Jupiter – That Bastard!

Jupiter is in Cancer now. It’s high-functioning in the sign of it’s exaltation and I’m seeing the effects of this all around.

Jupiter is about opportunity and expansion. It’s considered a benefic planet and while I could argue about the rightness of this all day, today I want to talk about downside of this bastard!

Jupiter flings open doors. For example, I have a long time client who recently moved countries to live and work for a year. This has opened her up to all kinds of expansion.

I have an Indian client whose older brother is to be married in a traditional style. He has a role in this, and family responsibilities tied to his brother’s engagement. This has opened a door and exposed him to a new realm of experience.

I have also had doors flung open for me and guess what? I don’t like the new experience! How about that? Yes, my world is bigger. Yes I am learning new things but hey! I don’t like this school. I don’t like this education!

If I sound like a baby who does not want to advance, let me be clear – this could happen to you.

For example, how about you go to the doctor and get yourself a nice cancer diagnosis? What are you going to say? Yippie! Now I get to go into this world of chemotherapy! Now I get to learn all about the waiting rooms of doctors and how to make appointments for blood tests?

It’s expansion all right, but not a class you’d be likely to sign up for, if given a choice.

Guess what? I learned a lot when I was forced to go to court all the time for three years. I was expanded all right. But I was horrified, simultaneously and I just want to bitch about this today.

If you like your Jupiter transit, gratitude is in order. Personally, I would like to close some of the doors that have been opened for me. I struggle to acclimate to this new land.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t or that I can’t adapt. This doesn’t mean that I can’t see the big picture. It does mean that not all expansive experiences are pleasant!

One more example.  How about those tourists that go on an exotic vacation and wind up kidnapped and held captive by terrorists? That’s a Jupiter experience as well, ya think?

With Jupiter in Cancer, chances are, a door as been flung open for you.  Are you liking the expansion in your life? Am I the only one, not that keen on hurtling through space, as bombs fall?  Just wondering…

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  1. Going for a recheck on a mammogram this week (mammogram and sonogram). Had one a few years ago and it ending up being just a watch for a year. Scared that this one may not be the same. There is some family history.

    1. Elsa, I hope you continue to write astrology pieces, and leave AI and its plastic positivity or plastic whatever out of it. I think robot forecasts are, and should be, for robots only.

      1. Yes, I will never use it. I’ve always said, I love the sound of my own voice! I’m also bullish on my ideas.

        I know this sounds bad in this era but I don’t care. People used to come to my bar when I was a teen-ager – I would tell them of my ideas and various thoughts and stories, from 2-4 pm. That was the slow period, after lunch/before happy hour.

        The place would be packed. It was always fun and interesting even when I was a dumbass which really wasn’t that often.

        Anyway, I am going to remain a creative person. I answer to God.

  2. All this good planet/ bad planet stuff is so old hat. EVERY planet has two sides.
    Let’s face it: No catastrophe ( = big) without Jupiter.

  3. right now, have jupiter just crossed my ascendant , but I am not seeing anything. I think my rut is too deep for me too see over the sides. maybe, I should be greatful for the even keel?..I would like some expansion other than being hungry all the time and wanting to cook.

  4. My best friend had her Jupiter return over her Moon in Gemini and was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. That was 13yrs ago. At the time she also said “Bloody Jupiter!” Now completely clear all these years ( thank heaven) she says it changed her life and opened many doors to a new life that she wouldn’t swap. The fortunate aspect of this is that the tumour was discovered at a point where it could be adequately removed and treated. So it was hellish, but she swears she has benefitted on many levels, getting her life into a shape that brings her so much more joy these days.
    Maybe Jupiter, aka the Greater Benefic, is like the poem “Footprints”.Maybe he is the influence that helps us to feel supported when times are terrible. But then, like everything, it’s how we choose to view it. Usually simpler with hindsight.

  5. Transiting my 6th house, conjunct my DC. Work has been good and relationships there are prospering however I have put on about 7 lbs in the last several months. THAT I am looking forward to being OVER!

  6. Very interesting. Never had looked at Jupiter in that light. Doors have definitely opened up for me since Jupiter entered Cancer. I’ve gone from minimal contact with a relatively small core group, to frequent contact with lots of different people (mostly in relation to my job/how I serve others, as Cancer rules my 6th house). Thankfully, this has been a positive experience thus far, and I’ve been learning a lot.

  7. Natal sun conjunct jupiter. Jupiter sextiles moon. One thing with alotness is that it can be confusing. Sometimes there is just too much. Another thing is that I feel like sometimes I need alot of information to parse to come to a decision. I would say I think too much about it, but sometimes, I have a tendency to jump right into things and would often be better off if I took more time to understand where I am, the big picture thing. The cool thing about jupiter, before saturn progressed into sag, was that the doors kept opening and took me to where I needed to go. It was a good flow. It takes more effort on my part now. With jupiter, it sounds like, a person needs to be willing to move to where they are going? (Natal sag NN, too). Now it’s like I am being dragged there. I could play the ‘I’m too old card.’ 😀

  8. I can relate. Juptire is currently in my 9th house, and trining my Scorpio placements. SO i’m seeing lots of the upside to this.

