, opposite Pluto/Uranus in the 12th, T-Squaring my Sun in Sag in the 3rd.
    For a long time I didn’t like my mother and often felt unloved as a kid. She had alot of rage. I should say we both did.

    What nutured me was nature, teachers at school, my nana, who was alive until I was 8 and my fantasy of my dad.(Fantasies don’t really nurture, but provide escape from the pain. OK.)

    My mom and I are back in relationship again, though it is never easy. But it is of benefit for her and my girls to be connected. She is a pretty great Grandma.

    I should say, her moon is in Pisces right on my Saturn, Chiron, Ceres. It must have been a hell of a time for her when I was born. …

    How I give? I think my Ceres has finally grown up, because I don’t give “healing” gifts to others who are into them anymore. That leaves only ME! I’m probably too permissive with my kids, but outside of dangerous to themselves and hurtful to others, they pretty much run free. We homeschool. That right there says alot.

    Awesome post Satori. I love your metaphores. Thank-You!

    1. I also have Ceres cj Chiron (for Saturn the orb is 9 degrees,too much)in Pisces, in the 3rd, opposite Pluto/Uranus in the 9th, trine Neptune , no aspects to my sag sun.
      “For a long time I didn’t like my mother and often felt unloved as a kid. She had alot of rage”Today, it hasn’t improved much.
      I must say that when she was 8 months pregnant with me she lost a 3 year old girl. They gave me the same name.That’s a ghost. I’ve struggled with mental illness all my life.
      My gramdma nurtured me a bit.Maybe my father.Mostly books and some good teachers.I married a very nurturing person,a cancer moon, without my parent’s consent or presence. When my parentes wanted to take care of me they got so scared they made a mess,on my face,teeth,7 different schools for no special reason…
      My mother is a sun/moon virgo so I suppose there must be some contact with pluto uranus opp ceres
      I have never been a mother due to possible mental problems and,most of all, because I didn’t like being a daughter and didn’t want to make another being go through it.Now I regret it.I nurture my cat and my dog. My husband nurtures me but he only accepts my nurturing in emergencies.I am good at them.
      My mother is 83 and as fit as a fiddle.My father died in 2003.My husband is 83 as well.
      I love giving presents,mostly books, but I often have the feeling of being unappreciated.I am told off by my brother not to give my nephews so many things!

  26. Ceres in Aries in the 7th. I don’t give gifts so much as I’m the one that throws the party or organizes a trip so we can DO stuff together.

  27. Ceres in Aries, 5th house. By being my own weird self (Sun & Uranus in 1st house), I give tacit permission to others to be themselves. Gotta be careful to not go overboard, as I have Moon conjunct Ceres. A dose of humility goes a long way, when I can remember it. 😛

  28. Squished into the very last degree of Pis between Sun & Mercury; about 1/3 of the way into 3rd house. (Sun is in last 3rd of Pis at start of 3rd, then Ceres, then Mercury is in first few ticks of Ari in 3rd.) Can’t seem to think of what this means but I’m glad I was prompted to at least look it up.

    Shamefully haven’t given a gift in a while but I like to be nurtured with hugs and if the situation is appropriate and someone needs to talk, I’ll listen with a touch on the arm and lots of nods. Make any sense at all?

    I also enjoy node & asteroid articles. Great idea!

  29. Ceres is at 28 Capricorn in the 5th. Exactly inconjunct my AC, square my Sun, sextile Venus and trine Jupiter.

    I feel nurtured when I’m praised for my own accomplishments not just work or school wise but also for what I do for fun.

    You basically have to throw in a compliment every now and then and I’ll smilling all day.

    Also I feel as if the inconjunct to the AC has been neutralized a bit since Ceres is in the house ruled by the AC.

    How do I nurture people? I make them laugh and entertain (Leo) them to forget about their worries and offer practical advice as well as a little bit of tough love (Capricorn).

