Does Black Moon Lilith Have to Hurt?

drag glendaOn my last post, Is the House or Sign Most Important When Interpreting Black Moon Lilith?, Lalilu wrote (lightly edited for clarity):

Does BML energetics and her path through our lives have some kind of completion? When you learn your lessons it becomes a gift, her knowledge can become your power? I am also curious about females which consciously made their BML a “house of power” in a humble, peaceful, benevolent way? Or is it not really possible with BML? Is BML only learning through pain?

These are great questions! I would say that, like any other energy in our chart, we do get better at working with it over time. But also, like any other energy, getting better requires intention and hard work.

Thoughtfully working through and aligning yourself with your Black Moon Lilith is an incredible step toward owning your power. And owning that power can be a gift not only to you, but to the people around you as well. Lilith teaches us to both fight for ourselves and to be a champion of the weak.

But that lesson does come with a price. At some point in the process, working with Lilith is going to hurt.

Lilith’s story is defined in relation to power. Her story starts when she is oppressed and devalued by the ultimate authority. And our Black Moon Lilith is where we engage with those same issues. I think it was another astrologer, Liz Greene, who one said that people who are destined to engage positively with power must first at some point in their lives be victims of it. That is the defining Lilith principle.

It is the pain that forces us to take a second look at statements like “this is just the way things are,” or “this is how it’s always been done,” and start wondering why. It’s the pain that pushes us outside the comfort of our gilded bubble to face the harsh realities of being a very small fish in a very big pond. It’s the pain that helps us understand our inherent value without all the trappings of conventional success. It’s the pain that drives us to carve out our own space in the world. Finally, it’s the pain that gives us the empathy and strength to reach down and lift other people up.

But the pain isn’t the point. Pain is only the vehicle. Empowerment is the important part, and Lilith’s empowerment can absolutely be benevolent and peaceful.

For example, I have a very prominent Lilith, which I’m sure is no surprise given that I have devoted so much of my life to her study. I have been hyperaware of power dynamics for as long as I can remember, and my life has been defined by that awareness. The process of working through Lilith issues has been intensely difficult. But I have been able to transmute that pain into a wonderful calling in which I help other people heal their pain and own their power. I was able to find my little niche and now I devote myself to reaching down to help other people climb. It is work that brings me a great sense of peace and purpose.

That is what Black Moon Lilith drives us toward. From her point of view, we are all put on this earth as enlightened sovereigns. We have everything we need already inside us, and it’s our job to reclaim it from those who would like us to forget our own power. And when we do, it’s our duty to help others find their light.

So yes, Black Moon Lilith can be a peaceful, benevolent influence. That is her ultimate goal. But as long as there are oppressive powers in the world, Lilith will be there to fight them.

Have you experienced the softer side of Black Moon Lilith? Tell us about it!

6 thoughts on “Does Black Moon Lilith Have to Hurt?”

  1. For me – a Mercury Neptune 12 th house SN conjunction in Libra opposite an Aries Black Moon conjunct the 6 th house NN. An evolution of power thru healing Mars. But the power I have come upon is only used now to create or serve.

    A great resource for understanding the Black Moon is Jung’s Seven Sermones to the Dead. Kind of mystical poetic language but if read thru the eyes of Neptune – it connects well with astrology. Pleroma = Pisces /Neptune – creatura equates to Virgo. Abraxas = the Black Moon.

    I also work a lot with young people – and many of them will not have to suffer the effects of the abuse of power in order to become powerful in themselves. The marriage of the Sun and the Black Moon within an individual is more supported now.

  2. Hi dear Midara,
    Thank you so much for attending to my question.So beautifully writtten, sincere and warm and powerful in feminine way. You expressed it all,there is nothing to add,truly inspiring.

    “We have everything we need already inside us, and it’s our job to reclaim it from those who would like us to forget our own power.” – Strong quote, indeed it is what is all about.

    Personally BML archetype fascinated me for a long time. Still some aspects eluded me until i discovered your articles,- such as my BML in Pisces 2 degrees in 11th house squres both SN in Gemini 0’53 in 1st house and ND in Sagittarius 0’53 in 7th house. I realized long ago that “relationships” was the THEME in my life, but i was cofused like: “O’k, I understand North and South in my life, but the intensity and varity of life experiences with people, – where does it come from? My 11th house is empty with planets; o k – there is mercury in gemini (2d house), Venus in Cancer in 3d…still it does not explain it and other planets and aspects are also not really contributing…

    After i have read your article about BML in 11th house as outcast, because i was, i am an outcast… it’s hitted me. I started to contemplate again on BML in my chart, in my life, it’s so clear now.
    It’s explains why i was so fascinated with human psyche, what drives us, connects us, breaks us, our goals, human path and evolution…etc, etc. BML squares my both Nodes in the tight orb in 1-7 axis gave the answer( there are also other aspects, but it is enought for now)
    I dare to say i know everything about relationships, i feel people with my bones, every word, move, gesture, behavior, speech reveals to me who they trully are. I see true lies, i read between the words, i feel what they are concealing, hiding, truly want, where at they are lost, what their true talents are. It’s not always easy though, because i believe only in act, true expression. Bruse Lee said:” To express ourselves completely and truly is the most challenging task”. People mostly do not want to evolve themselves to the fullest and finally now at this stage in my life i am completely OK with that. People are entirely free to be who they are, how they want to live their life,- as sages or the fools…every path is SACRED. And it is up to ME how to act, what to say or not, to stay or walk away. I owe nothing to anybody and vise versa nobody owes me anything. I feel content with everybody who has been partisipator in my life and grateful for their lessons – painful ones and joyful ones.

    And yes,you – Midara – one of the strong females which are found their calling, walk your path. It’s great to hear. In a last few days when i asked you the question, i realized how much i learned through astrologers like you, Elsa ofcourse and all of them on this site and others and all the comments.

    When people, and females are especially active here, are taking their time and do their best to bring knowledge, intimate thoughts and deep contemplations in to the written words to share their experiences, – it is manifestation of inner power.

    I can go on and on, because it is an interesting topic. I will stop and thank you, Midara, ones again for your effort and enlightement, has been most empowering.

  3. This is so perfect…

    I guess I’ve been working out of power issues my entire life. I absolutely abhor the abuse of power. I can detect the stench of it for miles.

    I see now that I really contracted myself and my life in order to stay out of sight from bullies and tyrants. What now…? With this new moon, something is trying to shift.

    Thank you for your work.

  4. I have 9th house Lilith in Libra, and after a rather abusive relationship which ended in pain despite it initially being shown as a (too much of a) good thing, I decided to go ahead and find my essence as a woman. I’m still seeking it at every turn.

  5. I don’t understand why BML will be identified with pain? It is a negative emotional state that is present in someone’s emotional behavior when their experiences are negative or are affected by negative physical effects to which they surrender and are unable to resolve. I’ve been researching this point for a while now, and I don’t think it has anything to do with pain, if all it does is that it’s also an emotion that shows a negative emotional state.

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