Investing Heavily In A Relationship (For Nothing)

taurus-folk-artTaurus is maligned in astrology as a matter of routine. Its opposite sign, Scorpio, is sexy and magnetic. The Bull is a stupid, boring, slow-moving beast.

Being married to a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon, I have a lot of exposure to this opposition and my appreciation for Taurus has grown over the years.

I was talking to my husband about a young man I know who invested heavily in a young woman he was interested in. When I say “heavily”, I’m not kidding. He spent at least $10,000 in the space of a month, trying to woo this girl.

Happily, his efforts were successful! Not that happy for the girl though. As soon as she fell for him, he dumped her.

I told my husband this story and he couldn’t believe it. “I can’t see why a man would invest in a woman like that unless he knew he wanted her. It’s not something I’d do…”

That is classic Taurus right there. You don’t put your money, your time, your energy into some flaky fly-by-night bank, right?

So who is the stupid one? Is it the so-called “cheap” Taurus? Or is it the man who invests all just to wind up with nothing?

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  1. I read this Taurus-Scorpio opposition and see it from a slightly different angle. I have that Taurus-Scorpio pole as my North-South Nodes of the Moon. The relationship is the one I have with myself learning to move from dramatic magnet to earth-bound and practical, and loving that!

    1. I have the opposite Nodes… I’m at a loss because I also have Taurus ASC so it seems hard to move from my earthly SN.

  2. Lol my venus -pluto trine with pluto in my 3rd says it wasn’t for nothing. It just might be exactly what he wanted. I often wonder if the relationship and fallout I got is exactly what I was looking for and on a subconscious level I believe it is. Of course I don’t want the pain but I wanted an experience that would reframe my worldview & challenge me to grow spiritually & emotionally and I got that.

  3. I’m Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon, so I must agree. Even in my teens, I realized that my feelings are pretty strong and I’m hurt easily, so I was choosing VERY carefully in whom to invest them.
    My SO is Gemini/Taurus, and is very practical: when we were younger, I was sometimes disappointed in his lack of enthusiasm in relationship (I have Sagittarian Venus 🙂 ), but now, when we are older, and we’re both working, and want to start a family, I caught myself telling my friends that a crucial qualities in men for me are stability and loyalty. And that I would probably kill a partner if he were too emotional; I have my own neurosis, thank you, I don’t need anyone else’s 🙂
    Priorities definitely change over time, what can I say.

  4. hmm it sounds like he might have a venus aries? even worse venus/mars aries conjunct? O.o
    chasing and chasing then realizes he got a dud after all? it does seem like a waste of time and money.

    1. Agreed. My Husband is the opposite, Aries Stellium , including Sun and Moon, with Venus conjunct MC in Taurus. Also, squaring Aquarius Mars. I think this could have been him before his first Saturn (in Cancer) Return. I’m pretty certain we wouldn’t have functioned, no matter what, if we’d met then. But we met some time after his Saturn Return, and he just was channeling the energy differently.

  5. my son has scorpio sun\Taurus moon, venus and mercury Taurus. Cancer rising. He has been in and out of a toxic Gemini relationship for 8 years. She takes him for money and when it is all gone, so is she. Round three has just begun after 3 years apart. Who knows where it will end this time.

  6. my son has scorpio sun\Taurus moon, venus and mercury scorpio. Cancer rising. He has been in and out of a toxic Gemini relationship for 8 years. She takes him for money and when it is all gone, so is she. Round three has just begun after 3 years apart. Who knows where it will end this time.

  7. I’ve got me a guy Taurus (9th house sun) with a Gem moon (10th house) and Mars Venus conjunction in Aries (8th house). He’s an absolute sweetheart, talkative, always trying to give me things, quirky sense of humor, so sweet and cuddly. He’s a true doll. With all the times I’ve said we should take a break he’s always been very patient, accepting and understanding. I’ve looked at our charts and I just can’t figure out what it is that keeps pulling us back together. I was actually just about to post about it in the relationships section when I saw this blog update.

