Jupiter Square Saturn: Last Chance Lifetime?

I read something written by Marc Edward Jones, a long time ago, that if you have Jupiter square Saturn in your natal chart, you’re in a “last chance lifetime”. This always fascinated me, because WHO SAYS?

According to him, it can mean that you feel that this is your last chance to do something that you missed out on last time around.

If you break it down, that Jupiter represents expansion and Saturn represents contraction. Saturn is also seen as the “planet of karma”. So depending on how the square is aspected by other planets in your chart, it could possibly mean that instead of opportunities missed, in past lifetimes the soul over-expanded, or misused opportunities. I would also look at the Nodes to ascertain if the soul had run amok and in this lifetime, is making some corrections!

Do you have Jupiter square Saturn or know someone who does? What do you think about last chances?

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    That theory seems to correspond with birth paths. If your birth path number is 9, you’ve already lived lifetimes 1 through 8 and 9 is the end of a cycle.

    1. Wow, this is really hitting the nail on the head! My Jupiter (in Sag) is square my Saturn (in Pisces), and my birthpath number is 9. It has felt like the biggest lifetime for me, the one that I wanted to end with. I had this overwhelming sense of completion since I was a kid, and honestly it overwhelmed me. I have a lot of hard aspects to Pluto as well (Sun conjunct pluto, Asc trine Pluto, Uranus Sextile Pluto–Sun and Pluto in the 8th house ruled by Scorpio, but both are in Sag). I’m really hoping that I do something meaningful, even on a small scale and not on the grand, expansive scale I had initially wished for.

      I just want to put good into the world as much as I possibly can. I’ve overcome a lot of difficulties and I plan to use that to help others overcome their own. Moon and Saturn are in my 12th house, the house of endings. Although to respond to some of the other comments on here, it’s possible that with the theory, it is only in the individual’s emotions and own perspective that this will be their final life.

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    Your getting close, add some famous people who have that aspect or how it came up in 2016 and why things just done work, there is a reason…..and the fact some places we live in have that kind of timing…..or set up…..but you are on the right tract..with some of this.

  3. I have this in my chart. Aries jupiter squares Cancer saturn. Jupiter is in sextile with Gemini mars (8h). I have destinctive nodes too. Nn in scorpio, 1h, conjunct Ac, and Moon.
    As Pisces, with birth number 9, everything points to an end of a cyclus. I definitely feel like i lived before, but in this lifetime there’s many missed opportunities, or i chose wrong paths somehow.

  4. I think this is correct! and it appeals to me (hurts a little) it touches my inner.
    I’m (and was) busy with someting like this and I want to think deeply about this.
    And I think this is not only about the square: forinstance Jupiter in Capricorn has something like this to. I saw that.
    If you are not aware of this you can make mistakes I can tell you!

  5. To be honest, I’m not sure about that theory. My experiance of Jupiter/Saturn contacts, and this includes looking at other charts when they do something, under this aspect/contact, is, and can only be called the ‘call of the siren’. Like the sailors warned about. There is very little chance of going back to what you had. You could say that almost invariably the door is locked behind you. Two classic examples that come to mind is the cyclist who eventually confesses to being doped when winning medals, and Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney who between them lost to Obama. Not a good time for them to try to be elected. attempt two

  6. I have Saturn widely square Jupiter, and no, I don’t think there are any “last chances.” Sounds like Marc Edward Jones was being a bit melodramatic….This is just one of many lifetimes in which we learn various lessons and improve our acts.

  7. anonymoushermit

    There are some theories that we, the soul, choose to play the bad guy in some lifetimes. Imagine if we live 10,000 lives, I doubt all lifetimes are happy, great, or we were good in all of them.

    Maybe reincarnation, if it exists, is about experience, rather than payback. Maybe instant karma is only for old souls.

    1. Being a past life hypnotist myself, souls seem to play both sides of a particular lesson or situation at one time or another, which is karma. Souls may also not understand at a particular time that what they see as “good” has many dark aspects to it, or on some occasions, souls may be overpowered by the physical body they have incarnated in.

      1. anonymoushermit

        If what you say is true, then do you believe that ‘karma’ is just experience, rather than payback? A subtle difference, because ‘karma’ to me sounds like discipline, or a lesson to not do something again.

        But experience means you’re just living each lifetime, and you get to be everybody and see all the different angles, and there are no consequences to it rather than living and experiencing.

        1. Idk I have this aspect and it feels pretty real. I hate being pressed out about it tho. My sun sign is scorpio …..Nov 18 1986 Lexington Fayette co it at 1:30 am someone help prefer an astrologist

  8. I have this aspect. I don’t feel that it is my last chance at anything. I have Scorpio Neptune conjunct my South Node and a life path number of 1.

    It just feels like I have to temper my enthusiasm or hopes.

  9. No aspects here, just personal opinion. The concept if last chance negates free will and effort that stretches across multiple lives. I don’t like it. It would make sense only if a soul desires something that the rest of the universe has deemed obsolete. But desires can be transformed.

  10. No aspects here, just personal opinion. The concept of last chance negates free will and effort that stretches across multiple lives. I don’t like it. It would make sense only if a soul desires something that the rest of the universe has deemed obsolete. But desires can be transformed.