  30. Ceres in Libra 7th house. It makes a grand cross (opposite moon, square saturn/venus, and chiron). I guess it being in Libra it is that perfect butterfly metaphor, hold me too tight and I will suffocate, hold me too loose and I will fly away. I need a perfect balance when being nurtured, and try to nurture in the same way. Hmm food for thought…

  31. I also really appreciate the posts about asteroids, Satori.

    I have Ceres conjunct Pluto in Libra 6th house. I don’t really understand it fully. As a child, I was only given what I needed (sometimes) after I’d done what I was told (service?); my needs were held over me in order to manipulate me(Pluto-control, abuse). I was seriously starved of tenderness as a child. I think my parents felt that the work they did(their jobs)cut it in terms of our nuturing. I really hope I’ve worked with that so that my kids (whenever they come) won’t have to suffer. Really, really.

  32. Ceres in Sagittarius, 2nd house… I think I give good gifts 🙂 I try to give something I think they would like!

    My ceres is opposite my moon though… I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. My mom did nurture me by giving hope and wisdom during my difficult childhood… and I think I like helping people in that way too- cheering them up and giving advice from my own experiences when I can. I also like to nurture with hugs and feeding people lol.. maybe that’s the 2nd house thing!

  33. I have Ceres conjunct Juno and Mars in Virgo, 1st house. I have been a fierce and steadfast nurturer of my four kids; in spite of having experienced absolutely no nurturing myself. How’d I do that ?

  34. I have Ceres in Libra 8th house smashed between Sun and Uranus. I don’t know how that plays out through nurturing really. I nuture people to death? I do end up in a lot of situations where I end up nurturing people through huge life changes. Maybe that fits. But, I’m an excellent gift giver 🙂

  35. I have Ceres in Taurus in the 5th. I fell for my partner when he prepared me a delicious, simple home cooked meal. I hadn’t thought about it before, but home cooked food nurtures me; soup, bread, stews, baking. I always cook for my family, it’s what I like to do and is my way of showing I care.

    Continuing on the Taurus theme, I like to give and receive beautiful, practical things. Things I need and will use. I like soaps and beauty products which are full of botanicals and essential oils; things that smell reallllly goooood. Not the everyday stuff, indulgent, sensual stuff that makes you feel special.

    The 5th house placement is harder for me to understand because I’m not exactly the life and soul of the party type. Recently I’ve been feeling that the fun is missing in some of my friendships, perhaps that is why!

  36. Ceres Virgo 7th. I believe a firm foundation is crucial to growing up happily. I always made sure I did what someone is “supposed” to do in a relationship. When my ex refused to do his part, I overcompensated being father and mother to my kids to give them a stable home life regardless. I bring stability by fulfilling as many roles as possible. I want my kids to feel a solid foundation. I like to give gifts that I know the person will actually use, so I won’t buy something without asking them what they like.

  37. Ceres in Taurus sextile Sun. Well, towards my kid I really pay attention to his nourishment, also educationally and maybe I mother him a bit too much, thinking he`s still baby or younger than he really is. And he is a big boy, just turned fourteen..
    Also me Ceres is located in 8th house so towards my friend the nurturing happens in a very intimate level..

  38. I was confused before because I have Ceres conjunct my sun and yet I’m not a warm and nurturing type, really.

  39. Just found this. I have seen no other Scorp Ceres posts. Mine is at 29 Scorpio in the 10th house. It is exactly on top of my son’s 29 Scorp ASC. Trying to parse what that means. I tend to nuture by empowering people, with encouragement, advice, talking to their spirit guides, etc. Both my sons think I was a terrible mother…too easy on them, but not able to be playful or cuddley. So there is a lack in me somewhere in the nuturing dept. I was told constantly as a child what I couldn’t do…but never what I could do. I was very insecure as a budding adult when I got married. As a result I picked him out because I knew he’d be a good father.. but it never occurred to me that I should pay attention to what kind of husband he would be, ie, how he treated me, even before we got married. Ditto on my second marriage. It’s taken me 60+ years to figure this stuff out. Needless to say, Satori, I am grateful for your excellent, easily understood explanations of the asteroids.

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