    1. I have found the moon and nodes to be active in this kind of relationship. Also asc/desc axis. JMHO 🙂

      (where are the emoticons?)

  8. so true. I am Taurus born in end of april 1970. until 2012 I was with my ex-girl for years. all these yeaRS I spent about $50000 for her including her college fee clothes everything I was so madly in love with her but we broke up 2012. I let her go because I didn’t feel i get back in return any love from her that I deserve. she took literally my money house land everything. I knew if i let her go she will get them all because all legally belongs to in her name. I am not stupid moron believe me we had that kind of trust in that relationship. I stop talking to her few months. right after 2013 april eclips, my friend called me on 25th 2013 he saw she is dating another guy. took him to home(that I bought). it hit me hard. and I was depressed almost suicide depression. last six month is worst hardest 6 month of my life. but out of the blue end of may 2013 I met a scorpio girl born on nov 2nd . she is look alike my ex. just look.i was so into this new girl and this is first time I had a scorpio girl. oh my god we only had a two dates but last six months I am talking to her and learn lot of things about women ,me, myself and she totally transform me into someone else. I feel like I am not taurus any more. and because of her crazy weird scorpion ways i still don’t understand. that’s make me look into astrology. I am reading this blog comment on this because of her. I try to understand this girl every way so search the web and search ended up in astrology. turmoil in my life ,mind still going on. but scorpio helped me to be a different kind of bull.

    1. I like your story. It is painful when an ex goes away with another man. If you’re a giver by nature try to be smart about it – your ex ending with up with all your belongings was a wakeup call. Give love to your Scorpio every day.

    2. Avatar
      Miguel Melchizedek

      Taurus $.

      People think they are offering their partner gifts but it’s mostly a selfish thing – they’re either beautifying their doll up to be seen by others with a pretty chick or for their own viewing pleasure or, instead, I think this may be the case, trying to buy her love. Why? Just like the guy who spent the 10.000 on the girl, want something proven. That guy wanted to know he’s a conqueror, he can’t get this pretty girl. Your case seems like coming out of abandonment/rejection childhood trauma from the mother. Or maybe she died when you were less than 7yo.

      Anyway, this Scorpio girl will transform you no doubt. Watch out you don’t become transformed empty wallet style as well – cos you know, the girls are not the issue, you are. And until you recognize the issue you’ll repeat the pattern, possibly wasting away all you have. Watch out then!

      PS: her being Scorpio means her Sun is in Scorpio which means she expects you to behave Scorpio-like and most likely will try to make you into one. But you’re Taurus. Alright she’s incredible in bed, I’m sure, but you’re a calm Taurus, not an obsessive intense Scorpio. Take care

  9. I’ve known some wonderful, steadfast Taurus people. I have Mercury, Venus and the south node in Taurus. But I also have Neptune and north node in Scorpio conjunct the midheaven. So it’s best for me to focus on that north node in Scorpio and its positive traits.
    I knew a Taurus girl who invested heavily in a guy who just wasn’t that into her. She would buy him gifts and make him meals. He was going through a divorce and was not totally there. I never found out what happened but i hope she finally found someone who appreciated her.

  10. And to clarify- my Capricorn moon trine jupiter Taurus would never let them pay for my debts/ use them for money. I always pay my own way and take responsibility for my own shit. Even with my crazy ass scorpio stellium.
    What the Taurus in my life- so far- failed to recognize, is the spiritual development that I brought to the table. They love how calm their life seems and the peace I bring with my presence, but were not willing to do the same work in their own lives when I could not carry them. Because that is what pluto libra is learning, to live a balanced, whole life: equal time invested in spiritual practice as it is to going out into the world and making money. Their over- emphasis on the making money part, at the cost of their health, was too much for me to watch happen. As I told my mother just before she made the choice to do 8 rounds of chemo- I can’t bring you back from this choice. Unnatural extremes beget unnatural consequences. And the same with my exes: I will not co- conspire with you in your own demise. Quit chewing tobacco or I’m out of here. Quit drinking to escape your emotional processes. Impotency from alcohol abuse or half a jaw from mouth cancer are not sexy!!

