Why is Saturn Exalted in Libra?

Saturn God cardWhen a planet is in the sign of its exaltation, it is in its very favorite place. It can operate with no restrictions and the energies of the planet and sign blend beautifully. So why is Saturn exalted in Libra? Isn’t Saturn cold and stark while Libra is sweet and lovely? Isn’t that a bit of a mismatch?  It can seem that way, but there’s more to the story. There are a number of benefits Saturn provides when it comes to Libra matters.

·        Social structure. Libra is about the way we relate to other people. In order for society to function as a whole, there need to be rules of engagement. That is where Saturn comes in. Saturn creates structure. Saturn’s influence is why we have etiquette, social norms, and standards for how we treat other people. When everyone is aware of the rules, things run smoothly. We say please and thank you, we wait our turn in lines, and we refrain from throwing public tantrums. That is Saturn’s service.

·        Commitment. But what about Libra’s association with love? Where does Saturn fit in? Well, he creates commitment! Love can be fun and exciting and enlivening! But over time, if it is going to stick around, it needs something more. And that something is commitment. Saturn is what separates a relationship from a fling. Saturn binds two people together in deep and profound ways, creating a true partnership that can last a lifetime. In that way, Saturn and Libra together create real, lasting love.

·        Boundaries. Even in the most loving relationships, boundaries have to exist. Sometimes we simply need to say no. Saturn helps us let people know when we have no more to give, or have our resources tied up elsewhere. It helps us ban politics from the Thanksgiving table and gracefully demur when we’re asked intrusive questions. It teaches us to mind our own business. And because of this, our relationships stay healthy and sane.

·        Justice. Libra’s is symbolized by the scales, and its realm includes justice. Saturn is associated with authority and consequence. In order for people to accept and trust authority, it has to be fair, which is another Libra principle. On its own, Saturn can be an almost tyrannical agent. But when it’s mitigated by Libra’s sense of balance and proportion, justice can be truly served and authority safely maintained. That is why Saturn is at its best in Libra.

Understanding why a planet is dignified or exalted in certain signs helps to illuminate the meaning of both the planet and the sign. In this case, it’s clear that Saturn’s highest expressions are associated with social order, justice, and preserving relationships. And Libra’s essence is in its highest form when there are boundaries, commitment, and a shared social framework. Working together, Saturn and Libra keep our lives running smoothly and our love stable and deep.  This is the true meaning of Saturn in Libra.

Do you have Saturn in Libra? How has it helped you? If not, what other ways has Saturn been a positive influence in your life?

9 thoughts on “Why is Saturn Exalted in Libra?”

  1. This is very informative, thank you. My brother has Saturn in Libra, in the first house; so I can really see and understand all what you’ve described ?.

  2. Libra Sun, with Cap Rising and Saturn in my 7th house. 🙂

    ALLLLLLLL of this. All of it. Great write up!

  3. I’m struggling with issues of etiquette and culture.. i.e. is a guy biking on a sidewalk obliged to move aside for you or should you play chicken.. can a car race to run you over or are you at fault for jaywalking..
    I’m usually blaming other people but the thing is.. I am judgmental and neurotic and worse.. it’s me against other people I guess.. and I often assume that when they are behaving weirdly they’re about to subjugate me.. I guess as a woman that’s sort of understandable to brace yourself.. but not everyone has their dander up judging strangers..

    I’m reading about the difference between guilt and shame cultures..

  4. I don’t know what part of Libra I’m having trouble with.. maybe the justice part even if it’s something I historically didn’t give a shit about.. because it’s a code I didn’t put in place..

    I guess Saturn is also the ‘other people’ arm. That your behavior affects other people. Like people out there doing their sun or mars might be trampling people.

    I don’t know how good I can be at telling how my words or behavior affect other people. I have occasionally been told I fail to recognize social cues. Also that I’m not good with people. So maybe my interest in etiquette is about controlling others behavior through understanding it, rather than making my own acceptable. ‘Is what they are doing right?’ I guess. I am inflexible and controlling when in a state of discomfort, I suppose, and don’t see reason even when I demand empathy for myself. Even when people are explaining the rationale to me. For instance, if a car keeps coming at me when I jaywalk and then rolls down the window to yell at me.. I am not really persuaded..

    Is etiquette a Saturn thing?

  5. Ehh you know what that’s just my deal.. I don’t know how to compromise or deal with people.. I don’t know how to be chill with people..

    1. I guess justice is relative.. or is it? What does it mean? In my mind, the petty social day to day kind means that people act with consideration to other people. Whatever that means to them. And don’t inconvenience others in any dramatic way. Social rules are bending and unwritten, changing like the rules of language. Also relative. I think justice is obviously relative to the individual and culture. Usually I don’t spend time thinking about it. I guess the timeless Libra principle ‘it’s not fair’ is a metric of when things are wrong.. or ‘it’s inhuman’ even if the retort ‘life isn’t fair’ means things are beyond your control and you don’t get to perfectly dole out and balance consequences to your liking. I guess it’s unevolved of someone cardinal to expect to control others’ actions.

  6. Saturn in Libra in the 11th. Conjunt Mercury. I always provided structure and commitment in my groups of friends, making sure everyone boundaries are respected. So textbook.

  7. I don’t have Saturn in Libra, but your explanation of their relationship really helps to better understand both.
    Thank you for this mind-opening analysis!

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