Pluto Direct – October 7 2022: Progress On A Deep Level

Pluto caligulaPluto will turn direct tomorrow. I feel for you Aquarians (and other Fixed signs) but I also feel good about this.

I’m biased because as Pluto moves ahead, I’m that much closer to being rid of transit which has been… well, I’m at a loss for words.  But my personal life aside, Pluto’s forward motion signals progress on deep level.  If you’re attuned to these shift in the collective, it’s exciting on some level.

Yes, bad things advance but so do good things.  For example, this is my last post about Pluto’s transit through my 12th house.

Disintegrated Personality

I described my situation well, in hindsight. I know this because with Pluto fixing to move off my ascendant, I no longer feel this way.

I think this is apparent, if you consider my recent posts.  I’ve going from being nearly liquid to congealing… and this point I can begin to consolidate.

I mention this to give you hope if you’re still in the dying, rotting phase of your Pluto transit.   Hang in there!  Let the slow transformation advance – it’s literally the only way through.

How do you feel about Pluto turning direct?

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  1. Yes, as someone with a stellium (Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury) in the late degrees of Capricorn I am very much in the “dying, rotting phase” of this Pluto transit, as the structure of the life I knew before has fallen apart. It has been a slow transformation, as you say, and a painful one, and the path ahead is still not clear. But thank you so much, Elsa, for the encouragement to “hang in there.” It’s reassuring to hear that there’s hope for squeezing through this narrow passage to reach the other side. What awaits there, who knows, but let’s pray it will be better. May we all do what we can to make it better.

  2. I’m thrilled! It’s been opposing my 4th house planets, including my Sun at 25 Cancer. It backed up close but not quite conjunct to the opposition point. The overall result is that I have healed the trauma inflicted by my Cluster B family and either disowned them or set very strong boundaries with them. This week there are signs of my life normalizing and business returning.

    Although, when I ran my chart with the equal houses after your recent post, Pluto will still be opposite my 4th house until 11 Leo, which suggests Pluto isn’t done with the my 4th house issues. I don’t expect apologies from any of them or reconciliation so it will be interesting to see how things ultimately resolve.

  3. I have Pluto transiting the 4th and natal Lu it’s in my second house, so there’s been so many changes on what I value and how I value myself and my family, how I earn my money and I look forward to Pluto moving forward even though it won’t be easy.

  4. Being born with a Pluto conjunct my ascendent I’m pretty familiar with what it does to a person. I’ve been living it. It’s just part of my essence. One thing I’ve learned is most people don’t really want the truth. They want the comfortable lies. They take one look at me and they know I know. And they resent it. So I’ve learned that (that) is their boundary. So I try really REALLY hard to not tell people what I know because I know they don’t really want to know… I can imagine that as an astrologer for a career choice it must be weird to go through this transit. Folks are paying you to tell them what you know and it must be difficult to tell the hard truths sometimes.

    1. Also a Pluto conjunct ascendent person and so far I am experiencing this station positively. Today is the best I’ve felt in years due to a very challenging Saturn transit. I feel like Pluto and I are friends atm, in the sense of feeling empowered.

    2. Thanks for this Renee. I have Pluto in the first House, and I have only recently learned how NOT to freak people out.
      My main take away is that I need to associate with highly evolved people only, because anyone who hasn’t done their spiritual homework and is hiding from their shadow will eventually be triggered by my insights into their motives.
      I have often bemoaned that this is my contribution. “Why didn’t I get the gift of healing hands? Or speaking with animals?” Society rewards those talents!
      But as rough on my self-esteem and friendships as this is, I also see evidence that though uncomfortable, I am doing God’s Work.

      1. Hi Pan! I’m only recently discovering all about Pluto conjunct the ascendent. Actually, it was Elsa’s posts about her transit sometime back which prompted me to look into it because of the natal placement I have. It wasn’t something I was interested in delving into but now that I have, WOW! What an eye opener. It really does explain so much. It explains why my own mom resented me, even as a small child, she couldn’t stand a single thing I’d say. I’ve always been honest to a fault. This pattern has been prominent with a lot of other people (not all) throughout my life. People resent it when you call it like you see it. So now I’m learning to not just put it all out there. Even if I’m asked for my opinion I’m still reluctant to give it. I guess it’s finding the right balance, the most tactful words maybe? I don’t know, but you’re right, it has been rough on the self esteem. But now that I know why this is happening it’s made a world of difference.