    1. I had originally posted the following, but it did not show up:

      I have attracted many Taurus over the years, ascendant and sun positions. (Nataly, I have 5 planets in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus). Relating to them has taught me many deep lessons about myself. So, this post got me thinking:

      My mother has Taurus sun/ libra moon. The men I have dated would have Taurus sun or ascendant with pluto in libra- my generation. This forms an inconjunction. Both being so venus like and Taurus loving tradition and solid family, I had always theorized that it would generate stability in love. Hell, my parents are still married in a large part because of my mother’s stubbornness. But, my generation, with the compulsion factor linked to relationships, would generate exactly what you are describing above. Because that is what has happened. One man spent over 2 years with me: wonderful, intense, spiritually awakening, mind blowing, fucked up years completely in love. He has Taurus sun AND ascendant. But, he flipped out after one of my transformations and left. Same with my ex husband and we even have a child together!
      I love them still. But, I think things got too complex. What my age group is suppose to be getting the hang of, they would be best served as an already complete package: cooked nice and warm, served at the dinner table in comfort and luxury. While, unfortunately, to do pluto work, you’ve got to reach for that diamond earring you dropped at the bottom of the week old garbage.
      Or perhaps a more apt analogy: you’ve got to trek that path in a hazmat suit to the Chernobyl reactor site to scrape the new fungus that’s been discovered to be living off radioactive waste in order to bring hope to a species already pushed passed the tipping point.

  11. I have had some wonderful loving relationships with Taurus & Scorpio. Today I am married to a Taurus sun guy and I recognize many things in your description, Elsa. Looks like a great compliment when a Taurus decides to invest in you… Feel lucky 🙂

  12. Sometimes…I like to delve so deep into astrology and then others isn’t just a case of not knowing what you want? Thrill of the chase? Hell, I’m a Sadge Moon,,, I get the impulse factor but, at some point, god-willing, you recognize this personality point and go about achieving balance. I’ve never had love because of the exact description above. Get, Get, Get…and then what? I think maturity or grace or the Universe intervenes at some point. If you REALLY want love…you must, especially Sadge and Aries…must…recognize the gut instinct to go for the fun the thrill of it. You end up lonely. As I’m sure the man in the story will, if he doesn’t get knocked sideways by real love or “wake the fuckupness”. I know. I suffered from the same affliction. The chase. And I’m a girl engaging with men who loved the chase thinking it was gonna turn into love. It’s a deep and profound pathology.

    1. What I should have said instead of…”I’m a girl engaging” is I’m a Virgo engaging. Dumb ass shit. No matter how lovely my Sadgie Moon and Pisces Ascendant paints a picture. I don’t like coming up empty handed. Hence, Elsa’s man, my Earth brother, ” why would you invest in something…”.

  13. I have Scorpio moon and Taurus ASC and yea Virgo sun conjunct Pluto. I think twice thrice or million time before investing my time, money and feeling to anyone, I always ask “what is the outcome?” …

  14. My father is a Scorpio with a Taurus moon, and one of my best friends is a Taurus with a Scorpio moon. I attract a lot of Taurus folk seeing that I’m a Scorpio rising. I am very familiar with this opposition and can see a lot of frustration, but genuine emotion and love. Steadfast devotion and need to protect and take care of the person they adore.
    Being a Scorpio, I enjoy the thought of an all possessing love. The Taurus part I wish I encompassed was the intense loyalty without the feeling of guilt or resentment.
    As a Taurus may give up their resources to show devotion, I give up the veils I’ve put in place that hide my inner intensity. If I show my intensity, a partner should know I am trusting them. If a Taurus getting out of a relationship empty handed feels the sting of lost resources, I feel the sting of losing parts of myself I feel I can’t fully ‘have power over’ or ‘own’ unless they are my secret only.

