Uranus Square Pluto: Radical Times

cartoon violenceMy entire family has been and will be hit hard by the Uranus Pluto square. I am stunned like some kind of cartoon character over the shocking, radical happenings, over these last months. It’s been a gut-wrenching, jaw-dropping ride to the future. I’m not sure at times, whether to be thrilled or sick to my stomach.

Happily, I have this work. It grounds me to ground others.  Without it, I think I’d be lost.

I think the transit will ultimately be liberating. But it’s a bit like being like being freed from your 100 year old tree, when it’s ripped out by the roots and thrown ‘cross town.

In this kind of chaos, I’ve really come to understand the value of simple things that may not attract a lot of attention. A kind word. A cool head. A helping hand.

Faith is big too, as is anything you can find in your life, that is consistent and reliable.

This blog used to be consistent and reliable. It’s been through a hurricane and to hell and back in the last year. But we’ve  got it grounded now (or pretty close), and I’m grateful for this.

In return for all the favors that have shown me, from this point on, I’m going to my level best to keep this site running like a clock, while providing original content that is consistently useful, entertaining, interesting and challenging.

While you’re here, check out the new forum. It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you find the gray triangle on the blue bar that says “forums” and click it,  you’ll collapse all the chaos and find it a lot easier to navigate.

Has your life been thrown for a loop too?

13 thoughts on “Uranus Square Pluto: Radical Times”

  1. Yes. Back in another round of hell with my partner being sick and no one with any answers. My mother calls to tell me that Dad almost killed them by turning down the highway, head on into oncoming traffic. He’s 87 next month and with Saturn/Mercury in Scorpio opp his Moon/Mars in Taurus, guess who is going to get him to stop driving? That’s right. No one. To call him stubborn would be like calling Hurricane Katrina a slight drizzle. Then she announces she’s deaf in one ear. I say YEAH I KNOW. I’ve been telling her for years she’s deaf and she takes it like an insult. She’s her own woman. Hey, we come by it honestly. This Uranus/Pluto square is working on my Capricorn Moon. I better be a better version of me when this is done because right now life is sheer hell.

  2. Yes… my whole future is hanging by a thread. Uranus and Pluto are hitting my third-house Venus and moving toward my MC/IC axis. I’m in for the fight of my life, alone, against someone with many more resources at her disposal.

  3. Jilly I am so sorry about your teeth:( Everything feels so scary. That’s the part that I really hate. I get scared and then I get angry–I don’t know how to separate those two. Aries Mars trine Saturn in Leo.

    Elsa all of your posts about Pluto/Moon are so helpful. Thank you for everything you do, here <3

  4. It has been a radical change and every time I think I have my footing or that my kids are more grounded, another wave hits and we are thrown off balance again. But I have faith and was forewarned by our own dear Elsa that the transition would not be pretty but that we would survive. And amazingly, we get up everyday and we still have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies and that is more than a lot of people in this world can say. I am grateful and that helps tremendously!

  5. Its funny you guys say this.. My friend says she knows what its like to live in survival mode. I wonder why she is immune to it now?? hmmm… I gotta find out now. I have no idea how this will happen but I am praying for God’s blessing with good people to help me move.. And they are indeed good people so God only knows. The only good happening now is my transition to a school of choice of ME FINALLY DOING WHAT I WANT!!!! Forgive my caps its almost freeing .. I have uranus trining uranus and jupiter contacts right now. I am grateful for these. But am still in survival mode. Taking the bus here there and everywhere and scrimping and managing with bills. I will be the brokest student on that campus but a happy one to leave family behind. I would appreciate prayers as we should all pray for one another. Thank you. And hugs and blessings to come by God for all of you 🙂 <3

  6. I appreciate it, E. And try to share and apply what I learn.

    Jilly, my teeth are pissed too. Ugh.

    Chrispito, right after my Poppa had a stroke in his eyeball, and was blind in it, a friend asked how he was doing.
    “He’ll be alright, but still wants to drive for a living. With one eye. Rolling mine.”

    Because what else can you do?

  7. Hello all, I just want to say that I’m trying to hang in there, but really, I’ve had massive anxiety in the last 2 weeks and I’m trying my best to hang on to here and now. I have been having a replay of old stuff related to my PTSD and I guess this process will end up making me stronger in that if I can get through this period intact, I will reaffirm my beleifs about my strength….. I don’t know what to say anymore, but that it’s hard….. My reflex of absorbing others’ anxiety to make things calm and normal just ain’t working for my 8th house stellium in Scorpio these days….. I don’t know what’s hitting me worst — Pluto, chiron, Saturn? thank God, for this site… God Bless you all in all your struggles….

  8. The two people that I was closest to have vanished. One has moved away, and the other one is who knows where. Pluto/Moon wants to lash out but instead I have been in the best mood. It’s really really weird. Terrible pain of being abandoned through no fault of my own and feeling young and free and acting like I did before Pluto in Sadge.

  9. Counting down to 2014 when I will start to get out from under this transit! Prior to this transit, I enjoyed transiting Saturn opp natal moon, transiting Uranus opp natal sun and transiting Saturn conjunct natal sun. It’s been a barrel of monkeys…….

  10. Uranus/Pluto have been hitting my Libra Sun. It is a STRUGGLE just to keep my sense of balance. So much chaotic crap going on lately.

  11. I have observed people’s lives being affected to the extent of feeling like they’ve been tipped upside down – so the issue of balance as noted in others’ comments is very significant. With the cardinal signs involved it is necessary to factor in expressions of the whole quartet -so Libran and Cancerian affects – balance, relationships, economy, home, family are just as likely as effects from the signs Aries & Capricorn held currently by Uranus and Pluto – self assertion, aggression, governance, guidance, leadership, politics. I find that none of the signs operate as a single unconnected force and this applies equally to your sun sign, all the chart factors and the transiting planets. In other words always look at the bigger picture of the group each sign belongs to.

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