  5. I have it transiting my second house and I just found out that I have been paying on something that I shouldn’t have to pay on and I will be getting a somewhat large refund. Yahoo! It has been pending during the retrograde and I just went online to look and things are now moving in my direction haha.

    1. Pluto totally rules wealth. People forget that! I received an inheritance AND won multiple Grand Prize sweepstakes while Pluto passed over my North Node. (in Sag in the 5th house)

  6. Would you give that to Pluto Elsa? It doesn’t seem to be the mow down I associate with Pluto. Or do you think something else in the chart is in play. I have transiting Jupiter (chart ruler) conj. the Descendant and Uranus in Taurus in the 6th house.

  7. I think back to when Pluto entered Capricorn, and it really was the beginning of a new me with a long long road ahead. It’s wild to think about how much I’ve changed since then… and a lot of it is because of picking up from the losses and rebuilding from the destruction that is the experience of being a natal Pluto ASC person.

    1. I shall add, while I am not exactly in the place I want to be in yet externally, I am proud of how I’ve evolved internally and the person I’ve become.. it was a long ass road indeed, but I definitely have more hard-earned peace and wisdom than ever

  8. I am ready for it to be over. Transit to my second house.So many Losses My husband, financial devastation. I am finally being able to pull myself out of the darkness. Not sure what Pluto in Aquarius squaring my Sun. Saturn and mercury in Scorpio has for me.

  9. Avatar
    Janet StraightArrow

    Pluto in the first house is no cakewalk
    Mine began at 23 Sag and ends 30 Cap
    Now in Aquarius it will be. Different story
    Interesting life and times we chose to live. Blessings, Janet

    1. I was thinking about this the other day … with pluto going into Aquarius for what 20 years … lots of people might have pluto in their first house for the rest of their lives, especially if they use something like placidus and have a big first house … surely the further it gets from ASc the easier it gets? or you just get ‘used to it’ like pluto 1st house natives have to?!

  10. Pluto is slowly grinding through my twelfth house but no longer squares my Sun. In July my daily email pen friend of ten years died, in August my abusive 46 year son departed and has since divorced me. I was recently asked by a doctor assessing me what my goal in life is and I told the truth. I’m want to start a soup kitchen. So many people here in Australia have drinking, smoking and gambling addictions and the cost of food has doubled. How will they feed themselves and more importantly their children? Pluto in Capricorn trining natal Venus in Taurus in the fourth house is causing me to obsess about feeding them.

  11. I’m so done with Pluto on my 24 deg Cap Moon in 2nd. SO SO SO SO DONE. I’ve dealt with every sort of shadow and darkness and loss and trauma therapy and change you can imagine. OMG can we just get the damn party started someday so the depression fucks off and I can be happy again? I’m ready, I’ve done years of hard work.
    Wishing everyone who has been dealing with a deep, rough Pluto transit, you Elsa as well, a gentle transition to something less dark for awhile.

  12. My ASC starts at 2 degrees Aquarius, and Pluto is going to pass his own natal placement – finally – this time. I have the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra from 1982 in my chart, and boy, have I been dealt with some serious sh*t since 2008?
    I think so!

    I have just managed to hang in there, but otherwise have been pulled and stretched and transformed during various trials.

    In October the Sun and Venus will have their star point close to my natal Pluto conjunction, and that will (hopefully) be a turning point for me, as it’s the first meetup in Libra in like… An eternity.

    I am not really looking forward per se, to Pluto transmitting my Ascendant, for a couple of years – but at least it will be DONE and I will have some 20 degrees before it will transit and square my sun-Venus-Mercury and Jupiter stellium in Scorpio….

  13. I spent much of Friday in an emotional current, being hit by waves of extreme reality, to which I have no control over.

    Folks at my place of employment, the many people I see around where I work (downtown) from people who are homeless, teens in H.S., and adults wearing linen shirts and slacks, just broke my damn heart.

    Then speaking to my aunt who is now a widow. We spoke about not judging others.

    “Be in the world, not of the world”. Friday was heavy. Lightened up by Saturday though.

    I do have a 29 deg Mercury in Capricorn too. Nothing short of interesting around me.

    Does Pluto generally have a bad reputation? I was once swept into that belief, however direct experience changed this. My son has Pluto 1st house (Cap). I guess I will really see how Pluto operates.