  15. Taurus has very intimate relationships with money. That man, who spent money, could doing this under Taurus too. And when he achieved his aim, she wasn’t interesting for him. He looked on her, how on trophy, not how on woman, he love. This is more possessive interest and he tried to prove himself something. She is a victim of his low self-concept.

  16. I’m a Sagittarius sun, Libra moon, Venus in Aquarius but I love Taurus moon people- My Mom, my ex husband, at least 3 friends. My Father, brother and son are all Taurus sun. I’ve got Jupiter in Capricorn and Pluto in Virgo and they complete an earth trine for me. They are loving, nurturing, solid folks. My experience is they are generous and give the most thoughtful gifts ever. They are certainly dependable. I love my Taurus People!

  17. My boyfriend is Taurus sun, Scorpio rising, Cancer moon. I am Pisces sun, Cancer rising, Aqarius moon. My aquarius moon, venus, and mars needs lively conversation. Not going to happen with this man. He loves to cook, stay home on the couch. I crave adventure ! We have broken up several times with him running off scared of my asking for us to actually do something ! I’m strong, independent. he has run off again, crying, I still need more ! Not sure we can ever be on the same page 🙁

    1. Women are Moon and Venus, men are Sun and Mars. Marriage/relationship compatibility thus lies in her Moon aspecting his Sun, her Venus aspecting his Mars. Other aspects between these help. Both having the same Sun is a strong glue factor, they know each other. Both having Venus ruled Libra or Taurus Ascendant is magnificent. Also she may have Leo Sun and he has Sun in the 1st. Or she has Aries Mars and he has Sun or Mars in the 1st or strongly aspecting the Ascendant. You get it. But what tells you what the relationship will be like is the Composite Chart – it may have Libra AC or Sun conjunct Venus or Sun in the 7th. And then there’s Transits to the Composite and then there’s Progressed Composite Chart. This is all for the personalities to get along, a personality thing. And then there’s Twin Souls and Twin Flames, a Soul thing beyond astrology.

  18. wow so that’s classic Taurus, to invest heavily on a loved interest? I did notice that George Clooney was soooooo romantic to give Amal Alamuddin the most breath-taking wedding of the decade. lol Venetian romance in Venice, Italy. lol that’s not cheap-tricks. 😛 I remember a friend of mine, Taurus with Aries and leo placements also would want to spend expense paid for me to visit many countries with him. I said no, because at the time, I knew I wasn’t going to be invested in him so I declined politely. he found a Sagittarius.
    that’s messed up about what the Taurus in the OP though, spendin thousands and then dumping her. so awful.

  19. My ex was a triple Taurus (Sun, moon, Mercury) in the 12H.
    So, his Taurus was a bit hidden…

    Still, he took good care of me for the most part although he was really tight on his money. Worst trait I know! The worst thing about Taurus though is they will let the relationship rotten before doing anything about it… sigh. So not cool, bro.

    My current date is a Scorpio rising (I think! He has THOSE eyes…) and a Taurus Sun. But theres a lot of Gemini in him too, so he is a bit hard to tie down!! And lazy…
    he has Venus trine Pluto so that’s where the Scorpio energy is seen as well.

    My 4th and 5th house is Gemini so try to imagine how attracted (and frustrated!!) I feel with him… Geminis are my weak spot, I’m a Scorpio with 4 personal planets here and the moon in 8th house…. They’re simply so disturbing but oh so addictive. Luckily his Saturn and his Mars falls in my 7th house (Leo) and his Mars is sextiling my Libra Moon. 😉

    1. Avatar
      Miguel Melchizedek

      His Saturn and Mars in your 7th?! ? Those are the great malefics… maybe you simply enjoy a good fight and what comes with it… ?

  20. Well Taurus is a little bit dull. Just being honest, they never really go deep, never show much passion, but they are opposite Scorpio- depth and passion. With Taurus, unlike Scorpio, they keep above water, there are no subliminal messages no cross speak, no games etc, you could could also say that’s good- a breath of fresh air.

    Anyway, I know of someone with Taurus/Scorpio oppositions and they have the obsessivness of Scorpio and the bullheadedness of Taurus. Used negatively, not someone very likable.

