Life With Taurus… Crushing

barge_cover.jpg“You never hug me,” I said because I am all or nothing and dramatic.

“P, it’s not true, I hug you all the time. I hug you 40 times a day – I just hugged you 5 minutes ago when you asked me to.”

“That was not a hug. That was you lying on top me like a barge,” I said.

“A barge?  A barge?  You said you liked my weight on top you.”

“Well I do. But when you’re actually hugging me and kissing me or something. That’s a lot different that just rolling over me like a barge and parking there. I mean for Godsakes.”

“Oh, P.”

6 thoughts on “Life With Taurus… Crushing”

  1. Hahaha I know I’ve definitely had this exact same conversation with my SO.. All or nothing and dramatic, indeed.. 😀

  2. Oh, yeah, this is familiar… I like to cuddle and clown around, but my man outweighs me by a hundred pounds and if he’s not taking up most of his weight or engaged in what he’s doing it’s just like being trapped.

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