  14. I have 4 more degrees of Pluto transiting my 12th house. Thanks for all your updates and attention to the topic, Elsa. Death has been a recurring theme over the past decade for me, but not in the usual ways that you would assume. Sure both my grandmothers died during Pluto in my 12th house, but that’s to be expected. They were 99 and 100. RIP grandmas.

    And you’re right, Renée, most people can’t handle the truth. People seem to love death, violence, and gore in film and fiction when it’s controlled and ‘othered,’ but when you present them with the hard truth about your own life, they usually freak out, run the other way, and often avoid you like the plague in the future.

    Here’s my truth. Trigger warning, this true story involves incest, suicide and infanticide ideation, and if you’re a disability rights advocate, please do not read this. I understand and support your cause, but from my experience, situations are nuanced. [Elsa, if you delete this post, I understand. It’s controversial.]

    My mother has always talked about killing herself, and now that she’s in her 80s, she feels more inclined, since “no one cares about me anyway,” as she cries regularly on my voicemail. It’s understandable victimhood brought on by multiple traumas: being raped by her father and remaining in denial because she loved him (my younger sister and I have ample proof that he did it), being stuck in a loveless, abusive marriage for 42 years (now divorced and solo), and having a severely handicapped first-born child with multiple mental, physical, emotional issues since birth.

    My handicapped sister is a year older than me. I lived at home with the chaos for 19 years, so I know how hard it has been for both my parents, who are still alive in their 80s, still wiping my 53-year old sister’s behind, feeding her, cutting up her food, mopping up the constant drool off her chin (and the floor and furniture), changing her diaper whenever she has a seizure (thankfully she wears diapers now — she used to ‘soil herself’ constantly in public after having a seizure), taking her to the hospital on a regular basis when she hits her head or knocks her teeth out after falling down stairs, and on it goes, every day for 53 years so far. After years of various anti-seizure, anti-depression and other meds, hitting her head, etc, my 53-year old sister is in a pretty vegetative state, as they say.

    My sister is non-verbal (by choice — long story), so instead of talking, she often whines, cries, or screams when she wants something (food, drink, anything). On the very rare occasion that my parents have the strength to say ‘no’ to my sister, she throws a tantrum and bites, kicks, or hits my parents. She loves being the center of attention, whether for good or bad. If people are laughing and having a good time, she screams in anger and throws a tantrum until we all turn our attention to her and stop having a good time. If someone gets hurt, she laughs. When my dad beat me because he thought I did something to upset her, she would first laugh in malicious amusement, then eventually scream in tears… and then I’d get in trouble again for making her cry.

    My mom wants to kill my sister in a homicide-suicide car accident ordeal. Everyone calls her crazy, including my (‘normal’) younger sister, my dad, everyone in the family, and anyone I talk to about this. My mom has been banned from my sister’s group home, so she can no longer see her daughter, which causes my mom even more mental anguish. For a few years now, my mom has been trying to ‘kidnap’ her own daughter from the group home, and go for a drive… into a wall or something. Oh how shocking and awful, everyone says. Or at least that’s what you’re ‘supposed’ to say in sane, polite company.

    I don’t judge my mother and in fact, I think her desire is completely rational, given what she’s dealt with for 54 years (plus her own childhood trauma and crappy marriage). My mom wanted to kill my sister when she was a baby, after my sister had a brain hemorrhage and the doctor said my sister wouldn’t live past one year, and if she did, she’d be severely handicapped for life. My mom told me this when I was a pre-teen. I was in her womb when she was considering infanticide. I get where she’s coming from. People may judge me and my mother, but try walking in our shoes. It’s complicated, I tell people who assume I’ve had an easy, privileged life (and yes, I have had my privileges, for sure — post-secondar education, white race, middle class, decent career, freedom to not have kids or a spouse).

    I don’t know anyone in my situation, which makes it harder. I’ve heard parents of disabled children talk about their struggle, but the siblings are silent and always angelically supportive of the family. When your loved one dies, most people rally around you because it’s a natural tragedy that everyone goes through. Try explaining how you would understand and even support your mother if she killed your sister and then killed herself. Not easy.

    1. Thank you, Niki. A person reads something like this and realizes just how good they have it. I am so sorry. I’m glad it’s four more degrees and then out.

      1. Thanks Elsa, that’s very kind of you. I’ll be interested to hear how Pluto in your 1st goes. That will be my transit for the rest of my life in a couple of years!

        1. Thanks. It’s not easy but it’s not as bad as Pluto/12th. I mean, I’ve been marinating in pain of every type for 15 years. You’ll gain control, basically.

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