    1. Btw, one of my favorite people in the world are Taurus- they have an Aquarius Mars conjunct Neptune and an Aries Venus. A Leo Moon in the 8th. Venus trine Moon trine Asc/Pluto (grand trine). He is a ball of energy, by far not lazy like a typical Taurus, but he isn’t into deep psychological stuff either. Not into deep conversations. But has good sense and super smart. Also extremely kind and good natured. Thatd be my son.

    2. Ugh I feel bad for saying “not very likeable”, incase anyone has Taurus/Scorpio oppositions reads that. I just know a particular person who who has a Taurus Moon and a few planets in Scorpio (Not the Sun) who is not likable. Everyone will express the energies differently obviously. It just this particular person has let their obsession go overboard to the point where they are behaving in a repulsive and shadowy manner and the Taurus just chooses to keep it up due to bullheadness.

  21. Is there a reason why he dumped her? Was he not getting to know her and merely excited by the thrill of the chase? In any case, makes sense. I’ve realized other people do not speak my love language. For some, money or time are huge measures of interest, whereas someone else may not give 2 craps about money but because they spend and money is sort of taboo these days they may spend (or waste in my opinion) but it means little; though the other person could interpret that as solid investment?

    I like Taurus. Taurus is steadfast. And you find a Taurus where you left it. It doesn’t wander off into other people’s yards, it doesn’t say what it doesn’t mean etc. I have a taurus-scorpio thing going in my chart. Pluto in scorpio in my second house and jupiter in taurus. If I invest any of my resources in you, I am definitely interested. I see partners as investments and I want a return on my investment! Of course other factors in my chart balance this, but because pluto is involved, there is always an intensity toward not wasting my resources-time, energy,money, advice, sex etc. I play for keeps. I need to know your MINE! I expect a partner to do the same.

    1. And just so I’m clear, I don’t see that Elsa said the OP was a Taurus. She said that the actions of this individual are actions that a Taurus would not take because Taurus inherently weighs the value of something including how they spend money. They wouldn’t spend an inordinate amount of money without a commitment, a seriousness, a desire for an outcome of stability/security, tied to it.

      But overall, it seems the story is illustrating a lesson in say and do what you mean? Don’t waste your time, energy, resources or the time, energy, resources of someone else! And we can learn alot from Taurus on this particular lesson.

      1. @mojo, I think you’re right. lol I was lolling after I re-read. So it is clear that the Taurus is the one investing, but the one who spent thousands we don’t know. lol

  22. I’m with your Husband Elsa on this one. I think the young man in question likes the chase but when it becomes real he gets cold feet and dumps the girl basically he has issues. To my way of thinking anyway.

  23. I’d hate a guy to spend that kind of money wooing me. I would reject him right there and then. If a guy isn’t impressive enough without his money, I’m not interested!

    1. Hi Kate
      I read the first bit of your comment and was going to add ‘Me too!’ enthusiastically. Then I read your second comment and surprise – I have Jupiter in 8 House Taurus, too!!! ?

  24. “The Bull is a stupid, boring, slow-moving beast.”
    Didn’t know that Taurus had such a bad rep. Yet what can one do? I’m a Taurus rising and in some matters I am static – I simply cannot move. It probably contributed to my last relationship breaking down. The only thing left is self-acceptance. I do feel humbled and with a need for love.

  25. Avatar
    Miguel Melchizedek

    Sun and Mars are male, Moon and Venus female. This means that the Sun and Mars in a woman tells of her ideal man, what she expects of him and try turn him into. This is why so many women don’t see themselves in Solar astrology in newspapers – they are the Moon, not the Sun.

    Your partner, Elsa, may have Sun opposition Moon. He’s the Sun and you’re supposed to be his Moon. Hey maybe you’re a sexy lady 🙂 Anyhow, this reveals his internal struggle between Mom and Dad, him and her. Tension. Fights. Ok so he’s a Taurus then he’ll suppress the tension but it’ll build up and may explode. Guess who’ll get scorched? If he suppresses watch out for the C disease. And make sure that subconscious tension – suppressed becomes subconscious – doesn’t sneak in into you.