    But when it is in dramatic Leo I plan to have the first of my children. By then Jupiter will be Squaring those same placements! I’ll have my hands full for sure, hope I can handle it.

  9. Well, I just got a car. I’ve had it about two weeks. I had a problem with it (tire got a nail) in week one and then after that, I have been scared to drive it and did not drive it for a week. I went to drive it last night and guess what, the oil light went on. I haven’t slept for shit for worry and had to wake up at the crack of dawn to take it to the shop. That’s right, I’ve had two problems in two weeks.

    I just can’t have ANYTHING go easily for me with regards to driving and cars, can I? I can’t even have longer than a few days before anything goes wrong 🙁 I feel like such a stupid GIRL for not knowing anything about cars and not having any man in my life to find it out from and my dad being dead. I found a place that offers an auto education class, but not until the winter. I apparently need to know YESTERDAY because they could tell me anything and it will be total gibberish to me and I feel stupid.

    Yeah, Elsa, I don’t like this school of education either.

  10. Avatar

    Jen, oil light usually just means the oils low. Check the oil and add if the dipstick shows its low. If your not sure how to do that google your cars make and model along with the question “how do I check the oil”

    Use the Internet to learn. There are no stupid questions. 😉

    I have a funny story about cancer girl checking her oil. She came to my work so proud of herself she was 16, now 21.

    “Mom my oil was low but I filled it.”

    “You did? Good”

    “Yeah at first I couldn’t get the oil in because the hole was to small so I cleaned out a ketchup container and put the oil in it. Then used it to squeeze the oil into the tiny hole”

    I sat there jaw dropped trying not to laugh at her. She was do proud of herself for finding a solution.

    Finally though…”honey that tiny hole..you mean the one the dipstick comes out of?”

    “Yeah” beaming with pride

    “We’ll I’m good job! Next time though, there is a cap on the engine that says OIL, under that cap is a MUCH bigger whole to add the oil to the engine ;-)”

    We laugh together about it now. Because now she is willing to not only check her oil but change it and fix things like ball joints.

    Point is dont be affraid to try it. Fear holds you back. Your not stupid you just haven’t been taught 🙂

    Good luck!

    1. Hah, it might not have even been the oil at all. He got the car to start again, but he said he cleaned the intake manifold and spark plugs. Maybe the oil light was on because I couldn’t start the car…

      I sooooo want to take a class in auto stuff because I literally don’t understand anything that anyone says to me on the topic, and my guesses are always wrong!

  11. Me and husband are both Cancerians and he has Jupiter in Cancer too.The flinging doors are banging us in the face right now. He is resisting big time, I am sort of ok with my “new opportunities..” But saying yes to MY opportunities invovles having my husband decide what to do about HIS opportunities.. and there is a whole THIRD opportunity for a completely new way of life together.. but that involves more doors opening and closing and decision making.. .. aaaggghhhh… tearing hair out… a mess at this particular moment. Am waiting for all that juicy goodness Jupiter is know for.. oh, the doors to the PAST and old routines are rapidly slamming SHUT on our asses as we are being shoved through the new doors.. seems like no way to go but through those doors…..

  12. Hey Jen! Don’t be so hard on yourself.You will take some classes, and find solutions– you’re on your way … hang in there!!

  13. Jen, if it’s any consolation, we are the same age and I STILL don’t know how to drive…have had my learner’s 10 months and haven’t gone on one test drive, for fear. And I think about how you have learned while just as scared as me, almost every day. I’ve spent $35 in taxis just to get Home Depot material. So you may feel like a heel, but trust me…you are an inspiration to me!!

    As for my Jupiter transit, it’s in my 7th and so far it fucking sucks. lol

  14. For the first time in my life, I had to get a lawyer and go to a chiropractor.

    I am grateful for the expansion and experience since my realm of experience is narrow, but I wouldn’t have had to if I didn’t get rear-ended.
    I also learned all about the ICU and the effect of brain aneurysms.
    And funeral traditions from my mother’s side since my grandma died. We’ve done it 2-3 anniversaries of her death since she died and there’s more. It’s something like a 2 week anniversary, then a 7 week anniversary, then a 3 month anniversary…. it’s weird.

    I have Moon in the 8th and I crave intense experiences, so perhaps this is why I’m okay with learning about this stuff. But it’s not like I would choose for these no-so-good things to happen.

  15. Jupiter is right on the cusp and about to move into my 9th house. I’m putting the final touches on a new website for my new business venture and hope to launch this week-end. I’m also starting another business with another couple of women, and although we rented the space to work in last month, we’ve had to wait for our equipment/furniture before we could get to work – which should happen this week-end as well. This business has a ‘big heart based vision’ (also 9th house, right?), so I’m really excited to get started!