  11. I have a grand cross of Jupiter conjunct Pluto opposite my moon, square Saturn and Mercury. The moon is trine Venus and Neptune, and they are sextile that Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in a nic kite. I have literally died twice and come out all the better on both occasions. I don’t consider it a last chance at all but part of the structure (Saturn) that holds up my life (Pluto being death) and instantly expanding it (Jupiter). I feel blessed by it, especially now knowing that all my negative thoughts Mercury and feelings (Moon) about it will pass and the sun will rise even brighter, (Pluto and Jupiter in Leo) Aho!

  12. I have jupiter square saturn in my chart. Saturn and jupiter receive good aspects from other planets.

    I find it means with each beginning (jupiter in aries) or new expansion (jupiter), I can struggle with alternating between optimism (Jupiter) and pessimism (darker side to saturn.) Thinking I can do it, and take some steps forward only to take a few steps backwards afterwards out of fear or anxiety of not being good enough.

    With age now I am more aware of how this aspect plays out in my life, and use it more to grow (jupiter) in cautious and responsible ways (saturn), making sure I don’t overbook myself too often or bite off more than I can chew (still happens) so I can deliver good services (Jupiter-saturn.)

    Last-chance feeling? Saturn does make me anxious about projects and sometimes in my pessimistic phases I fear I won’t have many more chances in the future. With experience I see that new different chances will appear (jupiter is strong and well aspect in my chart), or that some chances are not meant for me.

    I did read something about this aspect (not sure who wrote it) that it could mean having many talents and difficulty around using them well – all that you comment, Diane.

    I do agree with the idea of having many talents with this astrological aspect. I found out this before I was 18 and it as confusing (what to do in life as a living?) There is an urge in me to materialise, make concrete (saturn) many of my projects (Jupiter.) I do materialise ideals and projects to an extent yet I also give up on the idea of realising all my dreams as it is not realistic (saturn.)

    Maybe the aspect means, with age, learning which dreams to build upon/make a reality?

    Also, I think that there is potential with a jupiter/saturn aspect (of any kind yet more with hard ones) for being a teacher/educator (Jupiter) of some kind who holds authority in some subject (Saturn) as an expert or specialist. With the current transiting jupiter in libra sextiling transiting saturn in sagittarius, this chance to have another source of income in my life as trainer is becoming true.

    So I am being Saturnian (hard work, consistency, checking details) about this new project so I can deliver a good product and be seen as an expert in a subject.

    Jupiter-saturn is harder when one is younger, I think. Of course, it also depends on one’s early childhood support and experiences too – around sense of agency, industry and worth. Yet time (Saturn) does help the aspect and the growth that comes with it.

    1. I really like your comments about this aspect, I concur wholeheartedly! I have Jupiter conjunct my midheaven with 5 separate squares to various planets including Saturn and Mars, which are conjunct. Certainly challenging aspects! I am 52 and recently reinvented myself as a college professor and part-time trainer, so I think you may be on to something!

  13. I have this jupiter Saturn square in my chart, near exact, and I’m Sagittarius rising.
    I don’t know about missed opportunities in past lives, but certainly, as i look back, if I’d had more confidence younger I would have taken some opportunities earlier in life. I believe in the neutral quality of aspects, and we only get to live them with difficulty from our non consciouness. I have had to learn that some things happen when the time is right, have had to learn patience.

  14. oh my. This made me laugh. There was a definitely a camp in my bio unit from which I was not a member. I know these folks motis operandis well. I think their direness came (comes) from having to be in the box. They had (have) well defined professions and group associations. Not so with me which now makes it understandable why I was chastised for being nothing because I was not group defined. Why this write is helpful to me is that I realize that for much of my life I wanted to be in a box, I was supposed to be in a box right? But the boxes never fit. What I did learn though is that it was mandatory to respect their boxes. Hands off. The boxes were protection zones. I think I wanted that box protection because without it there was nowhere to hide. Now the funny thing about all that is the thing they all have in common is blaming my parents for the box they chose like it wasn’t their decision so maybe there is some feeling within them that they ‘had to’, and can take no responsibility for their choices. But why blame? They got the status, the dollars, and all that. And to top it off, each one of them has taken it out on me because they had to do what they did. Well, there are things that I had to do too but those don’t count because it’s not something they can box. Now there is one other sibling without the Jupiter Saturn square but she worked to be a box. She did it but it really affected her health. Now magically she has given up the box with a nudge from external conditions (like the box collapsed). I like the new her and her health is much better. Also helpful and amusing to know because I am in a close knit work group with a boxer. Good luck when it comes to me. I’ve tried to be in another’s box and that’s when my life has exploded. Not fair, hey I gave up to be in your box. I did everything I could and my life blew up. I know I have to respect their boxes and that I cannot be in their box, so I think I use distance. I don’t even go to defense when they are demanding or manipulating me into a box. I go quiet and let it go away. So thanks for the Saturn Jupiter write. It may morph for me. But that’s the way I see it now. It was most helpful.

  15. i have this. jupiter in capricorn square saturn in aries 6th house. this seems true for me but what made me think i am already in last life time is my north node conjunct chiron in 12th house libra. hmm

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