    Re the article – I see your point that Tauruses are so identified with money that they may think giving it to their loved ones is a form of expressing love. Or is it? Is it not a subtle form of possessing the object of desire i.e. a nice car, nice house, nice bosom girlfriend?

    We all come to earth to learn lessons and Venus ruled Tauruses may very well come here to learn you cannot own a person and that love is not a business deal – despite most de facto are – and therefore not an investment. At least not to “woo” someone. If you need 10.000 to woo your girl, man you BOTH have sh*t for brains. Forgive me, I meant you are totally delusional and definitely clueless about love.

    So to know your ideal man, ladies, study your Sun and Mars. To know thy self, check out Moon and Venus and if you’re single or in career you’ll take over the Sun and Mars and mix them in. But as a love/sex partner, the half of the 8, you’re Moon and Venus.

    1. Avatar
      Miguel Melchizedek

      Do not then look for Aquarius-Cancer guys because that’s what your Sun and Mars are. No, identify the traits. Know thyself, it is very refreshing to know in greater detail the kind of person you’d like to share time with.

      Learn astrology, at least the basics. Sit at the dinner and tell him you’re gonna need date, place AND time of birth, that it helps you know them. In a few years you’ll zero in on them real quick. And this will be good cos you’ll know yourself better.

      All the best!

  26. My Taurus mum (now dead) wouldn’t invest in any relationship because she was always trying to work out if it was ‘worth’ it. Perpetually scared of being taken advantage of, she didn’t risk investing generously. Always measured. Always evaluating. Sometimes you have to be in a relationship to find out if it’s worth investing. The result was she never had a decent man or got married. Never happy because of this.

    Me? I’ve been through all types of guys. Some have been worth it; some not. All were learning experiences.

    It usually takes me 2 years to work out if a guy’s ‘worth it’. He has to go through various tests – when I’m ill, when I want my freedom, when someone dies/gets fired/adopt a pet, etc. All life changing stuff that I’m not sure you’d get by spending $20k. What a stupid man spending all that then dumping her! I don’t see it as an ‘investment issue’. The man clearly had more money than sense. Most relationships can be seen as a risk until you’ve gone through the ups & downs together.

  27. I have Sun and asc ruler Mercury in Taurus oppo Pluto. BUT I also have a Venus (sun ruler) in Aries Conj Jupiter. an I looove spending money on the guy a have a crush on! I try to “buy” his affection with presents. But with presents I mean like chocolate and alike haha! Now, wait, I also bought for him D3 vitamins that costed me 36 dollars, but I said it costed me only 10 dollars! ahahah! Thats me! I’m also from a medeterranian culture, where giving and treating ones loved ones and friends is something in our culture!

    But 10 000 dollars and then just dumping that person? Thats sick!

    1. lol@melinn, the taur may have so much money that 10k is 10 bucks to us. the price for a movie. 😀 netflix is cheaper.

  28. I have Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn. Not Taurus, but hey it’s still an Earth sign. I wouldn’t invest a dime in someone/something I’m not interested in. I just love how down to earth Taurus energy is.

  29. Perhaps that guy dropped the girl because it was only the thrill of the hunt. But perhaps he ran out of money, so that she became to expensive and he had to drop her. Perhaps he dropped her because he realized that she’s a gold digger. In any case better than the cheap Taurus. Because in every case everything is better than what a Taurus would do. Except paying for gold diggers in a time, where women want equality and people get into trouble because of twenty year old cases of harassment. There’s either equality or not. And it isn’t really a hunt, when somebody has thousands of dollars left for paying a gold digger. He should have done something better with that and have real hunting thrill. Perhaps I’m writing this only out of envy? I don’t know.

  30. I always liked Tauri (That’s not a real word, is it?)- grounded, stable, reliable. Right now I have only a distant one in my life. I can’t imagine investing in someone like that either, without resolve (Scorpio).

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