    Oh, and did I mention that I had to learn two new skills for these new businesses? 🙂

  16. I was pushing for change/expansion. I knew I’d be moving well out of my comfort zone when it got here and yet I was ready. It’s not all been roses and wine, but the things I’m learning are worth it, even if I do need a good rant now and again.

  17. Yes, at my job they wanted to put me up for promotion, Jupiter is in the 10th and I was gonna take it but I declined eventually cause it isn’t where I wish to be stuck in to be honest. Plus my boss isn’t the most friendliest at times and I don’t want to take something from him, yeah in very Scorpio about it.

  18. Jupiter is currently in my 11th house and conjuncted my progressed MH, was also in Cancer in my natal 10th during my recent SR, and my SR midheaven was conjunct my natal Jupiter-moon-mercury conjunction.

    I’m loving this Jupiter effect right now. Next week I start a new chapter in my career after a 6-year run with my current company, and I can not wait. It’s definitely going to be a new learning experience, but I have been bored, bored, bored the past 2 years in my career. I thought the change might happen as Jupiter transited, retrograded and transited my Gemini MH, but either I was not ready for the opportunity or it was not ready for me until now.

    I also have been reconnecting with a ton of my family (cousins, aunts and uncles) and meeting more of SO’s large family. For the most part, it has smooth and I’m looking forward to being related to these people. But there also are some characters I normally wouldn’t select as friends or companions – more growth opportunities there as well!

  19. Its either good or its either bad. Now just because Jupiter expands or brings opportunity doesn’t mean its always a bad opportunity. We have free will. So if you found out you were diagnosed with cancer you can find alternative therapies even at your local library! Or go see a pastor who can heal you! ROLL WITH THE JUPITERIAN PUNCHES ! If I were in a distant land for school and someone kidnapped me, its time to escape!! I saved a international student once from a kidnapper and I am not afraid of such evil people. I just hate them sometimes and their deeds, and find them repugnant … Anyway once Jupiter comes for an opportunity its for you to learn something and grow! I wonder what it will be like going to this school I am bracing for eating top ramen every day, meeting weirdos on the bus, and hopefully having support by students from the same school… I will pray too.

  20. I am finding expansion on issues of the opposite house from where Jupiter sits. I have observed the same for family and friends.

  21. Jupiter was in my 2nd house. I had to spend a lot for myself. didn’t liked that, trying to be creative to spend less and to match with style. Jupiter has just entered in my 3rd house. Don’t know how it will effect my communication. Uranus oppose my mercury in Libra has made my voice soft forefully, even though I would like to burst, I had to talk in soft voice!! Not sure how jupiter will play in my communication sector. which communication sector it will open and I’ll like it or not. But yes, talking to the doctor sector is the worst, but looks like jupitor is opening that sector, I’m tried of taking care of sickness. Makes me gloomy 🙁

  22. So far Jupiter has expanded my waistline, my workload, and the number of crises I’m responding to. Add progressed moon in Virgo, and I am effing EXHAUSTED!!!

  23. Two of my three children moved back home – how Jupiter in Cancer, my family is “growing”. My son and his so of ten years broke up and my daughter left her 20 year marriage – both with just cause. How Saturn in Scorpio. Me? Since Jupiter left my first house I’ve lost 35 pounds. Also relearning guitar and playing/singing in two bands – Neptune in Pisces. Now I need the Virgo cleaning groove. Then I get accelerated by My Mars Return in Leo in early October. Yeah, life is changing, but mostly positive so far. Fingers crossed.

  24. My natal Jupiter is in Cancer, third house. I still don’t have a job, my guy lost his job Friday. I don’t see any doors opening, just a sinkhole. The good thing is that, like a swimmer in a riptide, I’ve struggled so hard for so long that my strength is wearing out and I just don’t give a crap anymore.

  25. Your words, Elsa, in this post, had me giggling with identification…and with empathy. I am often in the situation where ‘clients’ seem to have a shit-storm such as this. I am unsure if I simply change the response with a re-labeling of the occurrences for clients or if the perspective that comes along to me, to share with them is a better framing.

    I would more than likely mention, if it truly applied to the specific person, that the nasty bits that you described are the doors closing. Many resist what they need to be rid of, in a way–I am sure you know this, and have had to politely prod a client or few into accepting it, even perhaps, to like it.

    The doors opening, I suggest, are the things that can be changed, the things that can be chosen, within the happenings that seem to be beyond our control. Sometimes, for a bit, I counsel, one can have control by sitting quietly and observing the storm–by choosing to feel one’s ass firmly grounded and rooted–monitoring the storm, for the go light, the inside stretches and growth.

    Just please, don’t send any of it to me, should my words annoy you. I have had to learn to live life on life’s terms in this way, however I DO like the calm spells. 🙂

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